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Andrew Arcade is under our 4th Spotlight. Take it away Andrew!

Andrew Arcade 2015

How did you become a Simmer?

I became a simmer right at the start of the series in the year 2000!

This was back when PC games were sold in gigantic boxes to attract consumers. The first box for The Sims was incredibly huge and caught my attention right away when I saw it. I begged my parents if they could buy the game for me and they eventually caved in. Once we got home I installed the game right away and then instantly fell in love with The Sims.

The Sims is still my favorite to this day and my favorite expansion pack would be The Sims: Makin’ Magic! I felt the first game had so much charm to it and one aspect that I really loved about The Sims was that the expansion packs intertwined with each other.

For example, Makin’ Magic was the last expansion pack to come out for The Sims and in that expansion pack there are charms and spells that utilize assets from previous expansions. Such as a spell that could make your Sim famous or you could even have your pets in the game turn into human Sims! I thought that was awesome that they took previous expansion packs into consideration and I hope that EA does that with The Sims 4.

I also played The Sims Online for a few years as well. I was a resident of Interhogan where I hung out at the Lunatic Fringe neighborhood a lot! The neighborhood was even featured on the official website with their video segments called The Sims Online Minute.

Around the time The Sims 2 came out I had lost interest in the series but when EA announced The Sims 3, the trailer really caught my attention.

I then bought The Sims 3 the first day it came out and ever since then my interest in the series has been revitalized.

Andrew’s older Channels

Tell us all about your Channels!

My first account name on YouTube and Twitch (Back then known as Justin.tv) was HeadbuttArcade. I created both of those accounts in May 2009.

I started off as a live streamer on Justin.tv and I would upload highlights from my streams to my YouTube account.

It wasn’t until August 28th, 2009 when I uploaded my first Let’s Play of The Sims 3. At the time only three people including me were doing Let’s Plays of the game. I had a decent viewership from streaming on Justin.tv, so I told everyone watching my streams to check out my YouTube channel and then after a few months my channel blew up.

My videos received a substantial amount of views and I was regularly displayed on the top page of the gaming section on YouTube. It was amazing that anyone wanted to watch my videos or hang out with me on my live streams. Because growing up I was a very isolated child and didn’t have a close group of friends to hang out with. So I became incredibly attached to everyone online.

But in December 2010 I fell into a deep depression. There was a series of deaths in my family, my family lost our house, and I dropped out of college because I was incredibly distraught. I was so sad that I could barely wake up, let alone make videos or stream. So I deleted HeadbuttArcade without warning anyone. I regret the way I went about not communicating with my viewers but I really needed to hide away from everything. So I did… for a long time.

In 2012 my mental health was a million times better and I started to wonder about everyone that I used to communicate with on a daily basis on Justin.tv and YouTube. So that’s when I decided to use a new YouTube account by the name of AndrewArcade.

I began uploading videos to that account on May 25th, 2012. I started off with a let’s play series of The Sims. Thanks to the help of PCGamer999 and nic0lekAgames, they helped spread word about me making a new account and I started to see a lot of familiar usernames again. It was great to reconnect with everyone that used to watch my videos and I also started to meet thousands of new people.

My activity on YouTube with the AndrewArcade username has been very inconsistent at times. I’ve had moments where I didn’t upload for weeks because sometimes that feeling of despair comes back every now and then in tiny doses. But I try to power through it and make videos as often as I can. My current living situation has been holding me back tremendously as well so I am aiming to move out as soon as possible. Because I know that my videos and streams could be so much better and energetic.

Andrew Arcade YouTube Channel in 2012

May 25, 2015 will be my third year on YouTube with the username Andrew Arcade and I’m very proud of my accomplishments on YouTube. I recently hit 100,000 subscribers and I never thought that would happen. My friends that I’ve made on YouTube and Twitch is the best part of all of this. I’m incredibly lucky to spend my time with thousands of wonderful individuals on YouTube and Twitch on a daily basis. My biggest highlight from all of this so far is when Electronic Arts invited me to Redwood Shores to play The Sims 4: Get to Work weeks in advance before release. It was such an amazing experience and I was thrilled to meet the developers, SimGurus, and other Simmers at the event.

I am very optimistic for the future and I hope to continue making content for my Twitch and YouTube accounts.


What are your Twitch Streams all about?
For those not familiar with Twitch, it is a live streaming website where you can interact with broadcasters through chat!

During live streams of The Sims 4 I’ll take recommendations from chat on what to do in the game. Sometimes it’s a simple question like what color to make a bedroom. Then at other times it can be something devious like which Sim to kill off! I have plenty of regulars who stop by my stream every single day and I’ve made tons of close friends through streaming. Honestly I prefer streaming more than recording because I am able to interact with viewers almost instantly.

Just recently on April 28th, 2015 I’ve hit the halfway mark of my 2 Year Twitch Challenge at www.twitch.tv/andrewarcade.


The 2 Year Twitch Challenge is where I promise to stream at least once a day for two consecutive years. Which means I’ve streamed daily for over 365 days already! I typically stream The Sims 4 but you’ll also see me stream retro games and new releases from time to time. Recently I’ve played through Resident Evil Remastered, Grand Theft Auto V, and the Mario Kart 8 DLC with viewers.

Streaming daily can be pretty rough at times. But I’m happy to do it because it gives me something to look forward to on a daily basis.

My stream times are random so sometimes I’ll stream for just a couple of hours and then some days I’ll accidentally end up streaming for 18 hours straight!

We were VERY interested in your 24-Hour stream of The Sims 4. How hard was it to play the game for that long?

I’ve done two 24-hour live streams of The Sims 4! Last year in September for the release of The Sims 4 and then last month for surpassing 250 paid subscriptions on Twitch. It’s rough to play anything for 24 hours straight and honestly it just gets to the point where you’re simply trying to stay awake more than anything. On the first 24-hour live stream I played nothing but The Sims 4 but for the second 24-hour live stream I did take a couple of brief breaks from The Sims 4 with Mario Kart 8. I couldn’t have done the 24 hour live streams without the help of chat and my friends Aquamatey, OfficialDaikon, and LouderNowNico who joined me through Skype to help keep me awake.


What amazed me most is that plenty of viewers were super dedicated for the 24-hour live streams and a lot of them were there with me the entire time! It was so fun too because a bunch of people tweeted pictures to me of what snacks they were going to be munching on for the streams and as you can imagine I got to know a bunch of viewers more personally throughout those 24 hour sessions.

Introduce us to the stars of your Get to Work Let’s Play!

Sure! I started off my let’s play of The Sims 4: Get to Work with Gwen Lovelace, Diego Moreno, and Kimiko Kurosawa.

Gwen who is the female Sim with red hair is mischievous because I haven’t experimented with the mischief skill too much so I thought that would be fun to play with. She is also the detective of the bunch, so she does play bad cop from time to time. In my Let’s Play you’ll see her going around constantly getting into fist fights, flirting at inappropriate times, and taking selfies.

Next is Diego who aspires to become a scientist. He is a genius as well as a bookworm and typically gets along with co-workers. Initially he started off as a easy going and nice Sim but ever since he invented the SimRay and satellite dish there has been a lot more devious actions from him. You’ll see Diego roam around in his underwear a lot while baking delicious treats for his roommates. And he will also be the first male Sim on my YouTube channel to go through pregnancy with the help of extraterrestrial life.

Then we have Kimiko who is incredibly sweet. She is very family orientated and wants to start a family as soon as possible. I also have her in the doctor career because I felt it suited her the most since she is wanting to help others at all times. Kimiko is still learning the ropes of being a doctor so she may or may not have accidentally prescribed the wrong medication a few times. She is also a big explorer and likes to go around town collecting fossils, eggs, frogs, and more.


All of them have purchased a plot of land to explore the retail aspects of Get to Work and sell goods that they crafted or found. Gwen paints, Diego bakes, and Kimiko finds goods to sell.

I’m so impressed with Get to Work, it’s a solid expansion pack with a massive amount of content. I’m very excited to get towards the later stages of the careers and eventually explore Planet SIXAM!

You can find the playlist to my Let’s Play of The Sims 4: Get to Work HERE!

Thank you Andrew for getting under the Spotlight!

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