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Island Paradise Fansite Previews

People from Europe got a chance to test out The Sims 3 Island Paradise! Take a look at their previews:

BeyondSims – CHECK IT OUT!


Simfans – CHECK IT OUT! Screens Isla Paradiso Map Special


Rachybop – CHECK IT OUT!

Platinum Simmers – CHECK IT OUT!

Info from Platinum simmers: In Island Paradise, you can finally move your Sim family to another town, for just 20,000 Simoleons.

”I made absolutely sure that moving between towns won’t continually bloat your save file size. It’s quite literally a full move; we aren’t retaining the information from your previous towns, so consider it as a way for your Sims to wipe the slate clean and start a fresh life in a new town. The game will warn you as to which information is saved and what’s wiped clean when moving to a new town.” – SimGuruGraham


SimTimes – CHECK IT OUT!


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