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The Sims 4 Interview With SimGuru Jill

Edenstyle interviewed Simguru Jill at Sims Camp. Enjoy!

At the Sims Camp I had the opportunity to interview Sim Guru Jill about The Sims 4.

She is one of the CAS producers and I love the way she explained us the new Create a Sim features during the first The Sims 4 masterclass..

Below you can find the Q&A, together with my comments about the answers.

There are many interesting info about The Sims 4 that I didn’t include in my previous articles. Enjoy it!

During CAS demo, you mentioned some news about the use of boots in The Sims 4. Could you tell us more details?
In The Sims 4, boots go over or under the pants depending on the kind of pants you are using.
The game recognizes the different parts of legs, pants and boots and figures out how boots should be shown. For example, certain boots will go over stretch pants, while they could go under baggy pants.

Is the body shape going to be put forth to the offspring?
Yes, there’s a good chance to get the same body shape of the parents.

Could you tell us some info about pregnancy in The Sims 4?
I cannot talk about pregnancy yet. We’ll release more details later on and I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed.

Talking about hairstyles, can we set a color for the roots and another one for the hair tips?
Not in the base game. We don’t know if this feature will be added later on. At the moment there’s no plan for it.

In CAS demo I have been able to see accessories and make up icons, but they were disabled. Could you tell us something about them?
CAS is still in development and I can tell you that the final one is going to have much more. What you have been able to see these days is just a very small part of it. We still have to add a lot of content and you’ll love it!
Accessories features are great and much better than in the past. You can mix and match as you wish and the jewelry is now completely separated to clothes. In The Sims 3 we had some necklaces attached to the related outfit, while in The Sims 4 it’s not happening  anymore.

What do you like the most about CAS?
I’m having a lot of fun working on CAS feature and I’m happy about everything.
I especially love the fact that you can directly model the body shape.

Some players are not happy about the fact that we don’t have Create a Style in game anymore. What would you like to tell them?

At the moment we are not planning to add Create a Style in game and we don’t know if this feature will be added later on. We are focusing on making the base game great, stable and powerful. We want The Sims 4 to ship with a very high level of quality and we decided to focus on certain areas.

Are you going to release a tool like The Sims 2 Body Shop? Players would love to have it back. We didn’t have such a tool in The Sims 3, and it made custom content creation quite difficult.
We are working hard on the main game only at the moment, in order to give players a polished and strong game. Having a very high CAS quality is one of our main goals.
We love when players are creative. We cannot promise anything, but we give a lot of value to community feedbacks like this one. We always take notes of players’ requests.

Did you work on previous Sims games?
I was one of the CAS producer in The Sims Medieval and I really enjoyed the team. I think that Sims Medieval faces and CAS features were really well done.

Is there something about The Sims 3 CAS that you don’t like?
I think it was great.

Is The Sims 4 going to be available for Mac or other platforms?
We are focusing on PC only at the moment.

Could you tell us which are the system requirements of The Sims 4?
The game is still in development. System requirements details will be released later on.

Will Wright is not working for EA anymore. Does he keep an eye on The Sims franchise anyway?
He keeps an eye on our games, even if not directly anymore. Many people of our team worked with him and we perfectly know what he wanted to have in The Sims. Now that have new technologies, we can finally add many of those features in the game. We are very careful to not destroy his vision.

Source: Edenstyle

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