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The Sims 3 Dragon Valley Gold Giveaway


And the winner of The Sims 3 Dragon Valley Gold is…



Sims True Life and Sims Community are giving away 1 digital code of The Sims 3 Dragon Valley Gold (Dragon Valley World + Celtic Lands).

In order to enter this Giveaway, you must comment down below with your answer to this question:

What is your favorite The Sims 3 World and why?

We will randomly pick a winner via! In order to increase your chances of winning, head down to Sims True Life and comment on their giveaway post with an answer to this question:

What is your second favorite The Sims 3 World and why?

Here’s where and how you can add your answer on Sims True Life. Make sure your comment has less than 300 characters!


Make sure you comment with a valid Name and E-Mail so that we can contact you properly. We will choose a winner on 4th of May, 2014. Good luck  😉

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  • It’s Monte Vista. I’m in utter love with the Mediterranean area and it represents it so well! The Wood Fire Oven is also an all time favourite because i’m in love with the Cooking skill, and well, pizzas, breads, lasagna and calzone… 😛

  • My favorite world in The Sims 3 is Bridgeport because for the first time in The Sims 3 it added skyscrapers and high-rise apartaments. They really added a great vibe and the whole city looks amazing anytime during day and night.

    My second favorite world is Starlight Shores because it reminds me of Hollywood and Southern California and I love those places. Everything in it looks amazing, from the Simlish Hollywood sign to the venues where you can unleash your Sims’ talent. 🙂

  • My second favorite world in The Sims 3 is Bridgeport because there is a subway and i’m crazy about all this things like buses, subway and tramways (xD it’s true 😉 ) and because there are the stars. I love to be star in The Sims 3! ^_^ *.*

  • My favorite world would have to be island paradise or isla paradiso! I love the beaches and the tropical vibe of the world. The water is gorgeous in this world and the fact you can dive or do many other water sports is a plus! Sadly it has bugs and glitches so I’m unable to play it lately but I still rank it my favorite.

  • My favourite Sims 3 World is Bridgeport. So many skycrapers, high-rise buildings, I just love that. And festival grounds for it have a lot of wildflower spawners, haha.

  • My second favorite world in The Sims 3 is Lucky Palms. I love desert and those climates. I like that contrast between the send and grass. Trere are beautiful views.

  • My second favourite The Sims 3 World is Bridgeport because it has nice vibe and it added skyscrapers. This world looks amazing and it’s nice to play there 🙂

  • Oh my second favourite town is Bridgeport. It is a big town with high rise buildings, subway etc. You have parks and places for big house. I love playing sims and party all night! It is a town where you can be young forever 🙂

  • My favourite world would have to be… Roaring heights. I fell in love with the beautifully detailed art-deco theme, the cute, quirky starter homes and the amazing mansions. Not to mention the new build/buy content. Overall it’s is just an absolutely beautiful world, especially with a sunset behind it.

  • Midnight Hollow! It’s so dark and Gothic. The townies are kooky and fun with their hilarious yet macabre stories, and if I was a Sim, I would fit in great!

  • My favourite Sims 3 World is Bridgeport. So many skycrapers, high-rise buildings I love it! And another one is starlight shores cause the buildings are nice 😉

  • My favorite world is defiantly Moonlight Falls, I love the supernatural expansion pack and the world is absolutely perfect! It’s dark but not too dark, and the river in the middle is so gorgeous, I love it!

  • My favorite world EVER is Riverview, i love the people who live ther, i love the the way that is decorate i love everything and the people who live there are so friendly!

    My second favorite world is Monte Vista, my dream is have monte vista, looks so precious, i think that monte vista is created for me, the familys, the houses, i love the different style of houses in the sims 3

  • I still love Sunset Valley. It just feels like home! I like the other worlds but I always seem to come back to SV. Especially now that there are some updated versions of it out there to DL! So SV is my FAV world….. all these years later. lol Good luck everyone!!! Thanks for the contest! 😀

  • My favorite world is mente vista because of the look, my second favorite is bridgeport because of the fun clubs! 😀

  • Bridgeport. I live in a really small town in rural Tennessee. I’ve always longed for life in a big city, and Bridgeport is a fun way of emulating a fantasy of it.

  • My favourite world is Sunset Valley. When the Sims 3 was released it was the single world we had to choose from, but we didn’t need any others. Sunset Valley has a variety of areas, some rich, some less so, and a wide range of different sims that I have found to be the most memorable from any sims world. It’s the world that most feels like the kind of place where everybody knows everybody and that is probably my favourite thing about it.

  • Island Paradise is my favorite world in The Sims 3 😀 . I love water in real life, so being able to take my sims to the beach and have lost of fun in the water is a big dream come true when I first played it. It was the same as when The Sims 2 Bon Voyage came out, I was so excited and bought it right away. The Island Paradise is just wonderful with the esthetic achitecture and nature.

    My second world I would choose is Twinbrook. I think it is becuase I enjoyed The Sims 3 ambitions a lot. I played as a fire fighter, hair stylist, designer, ghost hunter and inventor. I got so caught up in it and I liked the world that came with. I saved the city from a lot of fires, ghosts and designed a lot of houses as a designer. I also remember I was afraid of “death” and usually switched sims or world but Twinbrook was the first city I actually lived through many generations and let them face death. This is why I like this city which is my “home” for my sims and their generations. :yes: 😉

  • This is hard, but my all time favourite world is definitely Bridgeport. I love the city style of it and wish they made more city themed worlds lol. It’s more fun to play than the rest. There’s subways, skyscrapers and clubs. It has everything!

  • My fave world is moonlight falls I love the supernatural and the places they can go to that’s for them and my 2nd is starlight shores where we can sing and karoake in nice places 🙂

  • My favorite sims 3 town is Roaring Heights. One it has a old town vibe with new age tech like Rapture in Bioshock and Columbia in Bioshock Infinit. And did I forgot it has a rollercoaster! :inlove: :yes:

  • My favourite town in the sims 3 it is Bridgeport because, I like Vampires and clubs in the sims. It is small town but I like it . I play very often in this town. :-))

  • My favorite world now is Roaring Heights. I love the build styles and the pretty landscaping. The families are fun to play too! First world I actually play with pre-made Sims

  • My second favorit world for The Sims 3 is Bridgeport, because it is so beautiful on night and my sim like party 🙂

  • Mine is Riverview, I like playing around with it and moving buildings around. I love the lots over looking the cliffs and always move the businesses and houses that are already there and use them to make houses. Next would be Hidden Springs, it’s so lush and green. :laugh:

  • It’s a hard choice between Isla Paradiso and Midnight Hollow. I love the chance to dive and be a mermaid, but I also love the supernatural opportunities!

  • My favorite world for The Sims 3 is a Moonlight Falls because it is very mysterious and looks beautiful at night.

  • I love Bridgeport. It’s got a completely different feel to it since it’s a city, it introduced skyscrapers and apartments into the Sims 3, night clubs, mixology, vampires and celebs! ^^ Plus it came with an expansion pack: you don’t have to pay 20 euros for one town; instead I payed 25 euros for Late Night 😀

  • I love Island Paradise. It’s got that mellow laid back feel to it and I like being able to scuba dive and discover new islands. You can just chill on your own island or go out exploring on your party house boat.

  • My absolute favorite sims 3 world is isla paradiso because of the amazing scenery. It has a laid back feel and it’s like a getaway right from the comfort of your home. There tons and tons of places to explore and so many new sims to meet. I’ve honestly fallen in love with it. I reccomend it to anyone and everyone.

  • I like Riverview actually, it’s the perfect little small town, it’s quiet but adventurous, and it is the perfect place for me to live, which is why I like to put myself into the game as a sim and play through my life

  • Monte vista!! It is so beatyfull, and i love the “orange view” it have at twilight!. And i also love the wood-fire oven!

  • Mine is isla paradiso because it’s really is lik paradise for me and my sims. There is so much to do and new things, like lotto tickets, scuba dive , even owning your own resort!!! When I play the sims it’s like I’m living a that I won’t have .

  • My favorite world is Monte Vista – it is a truly beautiful location. The walled city is stunning and the general landscaping is unique, I think. I always enjoy playing there! Furthermore the names of the people are just beautiful. I’m a quarter Italian and it kind of feels like home :o) My second fave world, oddly, is Twinbrook. I love the contrast between how there is a forest-y bit and a rich bit, and an average suburban homes bit, and even a hippy/artist bit! A really interesting world. Thanks for the opportunity of this giveaway! ~YellowJane~

  • My favorite world is Hidden Springs, because of the one-two punch of the beauty of the scenery, and the awesome townies. If you have Seasons installed, double rainbows frequently appear, only adding to the splendor.

  • My fav world has to be Bridgeport <33 idk why but i just love all the buildings in the world… and also because it came with late night where there is bars,vampires.Also there is skyscrapers and high rise buildings and also celebrities houses which makes me love Bridgeport even more Haha… :yes: Thats pretty much it :-/

  • Polish :
    Moim drugim ulubionym miastem w The Sims 3 jest Isla Paradiso. Ma ono przyjazny i wakacyjny klimat. Często gram w tym mieście , lecz nigdy nie pobije Bridgeport <3.
    Przepraszam za błedy ( które może się pojawiły) w języku angielskim , ponieważ używam z tłumacza na kompie, nie chce mi się poprostu tłumaczyć.
    English :
    My second favorite city in The Sims 3 is Isla Paradiso. It has a friendly holiday atmosphere. I often play in this city, but he never beat Bridgeport <3
    Sorry for mistakes (which may have arisen) in English, because I use a translator for compiling, do not want to just explain.

  • My favorite world i think in The Sims 3 is Twinsbrook because I like venues witch are in there, fire department, there are salon. Landromat is cool feature. World have great landscape with lake, swamp, river.

  • My favourite Sims 3 world is Bridgeport because it added so much to my Sims experience. I loved the design and look of it all, it really looked like what you would expect a nightlife town to look like. There was so much to do during the day and night. Apartments were great and all of the nightclubs were fantastic and busy, I especially loved the addition of Vampires, the whole town was great. That’s why Bridgeport is my favourite town.

  • My favourite world is Aurora Skies! It was the first store world I bought and the town is so beautiful. I just love how the houses are so brightly coloured :3

  • My second favorite world in The Sims 3 is Sunset Valley. This city has a unique climat and it’s the first one that we recived. I also like Sims that are living there, they’re so friendly 🙂 I think the main reason thanks to which I really enjoy playing in Sunset Valley is sentiment and the fact that it’s appropriate for every season.

  • My favorite is sunset valley because it’s like the only one world I have. Thanks I hope this is the spot for the contest.

  • My favourite valley is Bridgeport as I like busking in the Underground and swimming under the river. My second favourite town is sunset valley. Its got a beautiful beach and the Altos and Landgrabbs hate each other, hahaha 😀 😀 :dog:

  • I love Twinbrook, it’s scenic, small, not overly busy, but yet it has everything I need to enjoy a good game of sims.

  • I like roaring heights the most because of the awesome Art Deco style and the overall vibe and style of the sims and the time period

  • Moim 2 ulubionym miastem jest Północna grota
    ma fajny klimacik
    jest wybudowana w moim ulubionym stylu
    umożliwia tworzenie sklepów

  • My favourite world is Isla Paradiso! There is so much to do and new things, like scuba dive and even owning your own resort! It just feels like home! 😎

  • My favourite world must be Monte Vista because it has one of the best views there could be.. The scenery and the venues are majestic with an allure of the medieval era.
    The sunset and sunrise are absolutely gorgeous , which makes taking photographs an absolute delight!

  • My favorite sims 3 world is definitely Monte Vista. I know it’s not a popular choice, but in my opinion it has some of the best add on and probably my favorite environment in the entire game. I love the Italian/French vibe the town has, and I love the fact that you can make pizzas, lasanga, and other Italian dishes by the pizza oven. In addition the architecture in the town is just phenomenal Overall I feel that Monte Vista is the best made world in the game.

  • Moim drugim ulubionym miastem w The Sims 3 jest Hidden Springs, ponieważ uwielbiam klimaty górskie oraz odległe wsie zmieszane z miejskością. Po prostu jest tam pięknie.

  • I love Sunset Valley, because no matter what you want to do or add to your Sims world, it never looks out of place.. 🙂