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The Sims 3 Generations Giveaway


Congratulations Elizabeth Pywell! picked you as a winner for this giveaway!


We are giving away one digital copy of The Sims 3 Generations! (part of Anniversary Celebration Giveaway)

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment on why do you want to win this game. You can leave your comment until 1st of June, 2014.

Winner will be chosen randomly via We’ll make sure to provide a screenshot of a chosen winner.

Good luck everyone!  Grin

This copy of Generations is kindly donated by @lucygirl5x!

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    • Where do i begin lol, i have been a sims enthusiast since i can remember and to hear about this giveaway is awesome! Generations would be perfect for my sim families!

  • I would like to win this to help enhance my friends Sims 3 gaming, and this would be a good present to do such.

  • I love the series the sims 3 and all its add-ons, but I do not have any. Therefore, I would love to receive this add-on. :-) If I received this add is thank you very much and best regards. :inlove:

  • I love the series the sims 3 and all its add-ons, but I do not have any. Therefore, I would love to receive this add-on. :-D

  • It’s my birthday on the 28th, and I would love to win this :D Great present.
    I have all sims 1 and 2 games, and almost all sims 3 :)

  • ive been wanting this expansion for soooooooooooooo long now but like i said in the into the future givaway, im saving up for a £600 computer :( I would be in heaven *literally* if i got this expansion!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  • I don’t have generations and it’s a really good expansion pack. I really want this one as it adds loads of extra stuff I want.

  • Hmmm Why i want to win Generations? – Hmmm I dont have a lot of expansion pack soo I t would be awsome win one new game :3 I really like this expansion and what we can do there :)

  • I would love to own this, I lost my old game by either throwing it away accidently during my spring clean last year or stupidly misplacing it not at my home (it didn’t save on the Origin account). Need more proms and weddings! :D

  • I like so much this expansión pack and now is my chance to get it. I can’t buy it, so this giveaway is awesome! Thanks :)
    Eternally grateful :P

  • I would like to win this cause my sims 3 disc stoped working,some one had it near water and don’t really have to money to spend on it.

  • I think the imaginary friends and the new family interactions are super cute and I’d love to add them to my game!

  • I haven’t got any expansion packs and right now for me, the kids don’t have much to do, so generations would fix this :)

  • I would like to win this because I only have a couple expansions and I would love to have more. My family think that generations is the best one and I couldn’t agree anymore.

  • I’d love to win this EP because, well, shower WooHoo and imaginary friends – what’s not to like about this?

  • I want to win this pack for my friend she a really good person and she been there for me through stuff and she always there to give me advice or suggestions so I would want to win this for her :-)

  • Id love a copy because the sims 3 is my favorite and generations would enhance my experience :-)

  • I’m a family person so I think this expansion pack is one of the most awesome out of there. The imaginary friends and so many things for all sims ages is just a magnificent idea! I wish I could win this giveaway. Thank you!

  • This game is the best game in the world everything on it is sooo awesome I’m a girly gamer and I’m gonna start making lps and this game would be fantastic to start off with I wish I could be chosen thanks for doing this! ;-)

  • Ooh! I hear it’s a really fun! And because I wish I could do more with my sim’s children and teens. I usually just age them up. It will definitely spice up my game! ;D

  • I really need this game! :-D I don t have enough money to by it because I am saving up for my college tuition. I really want this game. Can’t wait for Sims 4 to come out!!! :inlove:

  • I want to complete my Sims expansion pack and it will also give me more content that I can use in my houses, which will in turn improve the quality.

  • I would really love to win the Sims 3 Generations Pack because it would help improve the lives of my “children” . I also don’t have any expansions like many people on here. I have been playing the Sims for a while but it was on a Mac and now I am on a PC so I need to get all new games and what not. Thank you for the consideration!

  • Oh, wow. It’s great expansion pack. We can involve in their growing up. Awesome. Furthermore, there are so many new objects like bunk bed or even stuff for entertainment for children :-) I wish if I could win even one of those giveaway packages! It’s so amazing that You give us some opportunity for winning some :-) Even if I won’t win any, I am happy I could take part in it. You make us happy :-D

  • I play families often in my game, so this expansion pack would be a real asset to have! The daycare profession looks really interesting, we FINALLY get wedding arches and cakes for really good weddings, Sims of all ages get something new to do (which doesn’t always happen with other expansions), more ways to party, more things for kids to do, and a lot more which I think really help round out the game in general. I’d love to have this expansion pack; thank you so much for this giveaway! I really hope I win :-))

    Congratulations to SimsCommunity on their anniversary! You guys are awesome; hope you stick around for a really long time! :dance:

  • I want this because obviously having a family is kind of a big part of the game, and there’s really not much to do as a kid and a teenager.

  • i really want to actually do things as a kid/teen instead of just going to school daily and that’s pretty much it.

  • I’ve wanted this expansion for a long time now and just haven’t found the funds to afford it. I’ve been playing The Sims from the very beginning and still remember purchasing the first ever Sims game with my parents! It would be great to add this expansion to my collection and bring myself closer to owning them all! :-)

  • I think getting many new things to do as a kid/teen would be awesome, because all you can really do without this expansion pack is go to school.

  • I’ve played the Sims for a long while and I would like to add this game to my collection as I haven’t purchased it yet. and it seems like a cool expansion pack. Lastly thanks for giving the chance to win and Goodluck to everyone! :-) Keep Simming

  • I would love to win this because actually my teeange and child Sims can’t do a lot of stuff, so if i win this i’ll be very happy :-D

  • Always loved the Sims! First started playing it on PlayStation and now on my laptop! It just keeps getting better and more addictive! I love watching my Sims grow and have their own personalities, from how they were as kids, to how much they change as adults.

    I would love to have Sims generation because I want to see just how much the Sims personalities have changed over the years, to see how much they can now express!

    Thank you :)

  • I watched a Sims YouTube LPer play it and now I’m craving to have it. It’s amazing. I’ve wanted it for a really long time… Just of thinking what stories I could create… Wow. But of course, my Mom refuses to buy me the game, anyway. (thank youuu)

  • I have been green with envy when my friend had this game ….. O watched people play it and I wish I just :cute: have it it will be soo beautiful :idk: