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The Sims 4 – Custom Content & Creator’s Camp News Update

The Sims 4 – Custom Content & Creator’s Camp News Update

Ladies and gents, we’re only three days into the release of the CAS Recolor Tool and we’re already begun to see waves of custom content make its way onto social media and Sims-related websites. This is amazing news for the custom content creators, enthusiasts and for the future of The Sims 4. Without a doubt we will have quite the selection by the release date.

But wait, there’s more! Grant over at Sims 4 Stuff n Things, the creator of the CAS Recolor Tool, posted a quick progress update on the tool.

Greetings Sims Fans,

After spending several hours this evening looking at the recolor process, I have figured out what is causing the crash issue.

Also, I now know how to set the color of the swatch and/or set an icon for the swatch.

Now for the bad news.  I probably won’t be able to update the CASRecolor Tool until the weekend to get it working.  I expect there to be about 6 hours of coding to get the data I need to modify parsed out so it can be modified correctly.

Still, we’re making progress.  🙂  All we need now is to figure out the problem with the reflection/specular going away in recolors.

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As the custom content continues to pop up, the lovely people over at SimNation have decided to keep us posted as new content and images appear. You can check out the growing list here.

(as you can see below, yours truly has gotten her hands on CAS Recolor tool as well. )


Now I see you looking over this article and saying to yourself, “Yeah, lovcat, custom content is all well and good, but what about the meat and potatoes? What is up with the Sims 4 Creator’s Camp?” To that I say, “Shush!” Awe, I’m just kidding. 😉

On to Creator’s Camp! Oh? What?

The Sims 4 Creator’s Camp is taking currently taking place this week (July 28th to August 1st 2014) in Redwood City, California.

Sadly, James of The Sims Supply, who is in attendance, tweeted yesterday that the Creator’s Camp is under embargo and we won’t know more until August 4th.



Don’t worry, though! As August 4th nears there will be a post linking to all the sites and simmers visiting the Creator’s Camp so you can read about their first impressions of the game and all of the shenanigans they got into during the camp. You know us Simmers, we’re a wild bunch.

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