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Alpine Country – The Sims 3 Custom World by western077



Surfing around the web lead me to finding this huge The Sims 3 Custom World on the internet. It’s not just any Custom World though; by the description of the creator, western077, it’s really, really huge. I had it tested on my computer and there are so many areas, so many different residental lots and of course, so many community lots with cool interior (and exterior) designs. Here’s from which United States’ countries did the user get an inspiration from:

– Texas. The world uses a lot of Texan style McMansions and terrain.

– Virginia. The sprawling suburbs and shopping malls, although common in much of the US, were copied from my visits to Virginia.

– California. The golf course and some of the shopping Malls use Californian architecture.

– Florida. The beaches and tropical resort have a little bit of inspiration from the Sunshine State 🙂

– Mallorca. (a Spanish Island in the Mediterranean Sea). The ocean and mountains are partially influenced by this, but not enough to make it look like a European country.


The creator recently gave it a fresh update by adding population to this World.

It doesn’t require much: no Store Content, no Stuff Packs, just all Expansion Packs up to Island Paradise.

If you’d like to play The Sims 3 one more time at least before The Sims 4 comes out, I recommend that you check out this world! It has almost everything from TS3 Expansion Packs, it’s nicely laid out and it’s made out of several different world themes so there’s a bit for everyone!

Before you install and play this world, make sure your PC meets the right requirements for it. The creator didn’t specify exact requirements, but if your PC can handle worlds such as Bridgeport and Island Paradise with over 60fps (frames per second), you probably won’t have any issues with this World either.

To download this World, click on the Download button below and you’ll be redirected to Sims 3 Create A World Website with full details and description.


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