The Sims 4 – Official Expansion Pack Survey!

The Sims Forum Member ewilson1114 posted screens of an official The Sims 4 Survey that is being sent out to random Simmers asking what The Sims 4 Expansion Pack idea do they find interesting!

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    • I think there should be a holiday expansion where you can travel to the Swedish style Simalayas to ski, and go to Simdia and ride elephants and tame snakes and belly dance, and go to the African style Simbabwe and be a poacher or a game ranger, and get mauled by animals, by exotic pets from the black market, etc… you could go on a luxury cruise, a rusty yacht where there’s a 1 in 10 chance of getting ship wrecked, or just go in an airplane to get there. All my idea.

    • I think the active careers expansion pack will be very interesting. From the very start I have wanted to be involved in the actual career, the sims 3 offered this and I think being involved as a doctor or maid would be very interesting and enjoyable! A very good idea!

    • My minds kinda iffy on Active Career & Health and Wellness. The other expansions im excited about, but for the Town Life is it optional if u can make ur own town or will there be an option for an auto generate town. Plus im waiting for Pets.

    • not entirely sure on expansions but features I’d love to see:
      More pets
      University (and possibly a proper supernatural type university)
      Business Owner sounds good (like the old sims 2 open for business but better)
      Toddler Lifespan
      A way to edit relations outside of CAS (Creating Grandparents, Adult Siblings etc that you don’t want to make in the same household)

    • -pets (but no creepy pets)
      -university (2 universities, one in Rainy Flats, the other in Snowy City)
      -restaurants, movie theaters, and bakeries
      -fame and fortune
      -stuff from 1970-2100
      -preteens and middle school
      and make sure that I can still make my sims do stuff and interact wth them while they are at school, the university, or work

    • As other sites have posted about what you said, they didn’t list seasons or pets because those ep’s are a definite thing. There’s no point in asking what we think about having a pet’s or seasons pack because we have always made it well known that we must have those ones. So don’t worry! There will be a pets and seasons!

  • i like city life a lot, but we really need more things in town like a restaurant, bakery, shops, businesses and fun stuff to do in town. Also many simmers (including myself) like generations and asked for toddlers…and pets!!!! sims pets was a great expansion pk and thats something we don’t have in sims 4 yet is the pets and wild life. i would like to see something we don’t yet have in the sims 4 base game for starters :yes:

  • Things I miss LOL which also ties in to the expansion packs:

    -sending your children off to Boarding/Military school. I enjoyed not having to play them for a period of time and then being able to later on play them with their new skills they learned from school.
    -Babysitter/Nanny career (being able to play it )
    -Supernatural characters/ vampire, zombie, witch, etc.
    -Being able to build apartments/lofts
    -Time Machine
    -Playable careers
    -More nightlife options
    -online dating/ love letter options – it was so much funner to find a mate if no one was around to meet
    -Family tree. Its hard to find your family invite them over etc.

  • We need:
    -More lots
    -Supernatural character
    -More Aspiration
    -The option to call at Police,Paramedics and Fireman
    -The option to hire a babysitter or a butler
    -Beach location
    And tree houses :-) :-)

  • I would like to indulge alot with things to do as parents and things to do as in holding and carrying the baby around the house maybe be able to buy clothing like in sim 2 open for business. Toddlers are need for more fun i like when the kids and toddlers played around as siblings. I want more holidays like the sims 2 as well there was a santa sim and celebrated the holidays unlike sim 3/4. I think cars should be included even if its like how it was in sims 2 you see them pull out and then loading screen. I am more into playing the family side of things and working goals for careers.

    • Oh my gosh, you mentioned my top 3 favorite expansions! (and topped it with a cherry by adding the desire for horses making a come-back!)

      CAN’T HAVE PETS WITHOUT HORSES;; winter is soo fun!

  • Active Careers!!!!!! oh gosh YES PLEASE!!!! I wonder if results are posted anywhere.. IF they would add the features for Open for Business from sims 2, cars and buses, limos etc., add pool parties, and add the celebrity drop in via limo when your party is going GREAT from sims 1…… I WOULD BE A VERY HAPPY SIMMER : J.Not 100% satisfied but very content.

  • I think there should be a pets pack (like in sims 3), with pets such as horses, dogs, and cats, along with smaller pets like birds and lizards. I think that it would also be cool if you could play your sims at work!

  • The Business Owner seems really interesting, I would personally like that one. But the City Living, Active Careers and Town Life seem really good as well.

  • As long as you add Horses, I am a happy girl. What I also want to add in is cars! Why can’t we have cars now? Im kinda a car enthusiast too and i loved the fact of using them for transportation and style in Sims 3. One more question if you know the rough answer, when do you think the sims 4 pets is coming out? late next year? :struggle:

  • Is it sad that the only thing that I’m concerned about, expansion wise, is pets? I can’t have kids IRL, so my pets ARE my children. For my sim not to have them is just.. wrong. I need my babies. The second thing that I’d like to see is some sort of supernatural expansion. I loved the idea of the mermaids, faeries, werewoves, zombies and the whole lot. They’re awesome. But, expansions beyond that, I’m not anxiously awaiting anything. An apartment life would be cool and a college one, as well. Just, mainly PETS, please. lol

    • It’s not sad! I’m not aware if I cannot have kids myself yet, but I am right there with you in saying that the only expansion I care about is pets! Now, having an additional career choice such as Veterinarian would be STELLAR, but then having a Pets expansion would be a necessity!

  • Veterinarian needs to be a career – seriously, it’s madness this hasn’t this been done yet!?

    You should make it so that you’re required a college degree in veterinary practice to be promoted to the highest rank, as well as in the general hospital field.

    I would love to see a sims game where my experienced sim vet can diagnose his/her own horse/dog/cat.

    I think the high school diplomas from Sims 3 should be replaced by College degree certificates.

  • I think they should make
    – Generations but include toddlers in it (not very good they kind of missed out an importent part of the sims life ! This was the age they learnt to read, talk, walk and use the toilet ! now they magically learn in by lying in a crib doing nothing ! And who ages from like a few months old to about 7 or 8. Toddlers are fun)

    -Pets (Obviously, but along with the tank animals aswell like snakes and lizards, and maybe have like rabbits but be able to put them in hutches with outdoor areas to run around in. There could also be farming animals such as chickens, ducks, cows, pigs and goats – this could possibly also be in a buissness expansion and the farming could be a buissness ) They could also be things like riding school where they have to learn to ride a horse (or they could attempt it on their own) to boost up their skills to ride better and something like dog shows and dog training classes.

    -World Adventures – Maybe they could include a few more locations (personally i would love to see a Japanese and African style holiday destination as well as egypt, China and France. Maybe also like a London City.

    – Seasons – And the seasons should include holidays such as Christmas and a summer break :3

    – University Life ! – I loved having that choice to send your kids off to uni and be able to develop more skills and live in dorms

    – City life – I miss apartments xD i loved having a character move away from home and live in an apartment for their first house. Also it should include more shops like restaurants, Bakerys, Pet Shops, Night Clubs, Bars, Movie theatres.

    – Hobbies – There should be one where sims could gain more skills by taking after school classes or weekend classes such as painting, cooking, writing, Singing, Playing an instrument and acting Etc etc. And this could also add on extra job oppotunites such as becoming an actor, dancer, singer, forming a band, TV chef etc.

    I know this isnt an expansion pack but i wanted to mention it, They need to include facial piercings !!! So many people have them Sims should too xD !!! More Gothic/Emo style, More Forign Style clothing such as Kimonos, Chinese Dresses, Indians Dresses etc. I would like to also see basically more Asian based stuff xD such as traditional Japanese style homes and furniture, same for Chinese, A choice to use chopsticks when eating foods such as noodles, more Harajuku clothing, and MORE HAIR !!!! Also i would love to be able to change height although maybe its too late for that xD

  • why not a supernatural expansion? like Magic Schools where your sims can be teachers or students like HP :-D wouldn’t be great and more supernatural creatures Lepercons Dryads and more :laugh:

  • where are the restaurants in the sims 2 order food and dateing and holiday where they can do a lot of activities that the sims 2 Order food find bigfoot and other things. and why can not we have a farm in sims with pigs, cows, horses, sheep, goats, dogs, cats etc. exhibit where you can dress the animals, setting up hair show there is a dog with long hair and obstacle course and win trophies as they can be proud of. I remember the sims history of animals that was fun

  • We need:
    -More lots
    -Supernatural character
    -More Aspiration
    -The option to call at Police,Paramedics and Fireman
    -The option to hire a babysitter or a butler
    -Beach location

  • Ok, so I have to say, I love the sims! It’s my fave game of all time, but really?! C’mon EA give us something new to play with! for the past 2 sims games we’ve had basically the exact same expansions and I for one am getting a little bored. As I said, I love the sims, and I love universities, and pets, and all the professions that come with these expansions. But it seems like all they do is add just a few different jobs or venues in them, slap a new name on them and they’re bright, shiny and new again. I want something different. Something completely out there and new that hasn’t been done before. I don’t exactly have ideas no, but I’m sure they could get creative. Add farms or something, I don’t know. Take makin’ magic for example in the sims 1. I loved the option to teleport to a whole other magic world where everything was strange and new.

  • I dont know where to post this but ever since sims 2 me and my friend kieran (sims worshipers) have always said movie theme expansions such as Harry Potter Minion etc etc, should be an expansion ideas and it will be something that will never end it will give sim creators so much more oppertunity for ideas and we could make our own sims films based on harry potter etc etc, just an idea i thought that maybe if EA saw this they may take it on in the future alot of my friends like my idea and think it would be great i hope it becomes an expansion option in the future i would deffinately be buying! <3 simmer forever & always danielle.

  • i think they should add pets to the game like Sims 2 and Sims 3 but add more animals like monkeys and pigs etc. i also think in Sims 4 they should get rid of the loading screens they don’t bother me but i always liked the idea of watching your Sims drive or walk to wherever they go. they should also bring back toddlers too . even though the game doesn’t include these things yet i still love Sims

  • Pets is defiantly my first choice! (with HORSES)

    then seasons and something like sims 2 open for business where you can buy an extra lot, set it up and sell things, and maybe there could be a bank where you can take out loans and put savings in to earn a little credit. also i would love if you guys could make farms, a new section with big lots, sheep cows chicken goats etc that your horse riders and dogs can round up, lots of objects and make it like the writing career was on sims 3, so you sell wool eggs animals
    and lastly a modeling and fashion designer career, even if the outfit is only used on the catwalk, but i think that would be a good career option

  • I really want the toddlers back. That was the cutest stage for sim kids. And the baby stage is too long, it’s really frustrating that you can’t pick them up and take them anywhere either.

  • I want ALL of these. (:

    Adusting fingernails. How could would that be.?

    Being mayor. Yes.

    Owning my own store. Sims 2 feels. (:

  • Although I haven’t got Sims 4 yet, I am a HUGE Sim’s fan! I am hoping and praying that they are making a Sims 4 pets EP, as if they dont, I dont think I will even buy Sims 4. The farming sounds amazing!!! I would definitely buy that, maybe they could even merge it in with the pets EP? horses, and farming livestock that you can round up with your dogs or horses, sell the eggs from the chickens etc, I think a lot of people would buy it, and enjoy it. I also really like the sound of the rabbits, and having hutches and outside/inside pens for them to run around in.. EA, PLEAAAAAASE! P.S add in wolves!!!!

  • honestly ive been reading through these comments and the most popular thing ive seen is the idea for pets and supernatural. I like the idea of being able to own different animals such as farm animals, cows, horses, goats, chickens, etc, but i think that when going back to basics like cats and dogs that they should come in the breeds actual size compared to a human(or sim) so not only having the toy dog options like pugs and begals, but obviously a chiwawa is smaller than a begal so make it as such, a german shepherd is smaller than a st. Bernard, so make them like that. another idea is a zoo, granted this would take a while because not only are you dealing with small felines and canine species, but giraffes and rinos and other exotic animals(for the zoo idea i would suggest a separate expansion pack with lots animals and items) but back to pets; the addition of horses was a great idea, keep them, but add more activities such as racing them and being able to breed them, ex; if you have two pure breed horses, depending on their parents and bloodlines, their offspring can be sold for a high amount of cash because of their pure bloodline, mixed breed horses being sold for a substantial low amount again depending on the bloodlines. The same for dogs tho, being able to show them as well as cats depending on the purity of their bloodlines. and yes, bring back wolves that you can cross breed with dogs to make hybrids, also i think adding in some of the small exotic cats would be fun too, such as the serval, carical, and bengal, again factor in their actual size compared to normal cats. Now, onto the supernatural part; the sims 3 supernatural was fantastic, the add ons and the way you created the werewolves in the game were awesome, but there is always room for improvement, such as giving the option of being a bi-pedal more human like werewolf sim, or becoming a more wolf like werewolf that looks like a wolf but way bigger, faster, stronger, etc; and i think the option to be able to hunt wild animals would be cool too, nothing too graphic, but like deer and rabbits.With vampires, keep just about everything that was included in with the last supernatural, youve almost perfected the vampires but i like the idea of being able to shapeshift into a bat or wolf and along with being able to hunt as a werewolf, give the option of instead of drinking human blood, drink the blood of small animals, or deer but with these alternatives, they dont give you the same amount of hunger as drinking human blood dose, ex; drinking from a deer only fills up half of your hunger quota but drinking from a sim fills it completely, and when you do go out and hunt, throw in some added athletic points while you do. Wiches, everything the same but have more options for familiars like a bird, or snake. Faries can stay as well, good idea to throw that into the new supernatural as well as alchemists, i think with the alchemists you should be able to make sim/animal chimeras with the installation of the sims 4 pets when ever that might be available. well, this is a lot to read but if someone dose, thank you for doing so, ive had sooooo many ideas about the sims series, every since i started playing the original sims, thanks for your time

  • I think it would be awesome to have…
    ~Supernatural (witches, vampires, elves, fairies, zombies, etc.)
    ~more worlds/towns
    ~seasons (with more holidays)
    ~longer lives
    ~clothing options
    ~playable jobs/careers
    ~more instruments
    ~more tattoo and piercing options
    ~tattoo shop
    ~late night features
    ~last names should get changed after marriage to choice of which last name
    ~titles for more distant family members :-D :-D

  • I was really disappointed to find that instead of going forward, sims 4,has gone back to nearer the first sims in terms of generation play. The main part of the game I enjoyed was having babies, interactive toddlers and children, only to find toddlers have gone! I was excited to see if babies would be more interactive or even more generations would be added such as new baby, baby, young toddler, toddler, young child, child etc. to make it more realistic., with more activities you can do with them, including being a childminder as a job. Instead it has become more unrealistic and you now have a baby (who apparently is black with two white parents – which hasn’t happened since sims 2) followed by a fully grown child. I’m very disappointed to be honest. I think it’s a real shame there’s no pets either. I ‘ll be going back to sims 3 I’m afraid.

  • Pets for sure.
    We need more age groups like toddlers and in my opinion the sims 4 hasn’t improved but gone back because it has lost some features and the loading screens are torture.

  • I’ve read most of the comments and there are great ideas that one can only hope someone who has say so in what happens pays attention and listens. I agree that the Sims 4 has downgraded, perhaps they should have gotten opinions for they made it. The loading screens are torture. I hate that when I want to view a different character when someone goes out I have to wait for a loading screen so I either take them all out together or they stay in most of the time. However, the personalities bring a great element to the game.
    I like the business ideas and the active careers but will we really be able to see them a deliver a baby? Perhaps they should choose what kind of doctor they want to be like in the music career you choose classical or rock. I like the idea of adding, dance and acting careers, ect. I like the idea of a zoo expansion with zookeeper career but it sounds like it’d take a lot of ram and memory to run. The farm idea is interesting, then you can sell eggs or and stuff like that.
    I like the town life and building your own city but it’d also be cool if instead of it being an adventure, the town options could be a place like Paris, Japan, Egypt, New York, LA, India, Texas or Bahamas. I definitely think a paradise expansion should be added. To me that was the funnest town to live in the Sims 3, I just didn’t always like the way the houses were or the fact that it wasn’t fun if it snowed or the island but duh it’s an island. I like the mermaids, though I haven’t seen one yet.
    Someone mentioned it would be more interesting to go from newborn to baby, to toddler, to young child, older child, teen then to adult and then to young adult and I agree, as long you can set the time on each but it may be too late for that, however, it should highly be considered for the next one.
    Someone also said, magic school with a magic type world would be fun. I agree.
    Maybe a royalty expansion would be fun, with prince, princesses, kings and queen, where sword fights and archery are a skill. Steal, the thrown or some into it naturally and make decisions about ruling the kingdom. Royal balls. Or maybe you’re just an ordinary peasant. Either way, you have all the those new elements with the regular sim stuff.

  • Hey,
    Can we please have Sims 4 Pets or a expansion packs with celebs, penthouse living and clubs that would be amazing

    Anmarie :-D :-D :-D

  • I really love the town life and city life ideas along with all the others and another persons idea of wildlife, as I’d like to second all the notions. I have bought EVERY SIMS since the beginning, and would have to say I loved the makin magic from the original sims, the open for business, seasons university and pets (obvi,) but in addition a few new ones like maybe a farm living or rural, exotic living/vacationing like someone suggested with riding elephants and belly dancing ( though might be a little far,) idk zoos would be cool just more public things to go out and do or if you actually had to buy your clothes, and judgment of other sims depending on your tastes. Also a few animal directed careers with the pets.

  • PETS *******!!!! the Sims 4 “PETS” should come out first because I already got bored of the Sims 4 like there’s nothing to do and even in the sims 3 pet trailer yous said that life is boring without pets! Exactly

  • I think they should add ballet/dance classes for kids and teens and after they age up, have the option to become a professional ballet dancer or as a theater performer (like Broadway). But that’s just my opinion because I love dance.

  • – Werewolves! Werecats! Weredogs! Werecoyotes! they all should be in the supernatural pack!
    – and also, more life stages should be added to create-a-sim: baby, toddler, child, middle schooler, teen, college students, grad school students, young adults, adults, elders, and ghosts
    – SPEAKING OF GHOSTS, why do they need to be fed, cleaned, go to the bathroom, and sleep? if they have to do those, then they wouldn’t be ghosts!
    – more family branches should be made, like in-laws, great grandparents, second cousins, fiancés, and ex-spouses
    – PETS! DEFINITLY PETS! life is boring with out pets! but no creepy pets! I will only accept: dogs, cats, horses/ponies, parrots, parakeets, hamsters, guinea pigs, pigs, cows, garter snakes, sheep, goats, llamas, wallabies, myna birds, gold fish, ferrets, antelope, bumblebee bats, ducks, chickens, rabbits/bunnies, and chameleons. also this pack not only should unlock pets, but also petting farms, real farms, and ranches
    – and I also think that two cities should be unlocked with every expansion pack. here are some Ideas:
    Viking Falls
    Lake Lake
    San Earthquake
    Rainy Flats
    Snowy City
    Iceberg Beach
    County Fair Island
    Moonlight Falls
    Los Jose
    – which brings me no the last pack, seasons and weather!
    hasta la bye bye,
    John Doe
    English Farm

  • It would be nice to have our color wheel, basements, clothes, hairstyles back, but we really need our color wheel back

    • Please Please The sims 4 Generations with toddlers & preteens and children punishments & preteens prom night & ballet and karate and karaoke and preteen party’s and preteens college and normal teenagers high school with control of sim and toddlers kindergarten and 2 new professions like kindergarten teacher & college teacher and high school teacher. And a preteen driving cars and adults with cars and driving learning school.
      With control of professions
      Town Life, & City Living, & Supernatural.
      And I want the sims 1 and the sims 2 and the sims 3 expansion packs for remakes for the Sims 4.
      And I want a Zoo expansion pack fora the sim 4

  • Please Please The sims 4 Generations with toddlers & preteens and children punishments & preteens prom night & ballet and karate and karaoke and preteen party’s and preteens college and normal teenagers high school with control of sim and toddlers kindergarten and 2 new professions like kindergarten teacher & college teacher and high school teacher. And a preteen driving cars and adults with cars and driving learning school

  • And I want the sims 1 and the sims 2 and the sims 3 expansion packs for remakes for the Sims 4

    And I want a Zoo expansion pack fora the sim 4

  • How about the custom edit of patterns / recoloring (Sims 3) for clothes and objects and stuff? I really wish that the developers will return this option coz I really enjoy customizing objects and stuff in Sims 3. And oh, How about Superheroes and VIllains? With Superpowers? And dangerous ghosts alongside with those supernatural characters and all? Hahaha just and idea tho. :>

  • Wow, as I look back at this survey….they combined Active Careers with Business Owner! They really kept a lot of the details told in those two ideas of the survey in the first expansion pack (except for the supposed Maid and Architect Careers, but I can see how those can be boring). I don’t know why they didn’t add in the Office Career part of it since that would be entertaining to play. The only reason I can think of is that they wanted to keep up with a theme of the active careers (each of them can be used to discover an alien), So they really stuck to this!

    On the hopes of a second expansion pack in the near future, I think a kind of night life type of pack is in order–probably City Living if the developers are still sticking with this old survey. New lots and venues and perhaps whole new worlds are needed as the game itself is lacking in that department as of now. I would prefer to have Seasons, but I know that takes a long time to develop, so new lots and worlds are the second best things for me. :)

  • I want a generation EP with toddlers and preteens life stages with preteen Purbity period and ballet morning and karate night and prom night for preteens with a college for preteens to control a preteen at college and a preschool kindergarten for toddlers with traits for toddlers and preteens preschool teacher career for young adults and a college teacher for young adults and adults and a university for higher up teenagers with university career for Adults and a seniors life stage with senior features like The Sims Free To Play and some children punishment and children&preteen&teenager partys and teenager driving school with driving constructor career for adults with some new cars & motor cycles.

  • I would love to have toddlers back. A family oriented expansion pack with more things for babies, toddlers, children and teens to do would be wonderful. I wouldn’t mind more life stages either.

    We also need pets, supernatural, with witches and fairies, seasons, university… basically all the previous expansion packs.

  • I think you guys should reallymake a sims 4 pets but add some changes like you could board horses and dogs could be entered into shows and actually sold or maybe even you should make the option of working at a pet store or as a vet or make it so other people wan to pay you to breed with your animals.

  • It would be nice if there were an expansion pack that had a downtown area. I think that’s an important element for a game like this, especially considering the fact that that’s what Sims gamers are used to, so not having that kind of makes playing a little monotonous.

  • Pls toddler with pets and be sure to toodler.. I am turkish,I am not speak english plase I want toodler PLASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES :)

  • i would llike if they can make all the previous packs of sims 3 and combine sims 3 and sims 2 packs with each other pets,seasons,islandparadise,university, generations,townl ife, nightlife world were you can go to italy france egypt china and so on . fast lane and i would love more animals like farm animals zoo animals and sometehing like a a ocean world were you can take your family to see the dolphins sea lions robbe pinguins and so on and all type of sharks thanks

  • Being a musician, I’d like to see more things based towards that. Maybe have a full on music game pack with drums, electric guitars, electric bass guitars ( not a stand up bass), studio and stage equipment, new lots for playing gigs and don’t forget the pyro…rockstars need pyro. Be able to start a band, like in the Sims 3 Late Night expansion and play venues.

  • How about a Band type of expansion, or music at least, in which there can be bands and concerts and you can make your own band poster. Another addition to that is more instruments, like electric piano and a drumset.

  • I think, and a lot of people do too, that a Harry Potter expansion would be amazing. At least something like that would be cool!

  • With J.K. Rowling introducing her latest in the Harry Potter story, I feel like people have been requested a Harry Potter expansion for so long that maybe EA should collaborate WB and J.K Rowling to come up with a Sims 4 adaption of the ever popular series. However, a lot of fans would probably prefer that they release it as a Sims 5 game expansion, though. In my opinion, Sims 5 should be more like The Sims 3 because there was a lot of good in that line but maybe address all the things they got wrong in the public’s opinion. For starters, the graphics needed to run multiple expansions at once is outrageous and needs to be completely redone. I don’t won’t to lose the beauty of the graphics but there has to be a way to make a picturesque open world game and not have me go to NASA for computer shopping. Second, Pets was a wonderful addition but the unicorn advantage in addition to the lack of Supernatural subtypes was not worth the trouble of buying both Pets and Supernatural. There was a huge untapped market demand that could have made people break the internet to get them. Elves sims, ogres/orcs sims, phoenixes, pixies (different idea than fairies), centaur sims, trolls, griffins, and many others could have raised interest and demands for both games. Also, two more creatures could have been added when people own both Pets and World Adventures. Bigfoot could have added a research challenge to find out more about him through the lore of all three worlds and could have even added a new lifetime happiness choice of locating and befriending Bigfoot. The Sphinx could have been in a hidden rune that was only accessible through a series of challenges and could have been either defeated or befriended by a sim with a high logic level (to answer her riddles) or a sim with an affinity for animals (befriending or taming.) There is so much more that they could have done with cause and effect between owing different games that it almost feels like a waste of a series save for all the benefits that were added like getting to be a supernatural being, being able to leap time in a single load screen, and all of the things that made people gung ho for the next expansion. The Sims 5 could, for instance, easily add a Harry Potter style school if a player has downloaded both Supernatural and University and added has both to the game. There was a lot of untapped potential in cause and effect and I certainly hope that it gets addressed in the next series of Sims games. Lastly, they really need to address the bigger issues in The Sims 4 like the emotion concept. Again, cause and effect is highly untapped! Also, a huge lack of emotions to even bother with cause and effect. Not to mention that the death by emotions addition is a completely uninteresting concept and against the point of having a game featuring all Sims life has to offer. The lack of traits and the very limited amount one sim is allowed makes me very upset with this make. It’s bad enough that The Sims 3 didn’t allow conflicting traits for a more complex sim character but to take away the number of traits allowed per sim to attempt to cover for their shorter list of traits available would be completely unforgivable IF I hadn’t jumped in when The Sims 3 caught my eye! The only redeeming change is how they added a way to change a sims form. The physical changing of a sim is indeed a bonus when you want a Dolly Parson impersonator sim or a 1990’s Brittany Spears but even this is hampered by the inability to design clothes the way you want! All in all, The Sims 4 is no place for a Harry Potter expansion and unless they really go all out with benefits after the flop that is The Sims 4, it really isn’t worth it at this point.

    • So True! OMG! YOU NEED TO GO AND BE THERE IDEA PERSON! Just go and give them the ideas and let tech figure out the how! NO WAIT! Can you make a game like this and put it out there? you’ere so smart and right and these are REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD ideas! i would just dy e of happyness if there was a system like this and i would have no regrets! i mean really! if they want the public to keep coming back, they need to step it up! YOU SHOULD SO WRITE TO THEM AND TELL THEM HOW TO MAKE A BETTER GAME!