The Sims 4 – Official Expansion Pack Survey!

The Sims Forum Member ewilson1114 posted screens of an official The Sims 4 Survey that is being sent out to random Simmers asking what The Sims 4 Expansion Pack idea do they find interesting!

Click on the pictures below to enlarge them!

01 - B8pIthB 07 - vgUKQqO 06 - WPU9Sv0 05 - P0UDGTE 04 - O3swZok 03 - edCQwEa 02 - pJNULIs

08 - G7FAr3a 11 - jvIQN8y 10 - QFRVpZa 09 - WIayIeJ

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  1. I think there should be a holiday expansion where you can travel to the Swedish style Simalayas to ski, and go to Simdia and ride elephants and tame snakes and belly dance, and go to the African style Simbabwe and be a poacher or a game ranger, and get mauled by animals, by exotic pets from the black market, etc… you could go on a luxury cruise, a rusty yacht where there’s a 1 in 10 chance of getting ship wrecked, or just go in an airplane to get there. All my idea.

  2. I think the active careers expansion pack will be very interesting. From the very start I have wanted to be involved in the actual career, the sims 3 offered this and I think being involved as a doctor or maid would be very interesting and enjoyable! A very good idea!

  3. My minds kinda iffy on Active Career & Health and Wellness. The other expansions im excited about, but for the Town Life is it optional if u can make ur own town or will there be an option for an auto generate town. Plus im waiting for Pets.

  4. not entirely sure on expansions but features I’d love to see:
    More pets
    University (and possibly a proper supernatural type university)
    Business Owner sounds good (like the old sims 2 open for business but better)
    Toddler Lifespan
    A way to edit relations outside of CAS (Creating Grandparents, Adult Siblings etc that you don’t want to make in the same household)

  5. -pets (but no creepy pets)
    -university (2 universities, one in Rainy Flats, the other in Snowy City)
    -restaurants, movie theaters, and bakeries
    -fame and fortune
    -stuff from 1970-2100
    -preteens and middle school
    and make sure that I can still make my sims do stuff and interact wth them while they are at school, the university, or work

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