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Reminder: Pools are coming in The Sims 4 this November!

The Sims Team announced on 1st of October that along with Ghosts that we’ve got, Pools and Swimwear will make a grand return in The Sims 4 in November! (New Careers will be coming in December)

Although the date of the Pools Update is still unknown, we should probably expect it in the first or second week of November since The Sims Team has been working on a launch video of The Sims 4 Pools Update last week. (don’t take our word for it though, nothing’s been confirmed yet)

Here’s a list of current information we have about the Pools update:

  • This Update along with upcoming Updates this year are free! (Source)
  • There will be a new clothing category in CAS – Swimwear (Source)
  • There are different Pool depths (Source)
  • Sims can have bladder failures while being in the Pool (Source)
  • Sims can sit on the edge of Pool (Source)
  • Sims can drown inside Pools (Source)

SimGuruSarah, SimGuruLyndsay and SimGuruGraham have also shared 3 sneaky screens of The Sims 4 Pools!

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Are you excited for Pools returning in The Sims 4 this November?  🙂

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  • Ohhhh cool!!! Diverent depths!!! That will be really something new! I knew that sims 4 was going to bring things forward! Ha! All those peeps that have been nagging… Eat your hearts out! And trust me, they ain’t done yet! Mark my words! We may have loads of cool stuff still comming! I am so excited!!! Wheeee!!!! *Does the happy dance* 😀 :clap: :dance: :dance: :highfive: :waiting: :suspense: :victory: