The Sims 4

The Sims 4: Concept Art & Models (Contains Unreleased Content)

Update: Couple of hours after of making this Post, the person behind the website has removed these Concept Art & Model images from The Sims 4. published one of his designs and concepts that they’ve made for The Sims 4. Some of these images contain unreleased content such as the DJ Booth, unknown Neighborhood and some of the Neighborhood’s objects.


Click on the pictures below to enlarge them!

tableCoffeeFC childTee chairIron02 boothWhite b7b3dca9bf950c215ce04cf99d1a68cf_large 5622239d2324090f57b28123d73144ac_large 33dd313d576cb9c5aba5a07b37305e72_large zbrushJacket ymBody_SpaceSuit_review yfBody_SpaceSuit_review yfBody_Fisherman windowGator VaderMask tableUmbrella FCbeds objectRenders_all signCrossroads snapdragonFlowerRackandConcept

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