The Sims 4 Custom Content

The Sims 4 Custom Content: Lawrence Dining Room Set

The Sims 4 Custom Content: Lawrence Dining Room Set

This Set has been brought to you by The Sims Resource member – Severinka_!

A set of furniture and decor ‘Lawrence’ for dining in style contemporary.
The furniture is made in bright rich colors. Color of the wood – mahogany, black and light beech perfectly with lime, red and purple upholstery. A variety of vases of bright colors perfectly complement the interior.

The set includes 19 objects:
wallpaper on the wall 7 options
2 sideboard with dishes
1 cupboard decor, books
dining table
dining soft chair
translucent curtains fluttering
wall shelf with books
2 different types of vases
bunch of palm leaves in a vase
wine glasses of two forms
photo frame

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