The Sims 4 Custom Content

The Sims 4 Custom Content: Woltex Bedroom Set

This Set has been brought to you by The Sims Resource member – jomsims!

Here a new bedroom for your sims. modern and confortable .
1 modern double bed in 3 colors. 1 end table for bed in 3 colors. 1 table beauty with decorative make up and beauty accessory table texture metal and found in category en tables. 1 dresser modern with deco in 3 colors.1 deco cushions and blanket for bed 3 colors textured.1 deco cushions and blanket for bed light textured and colored in 4 colors. blanket and cushions deco found in category RUGS. 1 designer desk in 3 colors. 1 chair desk in 3 colors. 1 sofa modern in 3 colors. and 1 metal fireplace designer .
modernity and very warm design structure for your sims
all objects are tested and in game too.

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