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The Sims 4’s First Expansion Pack to release in Fiscal Year of 2016


Update: SimGuruBChick wrote an official response on The Sims Forums related to this topic:

Thanks to everyone for contributing to this thread. To clarify a couple of points:

1 We have not yet announced a release date for the first expansion pack.
2 The EA fiscal year runs from April to March. I have seen several people post incorrect information about our fiscal year, so wanted to ensure that you have the correct information.



Electronic Arts has released their stats report for their 3rd quarter of 2015’s Fiscal Year, and with that they’ve made an important announcement related to The Sims 4’s First Expansion Pack:

The reduction in our Q4 revenue expectation is based on uncertainty around future currency movements and the decision to move EA SPORTS PGA TOUR and the first Sims 4 expansion pack to FY16.

Not to worry though! Electronic Arts’ 2016 Fiscal Year starts in April 2015 so the earliest news and updates we can expect related to the first Expansion Pack is this April.

They’ve also made a statement telling Simmers that they don’t plan to give up on this game just yet:

Our Maxis studio delivered three major game updates to The Sims 4 during Q3, providing fun new content and adding some of the most-wanted community features. Each update has driven more players to engage with The Sims 4, and we have plans to continue delivering fresh content and gameplay to the vibrant Sims community.

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