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The Sims 4 Get to Work: SimGuru Q&A (19/03/15)


Q: Hi Gurus,

Retail Business Question: Are we able to sell the promotion rewards we get at work. And can our other active Sims (not just NPC’s), in the world, when visiting the business can they buy them even if they aren’t in that specific career to get the promotion rewards.

Scientist Question: Some features that a Sim ray can do.

A: Hi there Joe. Yes, you’re welcome to sell the reward objects in a store. And yes, if you visit a store selling such items with a different Sim family that you’re playing, those Sims can certainly buy those reward objects without having to earn them from – let’s say – a career. It won’t unlock the ability to then purchase further ones from the catalog, so you’ll have to return to the store if you want to buy more of them.



1. If selling paintings does the same type of painting have to be restocked? (eg sad painting)?

2. Does the restocking get pulled from household inventory, or personal inventory?


1. When a painting is sold, it can be restocked and then sold again. It will always be more profitable to create a new painting and sell that than simply restocking a sold painting to sell it again though.

2. Restocking does not get pulled from any inventory. You’re allowed to spend your business funds to pay for restocking any type of object that you’re selling.


Q: -Do bakeries also use the tablet checkout?
-Can we have multiple shops on one lot?
-How long do pregnant Sims stay at the hospital?


  • Yes, all retail businesses use tablets to checkout.
  • You can have different rooms with different types of things and different employees in them them (though the employees will be shared across the lot). They’ll all be technically part of the same “store” but you’re able to do really cool things with the retail lots.
  • They’ll go back home soon after they give birth.


Q: Hi Guru’s! I was wondering if we will be able to hire photographers for events? Like we do with mixologists and caterers? (I’m hoping this question falls under retail!)

A: We didn’t add any events in Get to Work that would call for a photographer to show up, but that’s a great idea!


Q: Can a child Sim help out with a family retail business at all? Like helping customers if I am busy baking in the basement?

A: Sorry Quaay, no child labor :) They’re welcome to hang out with their parents at the store, but they won’t have retail interactions with customers. Teenagers on the other hand are welcome to work in the family store.


Q: How many lots does the “Alien world” have?

A: Sixam doesn’t have any editable lots, but you’re able to visit it and party with the aliens!


Q: Will there be new recipes to learn with the new baking skill?

A: Yes and Yes :) and Yes :)


Q: I play rotationally, and I’d like to know if I have two scientists in different households whether they’ll be likely to run into each other at work (ditto for dectectives and doctors). Also, I was wondering if the scientists, etc. will have the same co-workers every day or if they’ll be random, like the bartenders.

My last question is that in the demo, it looked like there might be public areas around the Science building that were accessible. Will regular sims be able to go and collect things there, or just scientists?

A: As long as they are in different households they have a chance to run into each-other at work, but not guaranteed. Sims in the same household with the same career will not see each other at work.

The science lot can only be accessed by a scientist during work hours


Q: Can you explain how the bakery part will work and how we keep like a backroom if we don’t have locks to doors?
Will there be locks to doors in the future?
How will the register work exactly?

A: 1. You can prep your food in the bakery whenever you like… when the store is open, or even head to work early and get all the food ready while it’s closed and no customers are around. While the bakery is open, any customers who arrive will be drawn to browse the food you’re selling… not to head into your kitchen. They may come back there from time to time if they need to take care of a need, or want to chat with you.

2. We definitely see the benefit and understand the desire from fans. Nothing to announce about it currently though.

3. The register is primarily for the owner to manage the store, and for employees to clock in for their shifts. You can do lots of things at the register like… managing your employees (hiring, firing, promotions, demotions, etc), purchasing advertising, checking the financial report, setting the store’s prices, customizing and assigning employee uniforms, toggling visuals that let you see what’s for sale in your store, and more.


Q: Hello! Sorry if this has already been asked and or answers somewhere else, but when aliens and human sims have babies, will they be hybrids or strictly either alien or human?

A: Yup, they’ll be hybrid. We have the concept of “partial Aliens”. They’ll have a chance of inheriting the alien parent’s skintone and/or eye color, but they’ll usually inherit their human parent’s hair color.


Q: Will retail/All the open careers be expanded upon in the future, as we get more expansions/game packs?
– Also are burglars back?


  • We don’t have anything to announce about future content just yet, just the active careers in The Sims 4 Get to Work.
  • Burglars will not be returning in The Sims 4 Get to Work, but your Sim’s Detective will have plenty of criminals to track down anyway.


Q: Why was the decision made to create a new world selection screen? It just seems to be an unnecessary extra step now when we’re deciding where we want to go. Couldn’t you continue to place the world circle links at the top left like they were previously? There seemed to be plenty of room there for more worlds.

A: Our original map UI that came with base game only supported showing a maximum of three worlds… essentially, we were forced to update the UI for Get To Work, as the addition of Magnolia Promenade will be the 4th location you can travel to. The new map screen lets us more easily distinguish between different types of worlds (home vs destination). You’ll be happy to know it doesn’t result in any additional loading screens either – one click and you’re through to the actual map that shows individual lots.


Q: Why do aliens have no hair?
Is it possible to make a mall/mod the employee and mannequin limits?

A:  I can answer the alien question at least! The aliens on Sixam have evolved past the need for hair :)


Q: Can you run your business from home like OFB ?

A: You’re only able to build a business on a retail lot. Your Sims can stay at their store and take care of their basic needs as long as they desire but will need to return home for much of the gameplay that’s centered on their household.



I understand that photos and art will upload to the Gallery; will collectibles and debug objects also transfer to the Gallery?

If you have your whole family on your retail lot and it’s time for one of them to go to work, what happens, especially if they have one of the new active jobs? Is your retail lot frozen if you choose to go with them? When work is over, do they go back to the retail lot or go home?

Are we getting new gemstones that we can have cut? I thought I read about gemstones somewhere but wasn’t sure if they just meant the crystals that we already have.

Are there any new stair types? Spiral, L-shaped, etc.?

A: 1. Collectibles will be saved in the gallery and will carry over, as for debug objects they will not carry over.
2. The retail lot will close and you will follow your sim to work
3. There are a few new alien collectibles some new plants, crystals, as well as a new collection type.
4. There are no stair updates in The Sims4 Get To Work


Q: So if I’m painting paintings at home, I can just take them and put them up from my inventory anyways? Or do I have to paint at the gallery in order to use my custom paintings? How do I add them to my business funds?

A: You can paint your paintings at home, put them in your inventory, bring them to your store, and then place them in the store and set them as For Sale. What won’t happen is when you go to restock something… it won’t restock from your inventory. Restocking is always spending your business funds to pay for the restock.

You’re also certainly able to paint while at your gallery to generate new paintings to sell on the spot if you’d like :)

As for business funds… your store’s money and your household’s money is kept separate. Doing things that cost money at your store – such as restocking – uses money from your business funds. You’re able to transfer money between your business home at any time in Live Mode or Build Mode… it’s very easy to use and shuffle your money around!


Q: Will the doctors be able to get a new skill in this expansion?

A: The doctor is level based and not skill based. New interaction will be available as you level up in the career.


Q: Aliens can have special interactions with the customers if they run a business?

A: Aliens can run the same silly interactions on their retail customers as they could with any other human Sims.


Q: Can aliens in alien form wear human clothing, not just alien suits?

A: aliens in alien form only wear alien clothing. If you want them to wear human clothing, then they need to put on a human disguise. However, if they have an active career, they will wear their career uniforms while at work.


Q: In the future will be be able to do businesses on our home lots?

A: You know we won’t talk about the “future”, as per the guidelines in the OP. It’s a great idea though.


Q: Is it possible to disable aliens from the game as a whole?

A: There are currently no options to disable aliens in The Sims 4 Get To Work


Q: Will the cash registers ever be made functional and not just decorative? The tablets are still a little too future-shock for me.

A: The cash registers aren’t decoratives – store owners and employees will interact with them to manage the store. We aren’t planning on having customers also use them to be rung up. I understand it’s a newer practice, but we decided to put a modern twist on customer service in stores. This also adds another layer of gameplay to retail, as you need to be a bit more proactive in planning the layout of your store, and making sure that you’re actively participating in monitoring your store and assisting customers in the right order.


Q: Can teens own a business?? Or only ya??

A: Yes! While any business will technically be owned by the entire household, you can certainly have a teen purchase a business and run it by themselves if you’d like.


Q: And why we cant live in the Magnolia Promenade ? Why only we ll can to do business here. And why such locations as Hospital and Police Station will be hidden ? And our sims who dont work here cant go here.

A: You can actually change any of the lots in Magnolia Promenade to any lot type including residential. As for the career lots, we wanted to make the work day special and give players a special place to travel while they are at there job.


Q: Will we have to pay any bills for our retail business

A: Retail stores that your household owns actually have no impact on your weekly bills. In fact, retail has no ongoing costs or upkeep for an important reason. For stores to operate and generate income in Get To Work, one of your Sims has to be there at the store for it to be “open”. It will not passively generate simoleons in the background when you’re not at the lot. Because of that, it was important that we also didn’t continually charge you just for owning a store. The essence of retail in Get To Work is that it adds to your game when you want to play with it, and there’s no penalty for leaving it alone for awhile if you want to focus on other activities in-game.


Q: What happens if you place a cash register in a residential lot since there is no home business? Does it become decorative only?

A: Yes, if you put a cash register on a residential lot it simply won’t have any interactions on it. It needs to be on a retail type lot to function.


Q: 1. I’ve noticed we have 3 new Neighbourhoods (minus the Sixam) coming with Get To Work, the Neighbourhoods for the Retail District, the Neighbourhood for the Science Lab and the hood for the Hospital + Police Station. In pictures I have seen of them, there seems to be a large amount of Public Space surrounding them. I was curious to know if there were any Collectables, or specific things that can be found in these areas of Public Space. Perhaps Barbecue Area’s or Fishing Spots?

2. With the Science Career, how much of the new content is accessible at home? And will BuyDebug make any of the Workplace objects available at home?

3. Can the cheat code that is used to edit the Hospital and Police station (bb.enablefreebuild) be used to edit other locked lots such as the Glade or Hermits House? A Guru did say a while ago they would look into allowing build mode on those lots and I was curious if this cheat would allow us to do so?

4. And what is your favourite feature of Get To Work?

A: 1. There are a few new collectibles in Get To Work. There are new crystals, plants, as well as a new collection type. The Scientist lot has a park by the street where tourists come to admire the alien artifact. That place has a few barbecues. As for fishing spots there is one in the the scientist lot as well.

2. All of the scientist inventions can be placed in the Sims inventory and freely brought to and from work. In addition to that you can purchase a Chemistry Lab and make serums at home.

3. Yes this can be used for all of the secret areas

4. The Scientist Career is my favorite! I may be biased but I love the wacky inventions your can create, and use them to control your friends and family.


Q: Will the photos taken with the camera also appear in the game folder like the normal screenshots do?

A: The photos taken by Sims will appear in your Game Folder under “Saves” if you add them to your Sim’s memories from the inventory. They go to a different folder than screenshots, but they’ll be there!”


Q: during simsscraper’s interview, you said: Rather than taking your Sims to a new world, The Sims 4 Get to Work integrates new environments into the existing worlds in The Sims 4. What does new environment mean? Any examples? Thanks

A: this refers to the locations specific to the new Active Careers, the Hospital, the Police Station and the Science Lab. These are locations that exist within the current worlds. However, we do have that new neighborhood, Magnolia Promenade, where you can explore your new retail businesses. Hope that makes sense.


Q: Will we be able to give all sims pointy ears? (Need my elves back!)

A: Hi JACKIEJOY, Aliens have pointy ears and they’re super customizable. The pointy ears aren’t available for regular Sims, though.


Q: Hello to all sims gurus this is my 3 question will we get workable washers and dryers in get to work or will we get those in the form of gamepack dlc?

A: I can confirm that there will not be washers or dryers in TS4GtW. As to the future, as you know, we cannot comment.


Q: What kind of crimes will there be in Get to Work and can my Sim commit them?

Are there any ties between criminal career and the Sims that get arrested.

A: There are a few crimes that can be committed in Get To Work – Arson, Burglary, and Vandalism. However your Sims can not commit these crimes. As a detective you can try and solve them.

There are currently no ties between the Criminal career and the Detective career


Q: Will we have any awards for our career as we have for standart job ?(For example for the 10 level of job business we can get office)

A: All three of the active careers have progression and unlock awesome clothing and object rewards as your Sim gets promoted.


Q: Can all books in the be sold in a retail shop, or just the ones that a sim writes?
Can we put live fishes in the water tank?
Does the planet Sixam have a day time?

A: 1. Any type of book can be sold in your store… why, if you were the plum businesssunman you might think to take an existing bookshelf at home, empty it of its books, and then resell them in your store at a higher mark up to unsuspecting shoppers… Or if you’re a nicer guy, you can certainly write unique books using the writing skill and sell those as well :)

2. Fish can currently be placed and will swim around in the fish bowl, which came with the base game. Some players may have noticed an object that looks like a larger fish tank from some of the preview events, but it actually has nothing to do with fish. It’s simply a holding chamber that you can place objects within.

3. Unfortunately for someone named “sun”man, I have to report that the sun never rises on Sixam. It’s a harsh planet perpetually cast in the dark of night.

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  • hey there so I have a problem which is prob so simple but I cant seem to find it ….. my sim is going onto 3rd promotion on science career (active career) its asking me to click on the go fishing icon at the work p[ace to find a different species of fish ….. ive went round the whole place and cant find it ? if I could get a message back on where it is would help a lot
    I play the sims all the time had every game but this is bugging me so much LOL
    thanks very much
    :D xx