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The Sims is getting a competition!

Update: Shams has decided to clarify his statement down below, slowly backing up his statement that a new Life Simulation game could be on our way:

Just to temper some of the excitement.

It’s been no secret that we think the management genre is interesting, we’ve done a bunch of different cool games that have been inspired by the classics. Sims definitely was an inspiration for parts of Crusader Kings 2. But as always whenever we make a new game we try to do it our way – we’re not going to release anything that directly competes with Sims any time soon – of course not. But we think it’s a great game and has a bunch of really interesting mechanics.

Many of us are big fans of the series and have played all the games.

But be vocal – we’re always listening – As for 2016 – we’ve got tons of fun games in the pipeline that I think a lot of management/sim game fans would potentially enjoy – in the meanwhile try Crusader Kings 2

Paradox Interactive’s latest video game called Cities: Skylines, a city simulation,  managed to get much better reviews, critics and feedback than SimCity 2013 which was developed by Maxis, Electronic Arts division.


Now, Paradox Interactive is aiming to shade another Maxis title that we all know and love and that’s The Sims.

In response to a fan requesting a Life Simulation game that he thinks The Sims 4 didn’t deliver well, Shams Jorjani, Vice President of Business Development at Paradox Interactive, stated the following:

We first talked about taking on the City builder genre 4 years ago.

We, rightly so, came to the insight that it’s not something one does in one bold stroke. It’s like knocking over a refrigerator – you have to rock it back and forth a few times and then you push it over. It takes time, patience and preparation

Cities In Motion 1 was released in 2011
Cities in Motion 2 was released in 2013.
Cities Skylines was released in 2015.¨

The Life Sim genre is a very, very big fridge. But it’s sure one we’d like to knock over. Keep an eye out for our 2016 releases for the first push

Does this mean The Sims is getting a decent competition? That’s hard to tell as The Sims has been on the best Simulation game throne to this date for 15 years. We’d love to see how will Paradox Interactive deliver their first attempt of their own Life Simulation game, but we’re still pretty sure they have to catch up on a lot of features Maxis has already delivered.

Thanks Honeywell for the tip!

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  • Finally Maxis will get a little bit of competition in the genre! I think this is nice in so many ways. There are alot of things that Maxis has made really good, but with a little bit of competition breathing down their necks they will have to do things better that they have done so far.

  • Competition can only improve The Sims franchise. If Paradox Interactive can deliver a viable product to compete in this market (and if Cities: Skylines is any indication, they definitely can), then it will force both companies to listen to the fans and find the best ways to give the fans the features they want and to come up with ideas for new features we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

  • Personally, I don’t care for Sim City, simply becauce I prefer getting down into the game as a sim. I love the sims series, especially sims 3! ( the best in the series thus far ) Sims 4 is still growing………we’ll see………..

  • A wide market with so much room for improvement :O
    I think a new Sim game would be so interesting in terms of approaches, ideas and management.
    Which with the 1st generation of the game it was CLEAR that the creator (Will Wright) had it challenging… Sadly to see him going by the 2nd generation of the game (TS2) then with the 3rd the community got “kinda” separated by two in terms of “tastes”…
    Hope this project gets solid enough to see the lights of the fans. 8)