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The Sims 4 Mod: Door Locks


This Mod has been brought to you by Mod The Sims Member – scumbumbo!

Lockable doors for The Sims 4 are here at last! ‘Nuff said!

Okay, maybe a little more should be said… You should read this stuff….

  • Door locks can only be set on a sim’s home lot. They have to “own” the doors. It may be possible to enable locking doors at venues (e.g. gender-specific restrooms at the bars) at some point in the future.

  • To lock a door or gate, just click on it and Enable Lock. To lock an arch, you must target the arch itself, not the blank space in between.

  • New locks will default to locking the door for all sims. To change the lock style, click on a locked door and select a new lock type.

  • Once a lock type is set, disabling and re-enabling the lock will preserve the lock type you set previously.

  • Doors can be set to lock out…

    • All sims (the default)
    • Visitors only
    • Male sims only
    • Female sims only
    • Children only
  • The lock state for each door is saved with the lot, so when reloading the lot the locks will be set the way you left them.

  • Locks generated by sim roles (maids, ungreeted visitors, etc.) are not affected by the mod. Maids are considered visitors, so a lock can effectively prevent them from snooping around where you don’t want them.

  • Babies which age up to children may not be properly locked out of areas until the lot is reloaded.

  • Sims will try their best to route around locked doors. Eventually they will give up and shrug.

  • If a sim has already decided on their route to a location, locking a door on their chosen path will be ignored until the next time they try to find a route somewhere.

  • As with any mod, there may be bugs! I ran the mod through some pretty rigourous testing, the final version was tested for at least two hours of locking doors, changing locks, switching lots, saving/reloading, etc. without exiting or restarting the game, so it seems quite stable. At least as stable as the game itself.

    • There was one bug I ran into earlier this evening, but I was unable to reproduce it during the two hours of testing. I think I fixed it, but if the locks don’t appear to be keeping the right people out, reloading should solve the problem.
    • If you run into serious problems, you can simply remove the mod and the door locks will be silently eliminated from your game when you reload the game.
  • Menu translations are graciously accepted and you will be given credit below. Just send me a string table with the proper translation(s).

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