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The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen: Official Description + Key Features (Translated)

The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen: Q&A with SimGuruGraham!

Frollein Celine was kind enough to translate an official .pdf document for The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen from German to English.

Here’s what this Stuff Pack has to offer:



Get ice-cold fun with the brand new ice-cream machine and beautify your Sim’s kitchen with cool kitchen-accessories! Add chic devices and furniture to give it a modern touch. Discover the exceptional flavors your Sims can create with the ice-cream machine. Your sims will be looking good by doing this with a lot of new clothes and hairstyles.

Key Features:

Get the brand new ice-cream machine: grab a cone of ice cream, gelato or soft ice cream! Garnish it with cream, crumble, chocolade or banana splits and choose one of the different glazes and decorations to look on the bright and sweet side of life!

Give your kitchen a new look: create with a selection of cabinets with frosted glass doors and stainless-steel devices and an ultracool kitchen to cook and chill in.

Clothes and hairsytle: your Sims are ready to catch someone’s eye! Pimp the look of your Sims with a variety of new hairstyles and trendy but comfortable looks.

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