Sims Community Social – Week in Review!

Sims Community Social – Week in Review!

Our latest project Sims Community Social has been out for a week now and we’re proud to say that over 1,500 simmers have joined it! More than 11,000 messages were posted, about 700 discussions were made and over 800 photos have been uploaded. All in all, I’m happy to say that this project has launched much better than all of us from the SC Social team expected!

I’ve collected a few statements from people on Twitter who joined the site, as well as several awesome YouTube videos where Simmers share their opinions about it and give a nice tour of it to their viewers. Here’s what people think of Sims Community Social:

@ashleighanne90: Spent the week excited for and now that it’s here, it did not disappoint! Love it! 🙂

@legitkawaii: Congrats on Sims Community Social! It’s gonna become a huge success, very good way to bring simmers together

@jimthesim: I love so much already 😀 Super excited to use it in the future!

@shawnaplays: Not gonna lie, I thought the hype for Sims Community social was a bit over the top, but I actually REALLY like it! Thumbs up!

@kaleidow_: Just made my account on woo! Site looks amazing! 😀

@KristinasVoice: Yay everyone is coming together the whole world is going to be all about Sims thanks to Sims Community Social

@KardizzleSimmer: Sims Community Social is amazing!!! I really like it so far! Can’t wait to see it progress and be successful!

@CatK1ng: signed up for SC Social! Already amazed

@XUrbanSimsX: I am hooked!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB

@EinsteinGaming2: Help Me I cant log off Because Im inlove with this thing.Im gonna use this more often than tweeter <3

@geekchick36: Simmers definitely need to join Sims Community social! It’s fantastic!

@SnowEnchanted: Obsessed.

@Spring_Sims: IDK why, but the sim community social reminds me a Facebook but this site is why much better 🙂 I LOVE IT!!!

@VivacityYT: Absolutely LOVING It’s so fun and a great way to find and share info on The Sims.

@AshleyDevine: Loving the sims community social, this is a perfect way to get to know people in the community and find new channels!

@SimmerDals19: Absolutely Love SC Social. I’ve been waiting so long for this.

@princessmolly04: great job on the website! I love it! Been on it all day!

@ashleighanne90: My blog views have increased dramatically the past two days! I have no doubt I have to thank for it. 🙂

@kaichen04: What you guys created has really impressed me. Above and beyond. Thank you. A great place for nice, positive simmers.

Thank you all for the incredible support!

We’ll be adding new features and fixes to Sims Community Social as time goes by. You can send in your feedback/suggestion HERE if you’d like to see something new, changed or improved.

Join Sims Community Social!

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