Sims Community is expanding!

Sims Community is expanding!


After 3 weeks of searching for new simmers to join our team, we’re finally proud to announce 14 new members of Sims Community! They’ll be bringing you top-quality articles and posts about The Sims Series. From interesting facts about to The Sims to fun creations from the community, there’ll be something in store for all of our readers!

For more information about the new staff, check out our new About Us page!

And now, get ready for some website news. As you’ve probably noticed, Sims Community website has shifted from version 2.5 to 3.0. When implementing our latest version we wanted to keep in mind that the design and features of our new version shouldn’t be limited and in style of BuzzFeed and other clickbait websites. We want you to have control over the content you’re looking and that’s why we’re proud to announce our interactive articles and pages!

Starting today, you’re going to see a lot more controls, options and interactive features overall in our pages. Some of our examples include Interactive Gallery Spotlight, Interactive Overview and Interactive CC Showcase. This is just a tip of the iceberg though! The Game Pages we’re currently working on will cover some of the most interesting features you’ll see on the web!

But wait, why are interactive features so important? Check out our interactive circle for some clues 🙂

Sims Community is expanding!
Sims Community is expanding!


The interactivity on Sims Community is not only rich with features, but it also makes the design of the site stand out!

Sims Community is expanding!
Sims Community is expanding!


All the interactive features are mobile friendly and work well on all surfaces!

Sims Community is expanding!
Sims Community is expanding!


Whether you have to hover or click, the interactive features we’re bringing give you an option to choose what you want to see!

Sims Community is expanding!
Sims Community is expanding!


Say goodbye to old static pages. Our new pages are alive like never before!


We cannot wait to show you what interactive things we’ve been working on! Some pages that are currently published are already getting an interactive re-do!

Moving on to Sims Community Social, we have another exciting announcement! Some of you really wanted to express your inner journalist and share your word to the community. That’s why I’m happy to announce Write-A-Post – a brand new Category on SC Social that allows you to submit a post that you’d like to be shown on Sims Community website and share it with our readers.


To fully understand how this function works, CLICK HERE! After you’ve read the instructions, CLICK HERE to start with your post submissions!

We cannot thank you enough for all the support you’ve given us through this fantastic simming journey. My staff and I are absolutely ecstatic to continue bringing you top-quality content!


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