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The Sims 4: Help Developers Improve the Retail System

Seems like The Sims 4 Get to Work’s Retail System still has some room for improvement!

SimGuruDrake is looking for your Save Game files that include Retail content in order to improve the retail system feature. You can submit your save file by checking out this thread!

Hello everyone!

I’ve got a bit something a bit different for you today :)

The team is constantly looking at ways they can improve the game and one of the items we are currently looking at is the retail system. We are interested in getting save files from those of you that have used retail for any length of time (as long as you’ve played with it even for a little bit it would help). Your save files will be helpful to allow us to make your gaming experience better.

If you’d like to provide us with a file feel free to respond with a download link here or you can send the link via PM :)

Happy Simming!


Tip: Crinrict

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