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There is still hope for Pack Ideas that didn’t win the Stuff Pack theme voting!

If you’re disappointed that the Stuff Pack theme idea that you voted for didn’t win, there is still hope that you’ll see Starter Home, Arcade, Dangerous and Wedding themes or pieces of object / furniture in future Stuff Packs, Game Packs or Expansion Packs. SimGuruGraham didn’t want to make any promises but it’s good to know that there is a possibility that we might see such content in future packs.

All five options that you voted on were themes that the stuff pack team would be happy to create. Having some initial concept art in place for them has only inspired us further as to the possibilities they offer. With the result of the theme vote though, concept work on the four themes that didn’t win has stopped. Thankfully none of the work that was already done will go to waste. We’ll file these ideas and pieces of art away for the future. Some of them may get made into a Stuff Pack eventually, some could be incorporated into a Game or Expansion pack, and some may simply catch our eye as an object or piece of clothing we want to create someday. I can’t specifically tell you what will become of them, because we ourselves don’t know yet.

He explained more in this forum post!

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