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The Sims 4: Single Sim Challenge

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Single Sim Challenge

In this challenge, it’s your task to control ONLY ONE Sim from Toddler to Elder. You will have to play as if you cannot control anyone else in your household. You may do anything in your Sims life but the tasks must be complete before aging up. You can complete the tasks in any order. (I would set age span to long unless you really want a challenge)

Before starting the challenge, you need to create a family. My recommendation is 2 parents and a child sibling however you can choose to have 1 parent, no siblings or multiple siblings etc it’s up to you. Then you need to move them into a home worth under $40,000, this can be in any world or neighborhood. I would then recommend getting your parents jobs and cheating them up to level 2 or 3 of that profession. Once you begin the challenge no changes, apart from clothes/hair in CAS, can be made to the family. (Only exception is if you need to debug a sim)

Adult Exceptions (A time where you may control another sim while your Single Sim is a Toddler or Child)

  • Pay Bills
  • Repair Objects (Adults may also hire someone) 
  • Clean (Adults may also hire a maid) 
  • Feed and bathe Pets
  • Put out a fire
  • Make a Birthday Cake 


As a helpless toddler you must ask your parents for meals, baths, potty, learn how to walk, talk and more! This is the stage of life where you’re totally dependant on your parents.

Task 1: Master the potty

Task 2: Become Good friends with your parents

Task 3: Master 2 Toddler Skills.

The Sims 4: Single Sim Challenge



So you’ve learned the basics of life, nows the time to start getting those all important skills ready for the big world! You’re struggling through with friends and finding it hard to figure out where you belong in the world.

Task 1: Complete a child aspiration

Task 2: Complete one child skill and then get to level 2 of an Adult Skill

Task 3: Make a best friend from School

Task 4: Become Masters in Crime with your best friend and set at least 3 pranks

Task 5: Become an A Student

The Sims 4: Single Sim Challenge



Anger, Angst and hormones. The trials of a teenager are just so much, your parents will never understand you. It’s not just a phase mum!

Task 1: Become Disliked by one of your parents or siblings

Task 2: Drastically change your Sims style

Task 3: Have you and your Best Friend skip school 4 times

Task 4: Fool around with someone then dump them

Task 5: Get a tattoo

The Sims 4: Single Sim Challenge


Young Adult:

Those awkward teen years are behind you but now the real word is ahead. Can you figure out where you’re meant to end up? Or will your adult life be more of a train wreck than a fairy tale?

Task 1: Mend your broken relationship with a sibling/parent from your Teen years.

Task 2: Find a job and get to the 5th career level

Task 3: Get into 2 relationships, at the same time is up to you, and get engaged.

Task 4: Complete an aspiration

Task 5: Own a house worth over $70,000

The Sims 4: Single Sim Challenge


Life’s end is coming at you fast, you’re ready to start your family and settle down. Let’s master that career and start new life as yours comes towards its end.

Task 1: Get Married

Task 2: Have 2 children

Task 3: Get to level 10 in your career

Task 4: Become Good Friends with your children

Task 5: Become Best Friends with one of your siblings or parents (If they are still alive) and make sure to visit them once a week.

The Sims 4: Single Sim Challenge



You’ve lived a full life, one with its ups and downs. You’ve made your bed, but can you help shape your family’s legacy before your time is up.

Task 1: Retire from your career

Task 2: Have 3 skills mastered

Task 3: Go on 3 different romantic dates with your partner

Task 4: Have your house worth $120,000

Task 5: Dye your hair a wacky colour

The Sims 4: Single Sim Challenge

If you guys participate in the challenge please tweet us @TheSimCommunity and Lady Hope, the creator of the challenge @EmmaGuyan so we can see how you’re doing in the challenge!

Good luck!



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