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SimGuruGraham causes a stir in the community with pests; confirms it was all for a prank

You remember our story a few days ago about SimGuruGraham teasing with his constant updating of his Twitter avatar with icons of rodents, roaches and spiders thinking it had something to do with an upcoming stuff pack or a surprise that The Sims Team could be preparing for The Sims Franchise’s 18th anniversary? Well, it seems all of that was done just for a prank. Yeah, that’s right.

The simming community, while the speculation was still going, was NOT having it, with most simmers saying that they really do not need any more bugs or rodents in the game and that they’d rather prefer other features – like burglars.

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  • Simmers: “We want more grunge, more problems, more realism!”
    Graham: *makes joke about pests*
    Simmers: “Terrible idea, absolutely awful, who asked for this”

    I don’t understand this fandom at all

    • I mean, do I want more realism? YES. Do I want a whole pack dedicated to pests? No… xD Unless its just a feature of something, thats fine.

  • “Most simmers” said they didn’t want it? Huh? I saw plenty on the official forums totally for this idea, but ok.
    Also, I hate that some people are so sore over this. Learn to laugh and stop over-analyzing everything, you bring this on yourself.

    • Agreed. Irresponsible and unprofessional. The devs know we don’t get enough info on upcoming projects, so tend to take even the slightest hint and run with it. And Graham used that for a pun. It’s like yelling “bomb!” in a crowded airport, combined with a dad joke.

  • Im not really finding it very funny though, the gurus know we never really get given hints and are always on the hunt for teasers or hints.

  • If this is what the Sims team deems as “professionalism”, it’s no wonder we got an entire stuff pack dedicated solely to laundry (instead of, you know, the much broader theme of ecological conservation (eco-friendly)).

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