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The Sims 4: SimGuruGraham Shares a Concept Art Idea for “Starter Home Stuff”

Back in April 2017 The Sims Team suggested, on top of many other pack theme ideas, the Starter Home Stuff Pack idea which didn’t win the Community Stuff Pack Poll.

SimGuruGraham has just recently shared a concept art piece of the Starter Home Stuff Pack and what it could’ve been.

The “Starter Home Stuff Pack” would’ve originally feature second hand worn down furniture.

We don’t know yet if this Stuff Pack will ever become realized one day but SimGuruGraham did say that he’d love to make it.

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  • they have to be joking with those stuff packs ideas…. pls someone wake me up and tell me it’s joke…. cuz even my 9 year old daughter would make stuff pack which would rock

  • I think it look awesome! It would fit my messy sims so well! I don’t get why people complain about this, I want more in my sims game then to just play the perfect life, building a Barbie castle with the motherlode cheat and fill the home with beautiful things. Give me more poopy apartments, cheap furniture and cockroaches! That’s more similar to my own life.