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Here are the best (and worst) Stuff Packs for The Sims 4 that community picked

There have been 14 Stuff Packs for The Sims 4 (so far) in the last 4 years and it’s no surprise that the simming community has certain opinions about each one.

We asked members of Sims Community Social to give their opinions and vote on 3 Stuff Packs for The Sims 4 that they truly like. Down below you can see the results in order from least favorite to most favorite Stuff Pack.

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  • Laundry Day really did have the best accessories with it imho like the clothes and decorations and things. I personally really like vintage glamour stuff bc it had a LOT for a stuff pack and I love the butler feature lol it’s so clutch when you’re focusing on other things haha. I think this list is pretty accurate though. My first pet, just for anyone who didn’t buy it, really is THE WORST – it came with NOTHING. No furniture, literally just 3 little t-shirts, and one animal who’s skin you can change too different animals – but who is so small you can’t even notice. And to top it all off the small animals literally drop dead if you forget to refill their food for like 2 hours lol. Not kidding the first DAY I used it, so I was obviously pretty focused on it – my hamster died FOUR TIMES. I’m usually pretty easy on The Sims bc I love it and know how much hard work it is for the people making it…. but MY GOD. This pack was literally almost mean. It had NOTHING in it. Usually you get a ton!

  • what i really don’t love about the laundry pack is the interactions that go with it. I don’t understand how my sim changes into her formal dress for the first time in the game, gets married, and during her vows is patting her shoulders then sorta groaning. because laundry. killed the wedding mood. Would like that to go away.

    • I do agree. Laundry Day is great for a stuff pack and it’s got a lot. But the idle animations…. ugh the worst.
      Once or twice ok, but they’re doing it TOO much.