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Several Maxis Veterans working on The Sims 4 got laid off by EA for budget reasons

One of our reliable sources have shared a tip with us regarding the recent events going on in The Sims Studio.

In case you’re not in the loop, Daniel Hiatt, a Sims Developer who worked on The Sims Franchise for 20 years has shared this tweet:

He didn’t mention much, other than the fact that him leaving Maxis probably wasn’t his own decision.

Now, our trusted source has shared some comments circling around by several The Sims Developers who got laid off by EA. The reason? Budget cuts.

For the sake of their privacy we won’t be including their names, just the comments that have been posted.

  • Well, I guess I should have seen that coming. If anyone knows of any interesting tech art projects, let me know, I’m in the market.
  • I get the impression that they want to milk what they have for as long as they can and then kill it off. It doesn’t fit the overall company strategy neatly and they don’t want to deal with the complication.
  • Cost cutting. We’re too expensive and they’ve got lightning in a bottle. Just business.

We’re not sure how many Sims Developers got laid off in the last few days, but we can confirm that so far there have been more than 3 Maxis Veterans who’ve been working on The Sims Franchise for quite some time.

There’s no information why EA is laying Sims Developers off and why they’re making budget cuts for The Sims 4 when even EA is acknowledging the fact that The Sims Franchise is indeed making big bucks for them.

This information could be either really bad or really good news for The Sims Franchise. Time will only tell…

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