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Several Maxis Veterans working on The Sims 4 got laid off by EA for budget reasons

One of our reliable sources have shared a tip with us regarding the recent events going on in The Sims Studio.

In case you’re not in the loop, Daniel Hiatt, a Sims Developer who worked on The Sims Franchise for 20 years has shared this tweet:

He didn’t mention much, other than the fact that him leaving Maxis probably wasn’t his own decision.

Now, our trusted source has shared some comments circling around by several The Sims Developers who got laid off by EA. The reason? Budget cuts.

For the sake of their privacy we won’t be including their names, just the comments that have been posted.

  • Well, I guess I should have seen that coming. If anyone knows of any interesting tech art projects, let me know, I’m in the market.
  • I get the impression that they want to milk what they have for as long as they can and then kill it off. It doesn’t fit the overall company strategy neatly and they don’t want to deal with the complication.
  • Cost cutting. We’re too expensive and they’ve got lightning in a bottle. Just business.

We’re not sure how many Sims Developers got laid off in the last few days, but we can confirm that so far there have been more than 3 Maxis Veterans who’ve been working on The Sims Franchise for quite some time.

There’s no information why EA is laying Sims Developers off and why they’re making budget cuts for The Sims 4 when even EA is acknowledging the fact that The Sims Franchise is indeed making big bucks for them.

This information could be either really bad or really good news for The Sims Franchise. Time will only tell…

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  • I Don’t Wanna Be A Simguru Anymore And EA Is Evil. I Think Drake Got Fired For Her Behavior After Trashing Sims 3 Less Sims 3 Sales Must Have Happened And Then They Knew Who Is Held Responsible As Well As Other Things….

    • Drake confirmed she did not get fired, true she could have lied about it but if she got fired do you really think epic games would have hired her as their CM?

  • The Sims franchise died with 3. 4 may look like a party to some but it’s really a funeral pretending to be one.

    • So true..
      Sims 4 is more like a dream,
      a demo of what the sims franchise could be minus the good stuff.

      like someone said… check this out, we made it look better, we made it run smoother, but we want to keep the good stuff a surprise. only the surprise was, there is no good stuff.

      • And they didn’t even make it look better or run smoother. It’s still a buggy, laggy mess and it doesn’t look all that great either.

        • But it does run better, I constantly get 60FPS, only dropping below when there are a lot of Sims on an active lot and that’s with me modding and increasing the limit to 50 Sims per lot. For a vast majority of players 4 runs miles better than 3 ever did. I have a decent gaming computer, but 3 is unplayable. Sims constantly freeze in place and I have to wait for the game to catch up. I even had it on an SSD, and that didn’t resolve 3 problem. 3 works better on older hardware.

          • i can run sims 3 on my old crappy comp and on my gaming comp. all this with tons of cc now sims 4 i have half the cc but have lag worst than sims 3. which was an open world mind you so lag is a given whats sims 4 reason for bad lag?

  • Chances are they are getting ready for THE SIMS 5 line and they’re doing what they did for THE SIMS 4 line.. FIRE the sims 3 team to make way for NEW, Younger, and Futuristic ideas.. I guess we’ll just have to see..

    • i think they left the sims 4 and barley updated it and gave it expansions in the past years is because they spend probably all the sales and money from sims 4 and all of that on the sims 5 and while it is sad that sims 4 deserved more content i at least hope that Sims 5 will be better than sims 4 to cover up their mistakes.

  • Alright… I didn’t expect it, but okay if this is only for the better, I’m here for it honestly. By the way, don’t even come for me, bitches…

    • With that being said, though I’m glad that Maxis has been firing all the Gurus, etc. Again, perhaps it’s only for the better? I don’t really know for now. I mean, time will only tell us about that eventually in the near or further future, right? Shout out to the Sims Community, though you’re really the best The Sims news out here, I’m pretty sure! Great.

      • The only thing I can think of as to why older gurus are getting fired is there are two reasons. A: They can’t come up with any new ideas or put a spin on old ideas. or B: They are too expensive for EA. Because they have been working on The Sims for so long they want a higher pay.

    • I think even he would think it’s time to let The Sims brand die. I think it’s better to start a brand new idea and develop off that. If a company attaches The Sims to another project people will expect the moon. EA/Maxis could have avoided all of this if they just titled The Sims 4 as something else and not associate it with The Sims brand.

  • I hate Sims mobile. I find it boring and repetitive. I really really hope they go on with Sims 4 and Sims 5 for pc because they will lose long time fans.

  • At what moment the fact people getting laid off would be a « really good news »? Seriously. Even if I’m a hardcore fan I could never be thrilled.