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SimGuruGrant talks about the past, the present and the future of The Sims 4 and its development

SimGuruGrant has shared plenty of tweets and replied to plenty of simmers on Twitter about behind-the-scenes of The Sims 4’s development. He talked about the past, the present and the future of The Sims 4 and some of its packs.

We’ve compiled a list of interesting tweets that he shared down below.

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  • I think he’s assembling a Community Vote again? He’s taking notes of mostly Building features in Buildbuy (rather than broad gameplay like Laundry, Arcades, and Weddings). I think we’re going to get a community vote over the next major BuildBuy overhaul.

    Stairs will obviously win if they aren’t pitted against Terrain Tools (I stand by my mid-level platform idea though!).

  • Grant is cancer, and the reason TS4 is the most boring Sims game ever made. He’s even stated before that he thought The Sims 1 was a stupid game. That’s right, someone who thinks this way about the very origins of this franchise is in charge of the direction the series is going. Let that sink in… It’s clear EA just wants it to be a money-making scheme going by their push towards the mobile platform now. I really hope someone else makes a better life-sim soon. Because it’s clear EA/Maxis has no intentions of doing that.

    • Can you expand on that idea?

      Surely there’s lots of blame that can be placed on other people or circumstances, i.e. Will Wright, Maxis, etc. What makes you think Grant is the reason the Sims 4 is such a letdown?

  • Build mode does need some love. Granted though that as grant said in another tweet when new build content is added it is usually patched in for free

  • I really loved having horses in TS3 and being able to do so much with them. I loved the spiraling staircases and the ponds. Can we also have a seasons pack for TS4, that was cool. Even if you don’t do all of these can you at least make one expansion or game pack that has these things.

  • Hi, me again. Could there be a Honeymoon game pack where after your sim gets married they have 3 honeymoon options (cheap-expensive) where there are different activities for the newfound couple to do. (Canal walk/canal peddle boat/hot air balloon/and honeymoon items. Please respond!!

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