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SimGuruGrant wants your opinions on which Life States do you want in The Sims 4

SimGuruGrant, a senior producer working on The Sims 4 has just published a new poll on twitter asking for simmers which life state would they want (and that’s currently not present) in The Sims 4.

He said that this is the first of two polls that he’ll be releasing on twitter – each day long. After these 2 polls end we can expect a final poll where you’ll be able to vote for the most wanted Life State in The Sims 4.

Down below you can choose between Werewolves, Fairies, Witches and a Genie. Please note that you’ll need a twitter account in order to vote in this poll!

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  • I want them all but as a builder I REALLY want more stairs! Shapes, styles, color, more modern and all that. even steps for a pool :O

    • a little terraforming would be nice too… ponds with the ability to add fish to it like koi idk
      But yeah… I really miss stairs too C:

    • I agree I love building as well steps can be important for instance with the Sims 4 vintage why did we not get curvy step or even spiral stair cases? It’s just plain different color straight stairs don’t get me wrong they work but curvy or spiral will look different. And as far as the pool stair I agree to would be fun and add some umph to our designs. Thanks Sims 4 u guys are amazing.

  • Grant, why oh why do you guys not listen? Very few of us want this sort of pack and at a group I am with nearly all have said, no, won’t buy it. As one who refused the DLC pets addon (which should have been in the expansion btw) I can say this is another one I will not buy. I like vampires well enough but could give a monkeys about fairies, witches, wolves or genies. What we as simmers want is our elders taken care of. Hobbies for them, group things that they can do, retirement homes for them to live at in a world that is suited to them…like Florida only better. Listen to the people who play and stop churning out product, over charging and not giving us, the consumer what we really desire. Thanks for the opportunity to at least vent my frustration. I vote NONE of the above.

    • Speak for yourself. It is a rather questionable statement that there are a few fans who want supernatural. I’d prefer witches myself, or college or anything at all before retirement homes for elders….

    • If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, but there are lots of simmers in the world, and everyone wants different things and plays in different ways. So please, respect other people’s opinion.

      Ps. Honestly, I think what you ask it’s stupid and useless, but who knows, maybe they make it and it’s cool! 😉

    • The poll seems pretty popular and actually a lot of us want more supernaturals so it looks like they ARE paying attention to the fan base.

    • Please don’t speak for “simmers” but for yourself first. I don’t agree at all with everything you just said. Older people… retirement houses… where the hell have we been hearing all of that? I’ve never ever heard about this anywhere. So please check on twitter and see how much people want some more supernatural stuff in their game. And, for once, I haven’t read any bad comment, people seem to agree with any point of view even with witches winning the poll for the moment. So please don’t buy it, we don’t care at all.

    • While I agree that elders need more, I don’t agree with your comments about Grant or about supernaturals. They have always been popular with simmers but not everyone enjoys supernaturals. If you’re that unsatisfied with the series, maybe take a step back and speak with your wallet instead.

    • Speak for yourself. I know a lot of simmers that want supernatural life states and that includes me.
      Also, they’ve spoken about looking to what to do for elders.
      It’s best to get over yourself.

  • Ich hätte lieber sowas wie Inselparadies. Mir fehlen echt etwas die Strände, das Baden im mehr und das Boot fahren und tauchen. Jetzt grad mit Jahreszeiten wär das echt cool bestimmt.

  • I don’t care about supernaturals, but I want the option to turn them off. In everyday gameplay, they are just annoying to me.

  • Personally, I’d much rather see an overhaul on Teens. They don’t look like teens. Teens, YAs and Adults… = SAME. 🙁

  • “Witch” is not a “life state,” witches are HUMANS. Being a witch, yes, is something you are, but it should never be lumped in with legit non-humans. Being a witch should be A NEW *SKILL.*