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Weekly Facebook Column: Sims Player Story Highlights


Welcome to our first article of our brand new series called Weekly Segment, where our amazing Simmers in the Sims Community Facebook group get a chance to shine!

We are constantly blown away by Simmers’ passion and creativity and the Simmers in our Facebook group are no exception. Every week, we’ll be sharing some great stories and screenshots from the Facebook group with you that really made us go WOW!

Without further ado, here are just a few amazing Facebook posts from the past week.

“And, I finally got them married, they only got 6 kids first! (they took their time) I do adore them <3” – Hild H.


Why We Love It: We just loved Hild’s creative use of poses and her fantasy groom really stood out. This gorgeous winter wedding has a bit of everything: intimacy, beautiful backdrops, and a touch of magic.

“this might be one of my favorite weddings from any of my gameplay ever ❤️😭❤️” Helen W.


Why We Love It: We’re always thrilled to see LGBTQ+ representation and inclusivity. This is a beautiful Sim couple and Helen did an excellent job capturing the pure joy on these Sims’ faces on their special day.

“Meet Alysha and Matthew. They have been dating since Alysha was a teen. She’d always loved the idea of dating a vampire but never thought she’d ever date one. Alysha would love to have children on day but Matthew hates children and doesn’t have any intention of becoming a father. The only problem is Alysha is pregnant and also has a dirty little secret about her love interest.” Charlotte S.


Why We Love It: You know how it is in The Sims; another day, another drama and that’s exactly why we love this creative post by Charlotte. She’s got some serious tea brewing with her Sims and we can’t wait to find out if this complicated vampire romance will stand the test of time or go up in flames.

“Meet my first alien Sim on the Sims 4, Wolfgang. His dad, Hugo, is a scientist who was abducted by aliens and found himself carrying an alien child quite against his will, however he grew up not knowing his own mother and this made him feel bad about the idea of rejecting Wolfgang. His wife, Jayme-Lacie, hates children and doesn’t like her adoptive alien son at all, but her love and devotion to Hugo have kept her by his side through it all. Wolfgang knows his dad loves him, but pretends not to notice that his adoptive mother dislikes him and ignores him. He is bookish, introverted, and hopes to be a doctor someday.” – Amy G.


Why We Love It: We can’t get enough of this unconventional family dynamic with a sci-fi twist! Amy’s ability to roll with whatever the game throws at her and turn it into an engaging story is the mark of a great storyteller! Do keep us updated on how little Wolfgang’s doing, Amy!

“Everyone welcome Evan to the Martinez family!

Evan was born at 10 am this morning and he is as cute as can be! He was even born on the day of the lottery, so I hope he gives us some good luck! 🤞🏼Blakely and Diego already love him so much!

Update: We didn’t win the lottery 😭

Here are some pictures I got:” – Madison K.


Why We Love It: Is there anything more heartwarming than the birth of a new Sim? We don’t think so! Madison did a great job capturing the emotional experience of bringing a brand new life into the world. We wish baby Evan and his parents all the best in life.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a segment entry last week! We had so much fun looking through all of them. Remember, if your content wasn’t featured this week, there’s always next week so keep submitting all your fantastic screenshots and stories.

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