Weekly Facebook Column: Sims Player Story Highlights

It’s that time again! Time for our weekly segment highlighting just some of the best our amazing Sims Community Facebook group has to offer! Every week, we’ll be sharing some great stories and screenshots with you from the Facebook group that really made us go WOW!

Let’s check out some of this week’s highlights.

“Meet baby Juniper Lockwood! Shes absolutely adorable already! <3” – Lisa L.


Why We Love It: We can tell Lisa put a lot of effort into her screenshots here to make the birth of baby Juniper extra special. A bright filter, creative poses, and the perfect camera angles all come together to create a heartwarming scene.

“Instead of going back into my old save to watch my Simself and her husband die of old age, I ended up starting a new save. This time, Cyn Cyanide’s cat died, leading her to a confrontation with the Grim Reaper. Grim consoled her, they fell in love and got married. But Grim can’t stay in the mortal realm, so he and Cyn agreed to let Patchy into the household as emotional (and sometimes household chores) support, especially after the birth of their daughter. Patchy fell in love with Cyn, and they had a son together. So Cyn now has a daughter with the Grim Reaper, Minerva Reaper; and a son with Patchy, Michael Patch. In the 6th picture, Patchy helps his son with homework while Cyn helps Minerva, which I thought was pretty cute so I took that screenshot. You can see that the siblings have grown up to be pretty good-looking! And in the last one, Minerva got to meet her dad in a bar and gave him a loving hug ❤️” – Khoo W.C.


Why We Love It: We just can’t get enough of this hilariously wacky sstory! A love triangle between the Grim Reaper and Patchy is just the kind of crazy we love about The Sims. Are you Team Grim or Team Patch?

“Meet the Vazquez-Jule-Pastel Legacy Family. (Jeez a lot hyphens huh?) Geolyn Jule, is a time traveler. She left her husband and her only children in the future while she married another man in the past. Which family will she choose to stay with?” – Brianna C.


Why We Love It: This creative sci-fi spin on a traditional legacy challenge has us wanting more! It’s a time-travel love triangle that really gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “past, present, and future.” We can’t wait to see who Geolyn chooses to stay with. Keep us updated, Brianna!

“Chapter 13 of The Underwood Decision is up!” – Faoiltearna S.

Click this picture to be taken to The Underwood Decision!


Why We Love It: Bookworms rejoice! This creative Simmer writes Sims stories like chapters in a novel! If you love to read and immerse yourself in different worlds, this story is for you. Your next great read is just a click away!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a segment entry last week! We had so much fun looking through all of them. Remember, if your content wasn’t featured this week, there’s always next week so keep submitting all your fantastic screenshots and stories!

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