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Dear Console Players – we need to talk…


It’s 11AM. I brew my first of many green tea cups that I’ve planned to drink for today. I turn on my computer to catch up on the news and all the social media and before I could even see what the meme of the day is I get a message on our Facebook Page saying “When is the new update coming to console??”.

Now, this isn’t the first time I get a message like this (or similar to this) or otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this article. On a daily basis Sims Community gets more than 50 replies / comments / messages on articles and social media posts asking about specific content / pack and will that content make its way to Console as well.

Now, I get the frustration and desire to know when and what is coming to console. Lately I’ve been playing The Sims 4 on Console and I can definitely relate for the thirst for content that’s already available for PC and Mac Players. However, I’ve noticed that I’ve been repeating myself ever since The Sims 4 for Console was announced a year ago with the same old statements:

  • Yes everything that’s on PC and Mac will eventually be available on Console.
  • Yes The Sims Team is planning to add an online Gallery to Console eventually.
  • No we don’t know when exactly is <pack name> coming to Console but it’s coming eventually.
  • Yes this update will be available on Console just like any other update for PC / Mac.
  • Release dates / information about the upcoming Console Pack often get leaked out. We’ll keep you posted and up to date on all the latest information about The Sims 4 Console Content.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE the fact that The Sims 4 has been made available for people who prefer to play their games on Xbox One and PS4 and I’m always here to keep the website up to date with all the news, information and even leaks about Console content. However, after a year nothing much has changed when it comes to how The Sims Team is releasing information and packs for Console:

  • Usually there’s one (or even two packs) released every month.
  • Console at the moment cannot get content and updates immediately with PC / Mac players as Console still needs some catching up to do in terms of Packs.
  • Unlike with updates for The Sims 4 PC / Mac which are delivered through Origin (EA’s own software), updates for The Sims 4 Console need to be approved first by Sony and Microsoft before they are delivered which can take some time depending on how fast Sony and Microsoft accept the update.
  • Stuff Packs and Game Packs for Console get announced 1-2 weeks before the release while Expansion Packs usually get announced 1 month before the release with an option that lets you pre-order the EP.
  • Certain retail websites often release information a few days / weeks before the official announcement.

The Sims 4 for Consoles is only about 10 months old. During this period The Sims Team managed to port over 3 Expansion Packs, 3 Game Packs and 9 Stuff Packs to Xbox One and PS4. That’s more than a half of content that we currently have available on PC and Mac.

The game has made amazing progress over the last few months making the Console experience very similar to the PC / Mac experience. However, things may either stay the same or get slightly improved when it comes to waiting for a newly released PC / Mac pack to come out to Console. If I can remember correctly I believe one of the Console gurus have stated that packs will always come out on PC and Mac first because they need to make sure people are having a solid experience in terms of stability before they start porting the game to Console. Now, that may be a whole different scenario when Blind Squirrel and Maxis finish porting over all the current packs from PC / Mac to Console but for now that is just how things are going to function.

The Sims 4 isn’t the only series that has different release times and schedules for different platforms. If you play or follow news about Cities: Skylines (a whole different franchise in development by Paradox Interactive) then you probably know that they also have very different release times for PC and Console players.

I don’t work for Maxis nor do I have any exclusive insight about what’s exactly happening behind the scenes but I do follow news, tweets and information about the console daily. So, the next time you post a comment, tweet or a private message asking “But what about Console” know these next 3 things:

  • If the Pack / Update has been made available for PC / Mac then you’re definitely getting it on Xbox One and PS4.
  • (For now) console release schedule is very different than PC / Mac schedule.
  • If you’re eager to know what’s next for The Sims 4 Console make sure you check our The Sims 4 Console News Category as we regularly update it with news, information and leaks regarding console content.

Thank you! ❤

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