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Weekly Facebook Column: Sims Player Story Highlights

It’s that time again! Time for our weekly segment highlighting just some of the best our amazing Sims Community Facebook group has to offer! Every week, we’ll be sharing some great stories and screenshots with you from the Facebook group that really made us go WOW!

Let’s check out some of this week’s highlights.

“‘If we shadows have offended,
think but this and all is mended,
that you have but slumbered here,
while these visions did appear.’

Meet the VERY devious Robert Goodfellow. Im going to start a game called “By the moonlight” which will have Usagi, Mielikki, and Robert here as the main cast of that story… I’m actually really looking forward to it because it will be my first time playing a darker fantasy type feel in a sims game.
(on a added note: He HAS to be the most handsome freaking sim I have EVER made… geez lol)” – Lisa L.

Why We Love It: We can’t get enough of this incredible fantasy spin on The Sims universe! Lisa’s screenshots are breathtaking and we have to agree with her about her Sim. That is one gorgeous Sim, indeed! We think he’s put a spell on all of us because we can’t look away! Great work, Lisa. We’re looking forward to more of your upcoming fantasy story.

“‘Don’t worry Kona, I think I got it right now.’

She had noticed Kona getting sick more, and she and Andy had been working hard to try and get her idea working. She still remembered his words though, they it might alter her, and that she might need to relearn things she once knew how to do.

‘So, what do you say old girl.. are we doing the right thing?’

Kona just tilted her head a little, as if trying to understand what Jessica was telling her. Standing there with the treat they had made, she once again weighed the possible consequences of what she was about to do.

‘Okay.. let’s try.'” – Hild H.

Click to read the rest of this story on Hild’s blog!


Why We Love It: Hild has an entire blog dedicated to her long-running vampyracy (which is a legacy made up of vampires). In this chapter, it looks like her Sims are working a little magic to keep their elderly pup with them a while longer. When you’re immortal, it must get hard to keep outliving every pet you have, so we understand why Hild’s Sims would want to share their longevity with poor old Kona. You can read the rest of this chapter and the rest of Hild’s vampyracy on her blog by clicking the picture!

“It was a sad morning without Arla. The Lobo family, still lying in their beds, kept hoping to hear the familiar sound of paws sliding on the wooden floor. But there was no happy barking or scratching at the doors. Yesterday evening, right after Celine gave up looking for Arla during the mad storm, she posted a missing animal announcement on the internet. Now they had to wait.” – Vivianna G.

Click to read the rest of the story on Vivianna’s blog!


Why We Love It: Another pet-centric blog post, this time by Vivianna! We love that Vivianna has allowed the pets in her Sims’ family to take the spotlight for a little while. After all, our pets are honorary members of the family and we treat them like family members, so it makes sense that they should be part of our Sims stories. Poor Arla has run away. Will she return home? Click the picture to read more of Vivianna’s story and find out!

“Gosh Patchy, you couldn’t wait until I moved before ripping a massive fart?! 🤢😂” – Whitney T.

Why We Love It: Sometimes, The Sims just needs a little potty humour now and again. We couldn’t help but laugh at the idea of Patchy the Scarecrow passing some gas right next to one of Whitney’s Sims while he was gardening! We guess Patchy makes up for being a bit of a nuisance sometimes with his help around the garden and regular gifts of seed packets. Or does he? Thanks for the hilarious post, Whitney!

The Adventures of the Mediocre Butler, part 9: The Tender Side of Arnav Srivastava

Every night when I send Arnav to bed, he would trudge to his room with a slouch and a vacant smile. However, one evening he went to sleep with the most miserable look on his face.

That’s because my sims from the Cyanide household had just passed from old age, and they were friends with Arnav. Arnav grieved for them; he’s a part of the Cyanide family and they were like family members to him, too.

I sent Artemis and Aurora Reaper to the mausoleum to place the urns, without inviting Arnav and the other family members. But Arnav showed up! It was as if he wanted to be a part of the party to send off the deceased. When Artemis greeted him, they hugged, and consoled each other.

Thank you for being there for my sims, Arnav! ❤️” – Khoo C.

Why We Love It: Arnav the Mediocre Butler is back, but this time, he shows us a more sentimental side. His long-time employers finally passed on into the light and it looks like Arnav was determined to pay his last respects. How sweet! Perhaps we’ve gotten poor Arnav wrong all this time. Then again, he is still really bad at cleaning the house. Well, everyone has strengths and flaws, right? We hope Arnav can move on and be a more productive butler. You never know; stranger things have happened.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a segment entry last week! We had so much fun looking through all of them. Remember, if your content wasn’t featured this week, there’s always next week so keep submitting all your fantastic screenshots and stories!

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