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We asked people why they want University to be the next Expansion Pack for The Sims 4

University. It’s a word that kept going and going for a few years now. However, it was silenced by a constant need of a proper Seasons Expansion Pack. Immediately after Seasons’ announcement The Sims Team’s official social media were filled with requests for University to be the next Expansion Pack for The Sims 4.

Weeks went by and the rumors and speculation about University happening started tumbling around out of the blue. I’ve been following The Sims 4 since its start and all the rumors and speculation for Expansion Packs had to come out of somewhere – whether its a premature retail listing, a leaked listing on a rating board or icons and boxarts and words found deep into the game code.

Still, it’s really fun to see the speculation gearwheel still being turned and see what others expect from the next iteration of a University Expansion Pack. That’s why we asked our followers why they want University to be the next Expansion Pack as well as what they expect from it. Here’s how the community responded:

Although there’s a majority of people who’d like to see University as the next Expansion Pack, a few people responded with themes they’d prefer to be covered in the next Expansion Pack rather than University:

Do you see University as the next Expansion Pack for The Sims 4 or do you feel like there are better themes that could be covered? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I feel university should definitely be the next expansion pack. I miss in sims 2 where the sims had to go through freshman year to senior year in order to graduate, the opportunity to join a frat or sorority if you wanted. Ordering Chinese food. Writing term papers. And in sims 3…the meet and greet before the first day of class, the different things to do around the campus.

  • Well it’s also kind of fishy the part The Sims Mobile is have a back to school event and all they talk about uni..

  • Honestly, for the objects. It’s easy in TS3 to decorate a young adult’s home with University but I can never get the “just moved out of my parent’s house, I spent $3 on this couch, here’s a geek poster in my living room like I’ve always wanted, suck it mom” look with TS4.

  • I’ve wanted a university pack since sims 4 came out. Becourse it’s the greatest ever!! love everything about it! And I still play sims 3 only to play university!!

  • I want Uni sooooo bad! I’ve wanted it since before Get to Work. University has always added much needed depth to the game, depth that I miss dearly.

  • I would love to see the university to happen but I also want my sims to drive and go to school like grade school through high school and college

  • University:
    i think that adding Uni would be fun if it would also allow for a “live” adaption, where you could play with other people since that is exactly how Uni is. Also while at Uni if you would have to take an entrance exam to see what field you wanted to be in would require your sim to have certain skills at a certain level already. also student loans would be an interesting addition. also with the sororities and frats having with it but adding degree organizations that would help you in your career after Uni graduation. tryouts for sports teams and competitions that would get your sim grants/scholarships for Uni. Possibly having in collaboration with all the mods and having a study abroad, community college, online college, dual credit for high school students, field experience.
    I also like how some people were saying private schools and possibly jr college.
    if you were to bring back all around magic like in the sims 3 that would be fantastic. Having werewolf, witch/wizard, fairy, mermaids, genies could open sims up to have a magi-zoologist as a career option and go to magi/supernatural schools. with the addition of adding gods and goddess from the different cultures you visit in traveling to different areas.
    bring back rights of passage. IE: learn to ride a bike and drive. also having after-school actives again would be nice too.
    was a huge hit and would have a great impact. you could have TV reality star or celebrity chef as well as producer and actor.
    i miss having the option of letting my sim join the military. i think if you added that you could have them join air/ground/sea branches and go good or bad at any point. you could have them become leader of the military and take over the world as a dictatorship.
    what about adding the whole favorite, hate, astrological signs again…

  • University was my favorite expansion pack in the Sims 3!! I also loved it when you could sign your sims up for boarding school. I would love this to be added in Sims 4, along with cars, room mates, several different schools with different skill levels, goals, aspirations etc. Please bring bunk beds back. Also, it would be awesome to have the teacher career back, as well as having the option to follow them to work.

  • If you do make the university I would love for it to be a way were my sims can become teachers and I can remodel the schools and classrooms and also I maybe asking for much but I would like to be able to follow my kids to school and be able to let my Sims be teachers Theresa well

  • Some may want university but I don’t think that they will bring it out, just like witches, I don’t even see why they had us vote like they {Sims Team} did, sadly I’m starting to lose interest, with all of this talk about wanting to turn the game like how real life is, why bother playing on it, I’m already living real life, back in the day when games came out, it was all about escape get away from the everyday drama and other stuff that you went through but now with games most people want to turn it into real life, maybe they should bring serial killers to the game, and protesting, and democrats, republicans etc. The heck with University why not have presidential debates, what is the sense of even playing when you live real life every day, it’s right in front of everyone’s eyes.

  • I reckon they should bring natural disasters to the game like earth quakes,tornado,hurricane and disabilities as well as burglars to the game and more takeaway options maybe even a diner to make the game more interesting and real

  • I’m really hoping for uni to be next in the line up for the sims, also i hope they bring back those art pads from three, i loved those so much XD i’m a art lover

  • While I’d love to see University, I’d also love to see more supernatural stuff like witches that you can turn on and off depending on which save you’re playing. Also like celebrity but would rather see supernatural stuff before celebrity!

  • I’m probably in the minority who only liked (but did not love) Sims 2 University and not crazy about getting it in the Sims 4, but I would love if it was like a “Get to School” EP where we have the option to go to grade school, high school and college/university with our sims as students or teachers/professors in an associated career (heck, I wouldn’t mind Day Care while we’re at it, that would be cute). If this is a future release, I’ll definitely purchase it but hopefully there is more variety to it than just going to University. Don’t know if that will actually happen though…

  • Then we hear that “Baby Ariel” will star in a celebrity pack with no content. This is why the sims communities have become unfriendly toward the community managers of EA and Maxis.

  • Plainly put, I agree with what Ms. MeMe said. Bring back the University where it meshes both versions (Sims 2 and Sims 3 versions), along with some of the other ideas that others mentioned, with grade school, high school, and boarding school options, along with Possible Junior College, and even the Online College idea I believe someone else mentioned in here.

    It is one of those elements that fill out the game with more to do, rather than just going from high school to work. For those that don’t want it, they don’t have to purchase it, that’s all.

    Now, for other mentions, I do agree that they should bring back the Superstar Expansion (Sims 1 for those that haven’t followed since the beginning of time…LOL). I agree this really was one of the bigger hits to the Sims Franchise, which made a huge positive impact in gameplay.

  • I loved the Sims University to be part of the sims story. I feel college should be a part of their journey. I loved it or Sims2 I want it for Sims4, please.

  • I so want an University Pack! It was my favourite in Sims 2 and 3. It’s just not right that my sims can become doctor’s and scientists without going to university. It’s a no-go!!! I want my sims to get as much success as possible! Sometimes I let a Sim in Sims 3 get degrees in all subjects just because I couldn’t stop playing the university.

    It would be awesome if we could run the university like a resort in Sims 3 or a restaurant in sims 4! I would love to play dean and decide which qualifications students need to get in (grades, skills, maybe character traits), how much it costs to attend, how hard the tests are, which rules the students need to follow (e.g. no parties during the week or no parties at all, no romantic relationships with professors, no overnight visits…) and what happens when they break the rules (just a reprimand, a lower grade, a monetary fine or getting expelled). And please let us build our own dorms!!!! I want elite universities only for the best students (you’d have to finish school with an A, have full locic points and be a genius to get in :D) with the best of the best – an own lab, a great library, a giant gym and rooms that are like 5 star suits! Only the best for the best!!!

    And maybe private (boarding?) schools that work similar, with a director who visits the homes like in Sims 2!!! Please give us the director back!!! I loved him!!!