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The Sims 4 for Consoles is getting Mouse + Keyboard Support

People have been asking for a while if The Sims 4 for Consoles is capable of supporting a mouse and a keyboard for playing the game instead of using Xbox One’s / PS4’s controllers. A keyboard and a mouse would allow console simmers to have an exact PC experience considering that The Sims 4 on Console already has a cursor that’s used for navigation and selection.

With Microsoft’s announcement that Xbox One will be receiving a Keyboard + Mouse support for their console SimGuruLegacy went on Twitter to confirm that The Sims Team is working on bringing support for Keyboard + Mouse for both PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Although this feature is currently in development SimGuruLegacy stated that it’s not coming with The Sims 4 Console’s next update.

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  • Is the mouse functionality on Xbox still happening? Any ETA? Just bought the game because my partner really loved it when they were younger but they are not a fan of the controls on console.

  • I agree with the other comment, and eta would be really nice. The controller has HORRIBLE controls for someone who is only used to playing pc. Recently my laptop died on me, so Xbox is the only way I can play. Please give it to us soon ❤️