SimGuruGrant Reassures that Open Worlds and Neighborhoods are not happening for The Sims 4

The announcement of terrain tools coming to The Sims 4 has left many wondering if any other groundbreaking features could be implemented to the game considering that terrain manipulation at this point seemed very impossible due to the fact we had numerous worlds being released with flat lots.

However, one thing that some simmers are hoping to make a return from The Sims 3 is definitely not happening to the game and that’s Open Worlds and Neighborhoods. SimGuruGrant, a lead producer working on the game has reassured simmers that this feature will never make its way to the game.

The reason why there are loading screens between each neighborhood and world is because it saves a lot on performance on your Computer / Console device. Still, Grant said that there could be some slight changes and higher requirements for the game as it ages up…

Written by Jovan Jovic

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    • times change. this is a four year old game.
      the game does have to update programming languages and such as time goes on, if it means for better performance or betters the game/helps features work better.

    • I’d like to see an education game pack. Reintroduce some of those private schools, and boarding schools. Maybe they could include an educator career there. That would be nice, as I know that it’s something that’s wanted.

    • I am assuming they would have to add a functioning school for that. If they add Universities this might be possible.

      • Not necessarily. Kids disappear to go to school now; they could just disappear to go to a different school instead. Key differences: they wear a uniform to school instead of their everyday outfits, they start careers as an adult at level 2 instead of level 1, and there’s a chance of gaining a random skill point via chance cards. Boarding school is even easier, as the child or teen simply goes to school like normal but then comes back in a week instead of at the end of the day. There could be just one private/boarding school, like in Sims 2, or a variety to choose from, like in Sims 3. A sim created in CAS as young adult or older can randomly have graduated from a private school or boarding school instead of regular public school.

        An educator career would work the exact same as any other basegame career — your sim goes off to work in the morning then comes home in the evening, and during the day you can change their work tones (Work Hard, Take It Easy, etc.) but not much else. You could do a semi-active career, like those that came with City Living (and what it looks like the new fashion career is going to be), where you can either go to work or choose to work from home (maybe grading papers?), but for a full active career, you’d need a functioning school building, similar to the hospital, police station, and laboratory from Get to Work. If you want to tie it in with a university expansion pack, I suppose you could have an active career where the sim lectures on campus; but most of the requests and stuff that I’ve seen asking for an educator career tend to imply that they’re asking for more grade school teacher than college professor.

  1. I, for one, am more thankful that there won’t be an open world. Sure, for the neighborhood, it would be nice, like in Sims 3, but making an open world out of Sims 4 would, in all probabilities, be a bit more taxing on the game, resulting in lower PC performance (especially for older PC’s), increasing the minimal specs to run the game smoothly.

  2. Right to the point if it open world then we can have routing error hell once again. Man, if open world be scrap then at least make building taller or deeper. I want to build Babylon hang garden, it need at least 7-8 floor (not count basement) that I used to cheat in Sims 3 without be load forever error.

    • The Sims 4 was optimized to work on most computers. It has a full online option and tries to keep that standard. To make buildings like you are saying I would assume it eats up a lot of resources on your PC/mac.

      • No worry about that. My PC can run most of killer hardware games up to this time. So if we can have cheat for PC like my to access more floor it is OK too.

  3. I knew we weren’t getting open world back, as this isn’t the first time Grant has shut down open world hopes in the past. (And also because, at this point, bringing back open world would involve just about rebuilding all the neighborhoods from the ground up, something that they’re never going to waste time and money doing unless it was very necessary.) But it’s still depressing. Open world just made the game feel more alive. You felt like your sim was part of an actual community, not just sitting in a fishbowl while randomly generated sims appeared out of thin air and disappeared just as abruptly. The worlds themselves also felt more cohesive, where you had a center of town and lots would radiate out from that, and being in a more rural area actually meant something; whereas in Sims 4 they’re just little clusters of lots plopped down together.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still love the Sims 4. And, again, this is nothing new. I just really miss open world.

    • open world also caused so many issues and broke a lot of the game.
      sims 4 is more like sims 2, not sims 3.
      i honestly didn’t care for open world.

      • Yeah I can understand how some people would like open world for that more immersive feeling but sometimes I think some people forget the issues that came with open worlds in TS3 or that some people don’t have the money to get computers that can handle it on decent settings. Didn’t some people have to use a mod to keep it from crashing? I didn’t care much for TS3, I brought seasons and had the basegame. I preferred TS2 anyways and it’s so strange given my love for cc and mods that I enjoyed it overall vanilla. Hopefully they take the good things from TS4 (especially CAS and the more brighter colors for example) and pervious games for TS5.

      • Did Sims 3 have issues running, especially on older machines? Yes. But open world was only partially to blame, imo. Remember, video games have had open worlds since 2001, and if Grand Theft Auto III can make it work (system requirements: Pentium III 450 MHz processor, 96 MB RAM, 16 MB 3D video card, 500 MB free on the hard drive) then anything released in 2014 should have been just fine. (Pretty sure my five-year-old iPad would have no problem running those sys recs.) Also, if open world was the problem, then the game wouldn’t have lagged so badly when doing things like opening up a new clothing category in CAS, or when just starting the game and trying to get to the main menu.

        Even if open world was the problem, and even if there was no way to optimize it to run better, the solution isn’t to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Remember that Sunset Valley had 92 lots. 92 LOTS! And those lots were (mostly) built on, and were inhabited by 25 separate households. That’s a lot of lots! That’s a lot of processing needed! So instead of doing away with open world altogether, ship Sims 4 out with worlds that average 50 lots each, or even 40 lots. Of those 92 lots, only 15 were community lots, so 40 lots would still allow 25 residential lots.

        I love Sims 4, I really do. And I enjoy playing the game and creating custom content for the game. However, if I could get Sims 3 to run halfway decent (and if I could stomach the fugly graphics) I would be playing that instead.

  4. I used to played sims3 and I stop playing because of the open world.
    it made the game lack and it spent long time to enter the game.
    And finally I was kicked out by the game, very bad.
    Until they can solve the problam that come with the open world like lack
    or spending long time to enter the game, I don’t want to see the open world in the game again.

    Whatever, I’ve noticed for a while I think in the sins4, it shouldn’t have lots type system.
    Because in the sims4 we don’t have open world if the lots can be just one type it means we can enjoy the lots
    just one activity per one load screen. In the sims2 we can have restaurang, shop, night club in one place and more than that at every cashier have NPC to service.

    I built plaza that had a restuarant, CD shop, clothes shop, bowling center, also night club and because [ALL cashier and counter bar had NPC waited to service], I could have diner then shoping and dance. And every sims in that lot used all objects it was really lively and fun because sims could joy many activities in one place.

    In the sims4 we have limit lots and we have lots type system and it’s not open world, so we travel one time per one activitie … I think it’s not good at all it bring a boring feeling. I want to shoping then I go to retail after shoping I want to eat but no restaurant then I go to restuarant one time load screen after eating I want to dance no NPC DJ then one time load screen… in the sims1 going to Down town was really fun because just 1 time traveling I could shoping, have icecreem, have diner and even dance.

    With limite lots and it’s not open world I hope sims4 should have just Comunity system, No lots type.

    Lots tpye was good in the sims3 because it had open world. while we are dancing if we want to eat we just search for new building no load screen so it always was lively because we could see a movement at other lots and we can joy all activities without load screen. But in sims4 we have lots type like it is, when we in restaurant but we want to dance then one load screen, one activity per one load screen Hmmmm it’ve interrupted me for long time.

    I can say Lots type is not appropriate with sims 1, 2, and 4 world. One load screen per one activity is terrible

    I don’t know if the game will use lots type in gallerry just to make players find the right place they want but not to determine activities in the lot.

    Let’s objects in the lots tell what the lots are not the type system.
    There’re NPC for all objects that should have NPC in comunity lots and the game will be more lively and funny

    Again Lots type is suit just for open world.

    • You bring up a good point. I haven’t played Sims 2 since Sims 3 came out, so I had completely forgotten about that setup. But I remember now making a “town square” type lot with a restaurant, movie theater, bowling alley, pet store, etc. You could probably do that now and mark it as “Retail”, but you couldn’t have the restaurant.

      • Yes, the sims2 is not bring a boring feeling because we can do many activities per one traveling but the sims4 is not. we go to swiming pool and then just swiming and what if we want some coffee there, No NPC we have to go to cafe one time load screen…. it’s not smooth at all it’s really wreid. Why don’t we can have cafe in swiming pool or why we can’t make one lot be more than one type lot like sims2 or 1 ?

        In sims2 or 1 no open world but with various lots comunity it didn’t make game be boring because we can do many activities per one traveling. Players can stay there for long time becauce it has many things to do, but sims4 one thing just eat at restaurant then just 5 minute have to change place to shopping one time load screen OMG!

        I don’t know if the sims4 will make lots type just to tell players what servive that the lots have not for setting activities like it is. And then make the objects that should have NPC work for comunity lots
        So we can make a mall now in the game. And it help game so much with limit or few lots that we have in the game. With sims2 system lots type in 10 lots we can have 10restuarant more then 10 shop 10 night club because we don’t have to seperate thing. It’s really usefull for the sims4 world system.

        • I made a gym for Sims 4 recently and put a “juice bar” (espresso bar) in the gym, trying to give my sims somewhere to refresh their needs if they get hungry mid-workout. No one ever came to man the station. I could never figure out why. Now I realize it’s because the lot was zoned as a gym. Dang it!

  5. Open worlds don’t personally interest me even though my PC could handle it fine and I don’t think it would change the minds of those who don’t like how the game is. What I would prefer is more lots and more empty worlds like Newcrest (for example, a more tropical resort kind of world is needed), to make infants sims instead of objects and to create apartment lots in other worlds. Story progression would also be nice and I think a guru mentioned it may be coming someday but different in some way?

    • I personally would love to be able to make apartments ourselves, like we could in Sims 2 and 3. They could even be called something different, if it helped, like “condos” or “duplexes”. Honestly, I think Sims 2 had the best apartment setup we’ve seen to date. I loved interacting with my landlord, apartment hunting, building parties, being able to customize common areas, and being able to build my own apartment buildings from scratch. I could live with another city world like San Myshuno, however.

      • Yeah that’s what I hope for when they eventually do a tropical world. I think TS2 had a lot of likeable features but some of them were slowly lost overtime in the other games. So I do hope they channel more things from TS2 in the future. It’s such a shame that EA just didn’t just use the engine for their mobile idea and start fresh for TS4 so the gurus would have more to work with but as a company, and it’s EA as most people should know by know their track record, so I get why they didn’t for the sake of money even though they limited the game.

  6. This guys just blocked me! I don’t answer his tweets! I do not say bad things (why i do also?) it is disrespectful! I supports their jobs and games

  7. I’d love a education pack, with schools, high school and colleges. They can do like the jobs of police or doctor, a school where the children go and have objetives and they go to a class and later to the break, choose their friends, having exams and do bad things like in the Sims 3 where they can put frogs at school or something like that. The same as the teachers. In the high school (I’ve never been to an american high school so I don’t know how they really are, I just know from movies and series) they can have a football team and chandeliers. In the college like The Sims 3, and with sororities. And you can be also a director owning a school. But that’d would be a huge, huge pack, so it’s impossible to imagine, I’m just speculating.

  8. Well in my opinion open world / neighbours would be cool but it doesn’t really bother me that we don’t have open worlds as long as my game runs smoothly & I can play it its good enough for me

  9. You know they really screwed the community. You can forget me buying sims 5. And why they are losing money on this game. We are in 2019 you should be the most powerful game at Sims 4.

  10. I’m actually glad that the “no open world for TS4” rule was enacted. I mean, at the start, before I started playing The Sims (in general), hearing that The Sims 4 doesn’t have open world capability disappointed me. After [attempting] to play The Sims 3 at at rapid performance on a computer that wasn’t necessarily meant for gaming with the graphics settings set to a generally high level, my average framerate was about 3-5 frames per second. I was lucky if I maintained an 8 for a little while. In the case of that, it’s easy to tell that the open world was to blame. Even saving took, like, a couple of minutes sometimes. One time, my save file got corrupted. (No idea how that happened, actually)
    Now, seeing how my average framerate on TS4 is around at least 24 to 38 (I think?), I’m proud that the open world is longer in service. Besides, there’s a chock full of worlds you can visit in more seconds from the map mode. So, if TS4 has no open worlds… So be it.

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