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The Sims 4 Get Famous: Money Vaults, Perk System and more features confirmed! published an official blog post about The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack where a few Simmers got a chance to share their favorite parts of the upcoming pack.

A few of the simmers mentioned very unspecific features such as new buy and CAS items etc while some went into details and revealed new things that are coming with this pack. We’ve all summarized it into a list below:

  • Building your own sets
  • The Vault and being able to add money to it
  • The Famous Perk System (which according to the post is simimlar to the one from Vampires Game Pack)
  • Donating money to charities and being able to get famous through that interaction

You can check out the full blog post HERE!

We have A LOT of information, screens and footage to share from Sims Camp and we can’t wait to do so this Monday! Stay tuned to our Get Famous Post Category for all the latest coverage.

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  • I really wish the spiral stairs would be added to the base game, because it was always perfect for building small lofts/apartments.
    And can the vault be like placed in the wall like the closets? cause that would be so cool!

    • Where did this talk about the spiral staircase come from? Is there a picture? We’ll find out later today anyway but is it like semi-confirmed or is it just a rumour?

  • The article is pretty awful, to be honest. I really don’t care what these obnoxious “influencers” have to say. I wish Maxis would realize that there’s a lot of us (especially on here, evident from the comments in recent articles) don’t care at all about these people.

    To be honest, the only thing I really noticed about the article was Yammy’s name.. Honestly, it’s a bit disappointing that Yammy is apart of Sims Camp too. She was just apart on MineCon Earth less than a month ago.. and she wasn’t anything to watch because her segment was really boring and it was the only one I muted when I watched that stream.. Her segment was all about her and she had her fans ask her questions.. Yeah, no thanks. MineCon is about Minecraft, not her.. At least, the other youtubers were interesting and engaging, she wasn’t at all.
    She just isn’t very good at what she does at all. She’s hardly even a Sims youtuber. She cares more about mobile apps than The Sims and Minecraft both. I don’t know why she keeps getting added to events like this.

    • They’re as genuine as you are, but they’re also professionals, which means that they can’t jump onto your bandwagon when you tell them about your hatred of persons and/or product features. You need to realize that these people are journalists, which means that they must maintain a non-partisan attitude toward all arguments. They must comply with rules which are written by the directors of these private platforms, which were engineered primarily for product advertisement. If you don’t like their work, then don’t return to the platform(s), since you’ll find nothing else, and you won’t influence them with trolling.

      • Hello! I’m not trolling, I’m sorry that because I have an opinion, you see it as “trolling”. Having an opinion isn’t trolling. Just at you’re allowed to have an opinion, I am, as well.

        These people (the ones in the article) are not journalists. They’re youtubers.

        I’m sorry you feel my opinions on others is trolling, but I know I’m not the only one that feels this way and it’s become evident quite a few times recently on this site.

        Comments on “3 GAME CHANGERS FOR THE SIMS HAVE BEEN FEATURED IN THE LATEST GET FAMOUS TRAILER”: “Good, I’ve been looking to test the Violence mod!”
        “First townies to be deleted”
        “Meh don’t care that they are in it”
        “I don’t give a damn about those so called ”influencers” for the Sims … there are way better ones that are out there in my opinion !!! I will delete these three along with Baby Ariel”
        “If they’re in the game, I can’t wait to delete them!”

        I remember during the Vampires stream, they kept showing gravestones of youtubers and it’s just gotten really stale and uninteresting. I was fine with it at one point, but when it becomes a constant thing, it just gets to be something that bothersome. It’s very constant and it’s to the point these people are being added to the game.
        I’m a casual Simmer and have been for years. I love Maxis and support them greatly, but I wish they’d stop shoving “influencers” so hard down our throats. It’s just gotten so overwhelming and it’s a push away feeling for me.

        “you tell them about your hatred of persons” I don’t hate these people. I don’t have hate on my heart, but I wish “influencers” weren’t pushed into our faces so often. I care about Maxis. I care about the SimGurus. The SimGurus are a massive reason why I still play the game. I’ve had talks with them during the idle streams that Steve puts on. These gurus are good, good people. I want to see them, I want to see what they have to say. I care about what they have to say.

        ” They must comply with rules which are written by the directors of these private platforms” Um, I don’t even know where you’re going with this. “Rules”? No, this article didn’t tell us anything that we already didn’t know. It was a fluff up towards “influencers” more than anything.

        “primarily for product advertisement.” The “influencers” are mostly youtubers that have a child fanbase. They don’t help anything because their viewers aren’t there for advertisements or #sponsoredbyEA. They care about the roleplays and stories that these youtubers put up on their channels. It’s the same thing for Minecraft, the children love roleplay youtubers. The adults that have the money to buy these packs aren’t watching these youtubers (and I know someone will fight back that there are some, but I’m in Sims discords. I have Simmer friends. None of us care about them. The majority of the community doesn’t).

        Honestly, I’d be interested in Carl, from Carl’s Sims 4 Guide than anything. His website has a massive influence on the community, if we’re talking about influencing the community. You spoke about journalism, he’s more of a journalist.

        Also, it’s hard to ignore when it’s promoted so much by The Sims team. I follow them on Instagram and all I saw them most was these “influencers” all weekend. I follow the Instagram for news and hoping for the random goofy Guru video (and there have been a tiny amount).

        As for Yammy, I do not believe she should be invited to events like this. She doesn’t actively play the games she’s invited to. In the 6 months (not counting her 2 videos this week – which only relate to her due to this event), she’s uploaded 2 Sims videos. She isn’t a Sims youtuber. She’s a mobile games youtuber. It’s similar to her being apart of Minecon. She hardly uploads Minecraft videos either and she was one of the 6 youtubers that were apart of Minecon this year. She was apart of the show, she had a segment and isn’t really a Minecraft youtuber anymore. She uploads these “VS HOUSES” youtube videos (and there’s like 6ish), but she’s uploaded hundreds and hundreds of mobile games. She isn’t uploading content to the game events she’s invited to and it just isn’t something I feel is okay.

        • I don’t share your anger or annoyance towards the influencers or Baby Ariel (heard of her once in passing a while back but now surprised she was involved in the sims). I’m rather indifferent to it and basically most of the drama within this community since this game is just for stress relief. I delete premade sims simply because I play with alpha and I have more than enough sims in my game (200+) without having sims I would need to edit when I already have sims I plan to use for this upcoming EP. Maybe unfollowing some people or move on from their fanbase would be your best bet since you don’t seem to be a fan of what’s going on. Social media is the most common way nowadays to advertise products especially now that more people are streaming than watching traditional television and youtube is a popular platform. Of course I’ve seen some comments of simmers who have complained about the sims team reaching out to younger audience despite the fact that it’s logical that they should since as a company they can’t just rely on older simmers to continue playing the game in the future since among that group includes people who have hectic lives with furthering their education or growing families. It’s why there are reboots of series every so often, just like with the sims franchise, to get a bigger audience of different age groups. Influencers are to bring in different audiences and yes children can ask for these games for holidays or birthdays. Sometimes their parents or older siblings are current simmers too Influencers aren’t just youtubers, they’re also people from twitter and tumblr for example. If you feel this strongly you honestly should’ve applied to be an influencer yourself. Several people have on different formats and were recently approved. There are rules and guidelines they have to follow as one would expect from this sort of program within a company just as the gurus have their own rules or guidelines they have to follow to continue working with EA. I wouldn’t expect a free for all because people would be releasing information before it’s presented or confirmed simply out of excitement or to be the first to post about it. I haven’t been to Carl’s in a while so if you think he may be interested, you could see if there’s a way to contact him but not everyone who is popular or has a larger presence in the community has shown interest since this requires an additional commitment.

    • Construction is what they’ve done the most work on – what the devs present as their greatest achievement with this version (room/structure modularity, detection, and cloning, lot and gallery management, venue-specific templates, events, and behaviors, now user-friendly terrain editing), and objects are what everyone is waiting for since there isn’t must to do within any environment. We don’t want any more of the career situations, just functional objects which can be used in our custom environments, and at any location within a zone (the areas beyond lot boundaries).

  • I’m quite exited for this pack. I always like getting my sims famous and rock out there awesome outfits. I cant wait for it to come out