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The Sims 4 Get Famous: SimGuruKate Explains the reason for Del Sol Valley’s Size

Del Sol Valley, a world that comes with The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack definitely isn’t the biggest world that we’ve received with this series. In fact, it could be ranked as the smallest “Residental” world that we’ve received in The Sims 4 considering it only brings 2 neighborhoods that bring 3 lots each that are designated for living.

Many simmers (including me as well) have started asking serious questions about why this world that has so much potential was reduced to a small number of lots.

SimGuruKate has addressed this issue and elaborated that the main reason why there aren’t many lots for this world is because the team is trying to be very thoughtful about the general performance of The Sims 4. Considering that each new lot opens up a portal to a bigger Sim count the team had to be very careful about how much lots they’re adding.

Del Sol Valley’s size also opens up the question if we’ll be seeing the same pattern of small worlds with upcoming unnanounced packs. SimGuruKate also answered to this question saying that it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be seeing the same pattern with upcoming worlds but The Sims Team will definitely have to balance out stabile performance with the number of new lots and sims that come with them.

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    • No, actually.
      The minimum requirements and recommended requires are still in 2014.
      After the Pets EP the game requires a 64bit architecture and a minimum ram of 8GB.
      Adding more RAM can stabilized the game, and the developers will in fact increase the world size.

  • They seemed to put in alot of detail that’s not playable with cars zooming by and blocks for deceration. Less world detail and more lots please or at least send out another Newcrest like town for us!

  • I’m glad that the Sims team actively looks out for the performance of the players (unlike how they were in The Sims 3). I wish we could’ve had a bigger Mirage Park, or perhaps an area similar to Long Beach (though, Mirage Park does get close), but that’d probably require apartments. My dad lives in California, so a Californian world is something that we kinda needed at this point (Starlight Shores doesn’t count because it’s clearly more Northern than Southwestern).

    However, since Oasis Springs is based on Arizona and Del Sol being California… you can probably just headcanon OS being close and smaller city (Like how some people consider Newcrest a San Myshuno suburb).

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