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SPECULATION: New The Sims 4 Game Pack / Expansion Pack planned for First Quarter of 2019

The speculation wheels go round and round, round and round, round and round…

Voice actors are starting to meet up all over again for another batch of voiceover sessions for the upcoming Sims 4 Pack. First we’ve made a compilation video of all the Instagram Stories posted by Krizia Bajos, one of the voice actresses working on The Sims 4. She’s posted a series of Stories in the last 48 hours of her recording various Simlish voiceovers that you can check out down below:

Then, we have an Instagram Photo of voice actors Cia Court and Patrick Seitz (both working on The Sims 4) meeting up at The Sims Studio:

So, what do these pieces of information have to do with the idea of a Game Pack / Expansion Pack coming out in the first quarter of 2019? Well, let’s take a look at the previous patterns we’ve had of photos and stories by voice actors…

Although not strictly tied into voice acting, we do get evidence that both soundtrack composing and voice acting are the last parts of a pack’s development. One of the examples is the soundtrack recording sessions for The Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack that were published just 3 months before the pack’s release. (late September 2016 – pack came out January 2017)

Then we have voice over sessions for The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack that were done between March and April of 2018. Just 2-3 months later the pack came out in June 2018.

The last example are the voice over sessions for The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack that happened sometime later in July – August 2018. Just like with previous packs, it only took 2-3 months for the pack to come out (November 2018).

We discussed both voiceover sessions for Seasons and Get Famous here!

Considering that the voice over sessions for the next The Sims 4 pack are currently underway it’s no secret that the similar scenario is going to happen this time around as well. Since so many voice actors are gathering it could only mean that they’re helping wrap up the last production stage of the next Game Pack / Expansion Pack for The Sims 4. With all the information and data we have from previous voiceover sessions we give the next Game / Expansion 3 months until it becomes fully announced and released to the public.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated with new information and details about the next pack as they surface on our website!

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  • So we should be getting our next pack around February-March? That’s really good to know. Thanks for staying on top of it! The other fansite I go to is too busy seeing the surprise Baby Ariel content and going “a thing for teenage girls! I hate those things and everything they represent! kill it with fire!” to even realize that there’s more going on than just patch stuff right now.

    I hate to be That Person, but maybe for a witch game pack? Those last vocals given us by Krizia Bajos (the “you got moxie, kid” vocals) sound kind of witchy. As for the rest: the first few voices (with cap and glasses, then with cat ears), someone being cursed? Then with round-rimmed glasses, someone as a curse is lifted, maybe turning back to human after being toadified? Then with pink hair, in the middle of a witch duel and took a blow? Just possible interpretations as I see them! Although it may be a bit of wishful thinking, lol.

    • Maybe “strangee” (as heard in the first (with cap and glasses) and last (with “you got moxie, kid”) vocals) is the Simmish word for “witch”? Or “curse/spell”?

      • Yes it sounds like this stuff! And the weird tone they’re using too. I´ve been thinking this year that Maxis team is using pop culture of these days to released stuff that get references to it. It may be silly and completely random, but « jungle » pack reminds me of Shadow of the Tomb raider (released on sept18) and as witches are really part of tv culture today (well, I would say Charmed, but mostly Chilling adventures of Sabrina) it won’t be surprising they would bound on current culture events. I was personally thinking time after time that this is kinda their strategy somewhere. I may be wrong of course, these are only my humble thoughts!

  • It’s probably worth noting that recording voiceovers soon before launch is standard practice across the games industry, and by no means unique to TS4.

    • That doesn’t really add anything to the article, though. It’s a nice little fun fact, I guess, but it doesn’t change the content of the article in a significant and important way.

      • Except that the whole premise of the article is showing evidence why EP releases come 3 months after voiceover sessions, when common sense would allow people to come to the same conclusion.

        They could just make it a 1-line article that says “voiceovers are being recorded, and this means a release is imminent because that’s how the industry works.”

  • I can still remember you Jovan writing an article speculating about an upcoming which turned out to be Get Famous a week before its announcment.

    Great Job!

  • Patrick Seitz voices Dio Brando
    Dio Brando = a vampire with the ability called The World allowing him to freeze time.

    So far in TS4 we have vampires and we can pause the game, so the only thing left would be Create-A-World

  • Wow! Glad to see I’m not the only one! My first thought when seeing this (especially the clip with the heavy makeup and red/pink hair) was that this would be a witch/wizard pack! She acted like she was injured, so I’m thinking either a spell backfire or a duel like we had in TS1!!! :-D In the clip that had the “You got Moxie” on it, she seems as if she is contemplating something or learning something while saying “Stangee”, but her voice has a bit of a plotting note to it, not unlike Margaret Hamilton’s portrayal of the Wicked Witch of the West in “The Wizard of Oz” when she says “Poppies … poppies will make them sleeeeep.” <3 While I was expecting a University EP to be next, (and the pack that I want the most that we don't already have), I always love supernatural packs because they add an entire new way to play the game! :)

    Thank you so much on this info! <3

    • The game will be more fun with magic! Have you thought about turning a sim into a frog temporarily?
      I would love it if we also had a new expansion pack with the werewolves, since even their movies have on the sims TVs.

    • We had duels inSims 3 Supernatural as a witch, was it more interactive in the sims or different than that? I liked it well enough in the Sims 3.

    • This is what everyone is waiting for, but I doubt that they’ll be prepared before the end of the year if University is in development. There have been hints, but nothing to report. We’ll just have to Wait and See™

  • When are they going to make College education University Sims 4 we need University we need a college on our sins no fun without it I’d rather play Sims 3 but for some reason I’m not able to since since Sims 4 came out it’s like you want us to play Sims 4 and we can’t play at Sims 3 it’s no fun without the Sims 4 University School for Children patines will be a lot more fun I hope it comes soon said of all this other crap stuff you’re putting on like vampires I don’t like that package what’s that I don’t even have mine downloaded it’s a waste of money that’s my input on it

  • spot on this article was written dec and 2 months later we recieved strangerville awesome pack beat it with in 3 hours no more than 4 but any way whats the next prediction when is the next expansion coming out is it june??

  • I would like to see witches in sims4 (2019) I love vampires, just needs something else, like witches, I am a console player, so unfortunately cant not have mods like PC players who can get witches through mods, :( so yeah I am definitely hoping for witches in 2019, :)