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The Sims 4: SimGuruKate talks Quarterly Teasers, Maxis Monthly and Future Announcements

Ever since the announcement last year that Quarterly Teasers for The Sims 4 were no more many have still been left wondering why the sudden decision to transfer quarterly teasers to a new format. Now, it’s apparent that the new format (known as Maxis Monthly) doesn’t just provide simmers with information about upcoming content for The Sims 4 but also covers community creations, input from the SimGurus and also includes content and information from other Maxis games.

Although the decision for the removal of the Quarterly Teasers has been explained a few months ago, SimGuruKate wanted to address its removal a bit further now that the community went through two quarters without any 15-20 second teasers.

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  • This is getting really boring now. If a new person came into the sims 4 community they’d turn straight back around if they had sense in them. There was never any of this in TS2 days and I seem to remember with every TS2 release there was a pamphlet teasing the next one out in 6 months. So why not do 6monthly teasers rather than quarterly then if we get more wahoo if not we still have a teaser to look forward too.

    • Times were completely different, I never had internet at the time and so this was the only way I got news. These days everything is done online and EA has changed so much. Quarterly teasers were cool but they don’t work for the release schedule of The Sims 4. People need to get over it and move on. It’s not affecting what they release so it shouldn’t matter.

    • Because if they tease something and it doesn’t pan out or there is a delay we all know the drama that way too many in this community will cause. I remembered how some people were whining about the teasers saying there wasn’t any point to them since they were straight forward like a full announcement. It’s a bit amusing how some of them are now changing their tune…although they just love to complain about everything because otherwise how else could the function in this community instead of moving on to a series they supposedly would enjoy more.

    • I agree with Mike. Culture and the way that we received information was COMPLETELY different during 2004 – 2009 than it is today. How do we get info today? Twitter? YouTube? Twitch? News sites like this one? None of that existed back then! S2 was a year old when YouTube launched and two years old when Twitter launched, and neither of those sites were anything even close to the media behemoths they are today until long after S2 had been completed and replaced by Sims 3. Twitch didn’t launch until two years AFTER S3 was released. The only website I remember visiting for S2 were CC sites — actual NEWS sites didn’t start until the S3 days, if not later. And that’s because there was so little news back then! What counts as news today? What the SimGurus have tweeted? When the next livestream will take place? The latest teaser trailer for an upcoming pack?

      You’re right, we got a little pamphlet teasing the next release. You know what I remember about information during the S2 days, though? I remember showing up to GameStop for my copy of The Sims 2, only to find out that the release date had been pushed back six months, because there was no way for me to find that out except in person.

  • After reading SimGuru Kate’s tweets today I was left with the impression that while they are not ruling out Game Packs or Stuff Packs, these are not currently in production. I’m leaning towards the next Pack to be released to be yet another EP and I’d guess March or April