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The Sims 4: Official Guide to getting your Gallery Creations Curated by Maxis

SimGuruIcarus has written a lengthly and useful guide on how to get your Gallery Creations approved and curated by Maxis! In case you don’t know what it means to be Maxis Curated – it’s a specific category that can be found in The Sims 4’s Gallery that showcases creations manually approved by the Maxis team. These creations always get a big push in the number of downloads and likes.

Down below you can check out the full tutorial on how to get noticed and curated by the Maxis team:

It’s been a while since we last talked about Maxis Faves (also known as Maxis Curation). First we want to start by thanking you all for your amazing contributions to the Gallery. We are deeply in love with the creativity of this wonderful community! Next we would like to shed some light on our procedure, the channels that we commonly use, and the things we consider when reviewing candidates.

Also, as an initial note, you should know that we check and test all items before we curate them. There are several things that we check for, as we want all players to have the best experience with your creations.

– Households

  • Be innovative with your outfits. We all enjoy Sims with different looks!
  • Households with custom poses will not be curated, unless the Sim or Pet is standing and showing most of the body.
  • Celebrities, public figures, or copyrighted fictional characters cannot be curated.
  • We love backstories! They are not required, but we really enjoy reading the stories you create, and we believe other players do as well.

– Lots and Rooms

  • Lots or rooms created using custom content will also not be considered for Maxis Curation.
  • Although we love the incredible things that you do with MOO, not all users are familiar with this cheat. So, when we test these lots/rooms, we do so without enabling any cheats. (Maybe “motherlode”, but don’t tell anyone :D). By doing those checks without MOO, sometimes we encounter different issues that prevent us from doing a Maxis Fave:
    • Overlapping items can cause visual bugs. Make sure there is no flickering by rotating, moving and zooming the camera.
    • Be careful how you arrange your furniture and decoration! We love crowded lots and rooms, but Sims must always be able to interact with every item.
    • Sims should also be able to get into every room of the lot, or any other accessible area, like gardens or pools.
    • Lots and rooms created using MOO can also cause items to disappear after placing them. Keep that in mind.
  • Houses and rooms should appear as they do in the thumbnail. Custom thumbnails will also prevent us from considering your item for curation.
  • We do not curate content that resembles or mentions copyrighted content. We are sorry to that gorgeous castle from Frozen.
  • We are impressed of how creative you can get when resizing items. That’s fine as long as those items are not missing when placing the room/lot or do not flicker.
  • The complexity of the room/lot could be important when considering items for curation. But do not be discouraged! We also love simple rooms or starter lots!
  • Price of the room/lot does not factor into our decision.
  • We do not always test the item on the same lot or season they were created, but this does not impact the likelihood of selection.

– General

  • We do not curate anything that violate our Terms of Service. You can find them here.
  • We will only curate original content. Content from other users that has been re-uploaded will not be considered. Please respect your fellow creators.
  • Item description and profile gallery page should not contain any offensive or inappropriate content or language.
  • We really like holiday-based creations! So do not hesitate to build and share all your themed items when those holidays are near!
  • We do not only curate items from established content creators. We also try to highlight newly added items from smaller and unknown creators.

Share with Us! 

We are always on the hunt for cool recently uploaded creations in the Gallery, but you can always help by recommending other player’s creations using these threads (that we check daily):

For Lots

For Rooms

For Households

However, these are not the only channels that we use! We also check out items that are shared on Twitter and Reddit and even our SimGurus pass along items that are shared with them. We also try to keep up with the showcase/challenge threads that are found throughout the forums.

We hope you found this information helpful. We look forward to continuing checking out your wonderful creations! Happy Simming!

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Jovan Jovic

Founder of the Sims Community website. I do plenty of things around here including writing articles such as "Top 10 Disney Princesses in The Sims", social media management, video content creation, streaming and more!


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  • I’m glad it was mentioned again that people need to respect other people’s works. It’s frustrating how often lots and households are reuploaded by others just to get some favs or downloads because they’re being so lazy not to create their own works instead and learn to improve their skills overtime like others do. Some of them are just so outright shameless and bold about it.

    • It’s funny, because I can usually find the people that steal my content with my custom tags. Often times, they’re too lazy to change the description which makes it easy to hunt them down and report them.

      Sometimes, though, I think it’s new users who don’t realize they’re uploading lots to the gallery as opposed to saving them.

  • All of my creations that have been curated by maxis were recommended by other users on the forum thread for nominations. I’m not sure if they’re using that anymore, though.

    I always playtest my builds, ensure my sim households have outfits for every category (and I mix up the hairstyles, accessories, etc.), and then test to make sure nothing flickers and that everything is placed properly when the lot/room is placed without cheats.

    When saving lots and rooms I make sure the image is from the best angle, with the best lighting. This means messing with time of day and possibly weather, and sometimes means I might have to move to a different lot to get the best lighting/angle/background. When sharing rooms, I like capturing the light that comes through the windows, and always save with walls partially down so the thumbnail captures the room well.

    Finally, a thorough description with appropriate tags helps a lot.

    • Also, even though I’ve had a lot of creations curated/maxis faved, they never featured my most popular builds. My magnolia bakery, ultra modern home and other venues are more popular than anything maxis has faved of mine.

  • @Islaroses I totally agree with you, that many times it newer users who do not realize they are reuploading items to the gallery. I was guilty of the same thing when I first started playing. :) I was very happy to see your comment, as I have thought this for quite some time.. and feel badly for those who are still learning, yet get reported and ridiculed in the comments of their items.

  • Please would you check out my Spanish town I worked for 6 hours on it.

    Its called Spanish town square
    I placed it in oasis springs.