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Laptops are finally coming to The Sims 4 with the next Game Pack

It might be a rather small addition for The Sims 4 players but it’s definitely the one that many requested for a long period of time.

Laptops. They’re finally coming to The Sims 4! Are they going to be exclusive to the upcoming Game Pack? We don’t know yet considering that the image down below has been shared along with other tweets and images from other SimGurus promoting the Game Pack 7.

It could be a case where laptops arrive to The Sims 4 with a free game update or it could be something exclusive to the Game Pack. Hopefully SimGurus clarify more information after tomorrow’s big reveal!

Written by Jovan Jovic

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  1. I was just thinking that this would be the next Requested feature we’d get! Hopefully Sims can use it on their lap (on the ground, on chairs, etc)!

  2. I really hope they add a feature where you have bunk beds and also have your period. Just trying to be realistic
    Also some witches and stuff

  3. My theory about it is that it is zombies and there is the army and stuff too. Idk though but I’m excited and I’m totally getting it

  4. it looks like they’re crazed or something. The releases are always top secret info, this looks like area 51 type play…maybe it has something to do with University , like if you go to a university you’ll end up crazy lol. Looks like there’s camper trailers- maybe just for show but it looks cool. It could be SOOO MANY THINGS 😉

  5. I really really hope there is an army themed interactive career…. although if it’s only a game pack probably not that advanced but that would be so cool!! It would be great if they could evolve all the careers to active ones through release of EPs as they are my fave way to play the game. It reminds me of bustin out with the goals to achieve in a way

  6. Why is the laptop so ugly? It doesn’t even look like a laptop. What happened between TS3 and now that they can’t make a normal-looking laptop?

  7. Excuse me!!…where can I purchase stranger ville for the Xbox one ?..I can’t seem to find it or the know how on how to get it..

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