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Win a copy of The Sims 4 ULTIMATE Edition!

We’re kicking off our 6th year Anniversary Giveaway with a bang!

The first giveaway that we’re having is the biggest (and the longest one) and includes a special copy of The Sims 4 Ultimate Edition, specially crafted by Electronic Arts for the purpose of this giveaway.

The Sims 4 Ultimate Edition is a one-of-a-kind code that contains ALL The Sims 4 Games for PC / Mac including The Sims 4 Base Game, all Expansion Packs, all Game Packs and all Stuff Packs which are currently available in The Sims 4 Series.

If it just so happens that the winner of this code has The Sims 4 Base Game or any of Sims 4 Packs registered on their account, this code will update their library with a complete collection.

This is the first (of many) giveaways we’re having. To keep better track of all of the entires we’re hosting this giveaway on Sims Community Social. If you don’t have an account you can easily create one and enter the giveaway. Just make sure you follow the specific rules that we’ve linked within the giveaway thread down below!

Click below to enter the giveaway!

Make sure you also follow us on the following social media outlets as there are going to be giveaways on both Sims Community Social and some of our social media platforms:

Written by Jovan Jovic

Founder of the Sims Community website. I do plenty of things around here including writing articles such as "Top 10 Disney Princesses in The Sims", social media management, video content creation, streaming and more!


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  1. This is awesome!!! I so want this and pray I get picked 🙂 but good luck everyone #simsisnumber1 #simsrock #bestgameever

  2. Arrrrgh.
    I already have them all but sadly it’s for the PS4.

  3. OMG!! So excited for this … I wish if I win this giveaway … This is my biggest dream to have sims 4 with all packs on Origin … please please…,

  4. This would be so cool to have! I started playing the Sims back in 2003 and I’ve never fallen out of love with it. I only have base game for sims 4 as ive never quiet got the money as I’m currently moving out but this would so rad to have!

  5. the sims is the only video game I play and i’d love to immerse myself in it with all the packs :)! Good Luck everyone!

  6. Good luck to everyone!!!!
    I hope to win this because I can’t access all of the packs so I would love this!!!!

  7. Hopefully I win but I’d be happy whoever wins because this is such an amazing prize ! Good luck to you all ❤️

  8. Hi my name is Destiny Martin this was be a huge blessing to win I’m going to be graduating from college soon and this would be a huge stress reliever sims 4 is my favorite game of all time I have so many ideas I want to have my sims do but because of my financial situation right now I’m unable to do that I try to collect packs once every month but I haven’t had the money this would mean a lot to me thank you all for your generosity and God bless

  9. This is such a great opportunity for us that don’t have enough money but really want the sims 4 packs! This would be great to win, and I honestly would probably cry if I got it!!

  10. Yooo this is the coolest thing i have ever seen!! def entering and good luck to everyone else aswell <3 <3

  11. my sister is incurably ill and i would like to be cheerful with such a super cool gift especially because she is a very fan of sims 4 and that it is all she can do

    Instagram: quirien_qiwi

  12. Good luck everyone!! I’m so excited to hear who wins. I not so secretly hope it’s me…
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  13. I would love to have everything I’m missing magically appear all at once in my library! Lol Congrats on 6 years! ❤️❤️❤️

  14. I would probably fall on the ground and die if I won this, I’m not getting much for my birthday this year because we’re moving my birthday is on the 13th of May and like I said I would probably drop dead or cry. The sims is the only game I play and really what I do with my life on a day to day basis . But good luck to everyone who’s entering, I know I’m not the only one who’s wants this very badly so good luck guys.❤️❤️❤️

  15. Can anyone else not comment on the thread they posted, i think its because i haven’t verified my email but the email hasn’t come up im not sure what to do

  16. I’ve been playing this game since 2012 and I would love to have more packs as I can’t afford them being a student ❤️

  17. Thank you so much for the opportunity Jovan! I am glad to ser how The Sims Communitu fanpage keeps growing every year. Cheers! I wish you and your team keep bringing us the quality content, we all love, for many years more!

    Happy 6th anniversary.

  18. I really hope I win this if I don’t well I just want wish everyone good luck. I always wanted is to get all the packs but I have no money and i only have base game.

  19. Lately I’ve been in a really bad mind set. I feel like I’m dumb and I’m getting frustrated. Sims has been my escape it makes me feel creative and I love it. I started playing sims 3 and lead me into a brand new world. I love with a passion and I actually have been saving up for some packs.. it’s a dream for to actually have sims youtube one day. Anyways good luck all x

  20. This looks amazing! What an amazing oppourtiny! I wish everyone luck, who is entering. I would enjoy to have this ultimate pack to fully experience the Sims 4, since I’ve been playing in November! ♡ Its all I play, 24/7 and it would be an honor to receive this reward.

  21. Good Luck to everyone who tries out! I think it’s kinda cool that this giveaway ends 3 days after my birthday! Have fun, yall!

  22. I would love to try and win this for my little sister-in-law. She is 11-12 years old and loves to play on the computer and sometimes PlayStation.

  23. hey I accidently add more then one comment only two comment for the giveaway dose it me im disqualify? and how to remove the second comment for the give away?

  24. This is such a cool giveaway! I pray to the Lord of all Llamas that I win! And if I don’t win, good job to whoever does :)) #sims4

  25. I could finally give my kids their own version of the game lol! Good luck to all and thanks for the chance!

  26. Omg I’m so excited it would be a dream to have all these packs cause I can’t afford them. But good luck everyone!

  27. I would love to win this, I’ve always been a huge sims fan from the beginning. I’ve played on console and pc for as long as I can remember.

  28. This would be aaaaaaaamazing for me and my daughter. I’ve been playing the sims games since I was her age at 9 and she’s just getting into it. We would love to have all the expansions!

  29. My sim Journey has been amazing. My best friend showed my Sims a year and I’ve been hooked ever since. This would be an amazing chance to win every pack considering I just get my gaming laptop just for sims and I only have get famous. Good luck to everyone who joins this amazing opportunity

  30. OMG!!! My birthday is on the 8th of May. It would be a DREAM to be picked!! Even if I don’t get picked. I’m happy for those who do and I really want to thank you guys for doing these type of things!!❤

  31. Wow I’m so happy you’re doing this giveaway, congrats on your anniversary!!!✨ I’m a die hard fan of the sims so I hope you’ll stay online many years to come, I also hope to win the prize , anyway thanks for your hard work guys!! ️♥️

  32. I did it! Love you guys, and I would love a chance to win! Thanks for always showing me the new sims news!

  33. I sincerely hope this is the correct thread. Anyways, buying the sims 4 was cool. Winning every pack would be c o o l e r

  34. I know I won’t win but there’s a small chance that I will anyway I wish all of you good luck!!!! 🙂

  35. I would absoloutely love if I won this but even if I don’t this is still an amazing giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  36. I would loveeeeee this !!! My origin is Maxine0215 ! I play this game nonstop to the point that my friends end up playing

  37. I would love to win this comp because i have been wanting to own the sims 4 for 6 years basicly since it came out. Love the sims 3! My family has money isues so i have never been able to get the game. It would be a mirical if i won this givaway

  38. What an awesome opportunity gor someone! I know on e they learned to play The Sims 4 they would love it as much as i do. Congratulations on your anniversary. I Wish everyone good luck. But i must say i would love to win the also. Thank you talented awesome people who work so hard to make these games so incredible!

  39. This is amazing! I’ve wanted the Sims 4 for so long. Good luck everyone! my birthday is coming up so it would be an amazing gift!! ❤️

  40. This would be amazing to win! I have most if not all from the previous generations, but am missing majority of 4. I’ve been playing the sims since the original nearly 2 decades ago and haven’t been able to put it down since!

  41. This is an amazing opportunity for everyone, such an amazing idea, I would be over the moon, good luck fellow simmers ❤️❤️

  42. Hi i life in italy and Spike italy and analisi, i love the sims 4, for my the sims 4 is the more beautiful the abitua e game

  43. It would be super funny to win becuse i have playd sims sens 2015 and i love it!! Would be great whit some new stuffs in it.

  44. Holy moly. Ive played sims ever since it first came out but i don’t have all the packs and frankly no where near having them all. Good luck to everyone else!

  45. I would love to win this prize as I am a massive sims fan I’ve had every single one from day one sims the first sims 2 sims 3 and now sims 4 and I’ll be buying sims 5 when it comes out

  46. I’m entering this for my 8 year old cousin who’s too young to have her own email address at the moment. She adores sims and would be so excited if she won!

    But good luck to everyone, fingers crossed for you all

  47. Oh my gosh yes please!!! Oh please oh please oh please!
    Been playing sims since I was a kid! <3
    ZanyZanyaA on origin for anyone who wants friends!

  48. I would be so happy if I got the Sims 4 because I’ve wanted this game for so long but my parents can’t afford it.
    Good luck everyone

  49. I would love to win this because my game is crashing at this moment and i think that this new one would solve this problem. Anyways, even though i will not win, i hope that the chosen one will use the game wisely. Congratulations from now to the winner and good luck to everyone!!❤❤

  50. This is huge! I’ve managed to get all of sims 2&3 so of course I’m going for this!
    Good luck to everyone, too!

  51. I really want to win this giveaway because i only have the game and i really love all the Expation packs, Game packs and Stuff packs……. hope i win❤

  52. Omg this would be amazing for my little sis. Bcs her bday was the 3th of May and today is her bdayparty. And would be a perfect present for her bcs she littarly plays it every day. ❤️

  53. I really hope I win this, I have two packs and I’d love to have more of it because it’s an amazing game!❤ Best of luck everybody!!

  54. Good luck everyone, fingers cross I get it. I play all the time, but I’m a student I can’t afford a lot of the games.

  55. I don’t have any of them, cause I’m just poor.
    It would be great if I win, but good luck everyone ✌️

  56. It has been always a goal for me to buy all the packs but due to my broke situation i think winning this will make it like dream come true

  57. Please please pick me my birthday is on the 7 th and it would be amazing to get this as I am a broke college kid and I can’t afford all of it

  58. omg id actually love this because my dad cant get the expansion packs and all that stuff this would be brilliant for me and to everyone else i wish yous all good luck

  59. Is it Christmas yet as this is the best gift ever!!! I would love to win it. I have been playing sims since sims 1 came out.

    Really love the games and would love to have all the packs for the sims 4 to add to my collection.

    I already own all of sims 1 , sims 2 and sims 3 packs.

    Good luck to everyone!!!!

  60. This giveaway is good for broke simmers like me lolol..I’ve been watching people playing Sims 4 on youtube and wishing to have it one day but I’m too broke 🙁 .. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE !! never lose hope! keep praying ..

  61. I thought it said u have to follow them on all social media platforms to enter the giveaway , I just made 4 new acc?!?!? AHAHA lol x Hope I win x

  62. I am a bit confused how to enter. Could anyone explain to me, because I would really like to win this. Thank you.

  63. Bonne chance à tous !!!!!!!
    J’espère vraiment gagner car je n’ai aucun pack et j’aimerai vraiment m’amuser avec merci !!!!!!

  64. I’d love to be the winner as I absolutely love the sims 4 and I play it all the time, the expansion pack i especially like is get famous, I’ve been playing the game for years now and I would really appreciate it if I could have the chance to win! Thank you ❤️

  65. I have been hooked since the first one came out!! I would love to win this. Good luck to everyone 🙂

  66. I Hope i win. I love this game really much and I don’t have money enough to by sims4 games by myself. So I really hope i win.


    Can’t believe it.. I really really need that 😀

    Wish everyone a nice day 🙂

    • yeah I know right Console is always left out, we don’t get giveaways, our packs rarely go on sale, and we get the packs last.

  68. I would like to enter. I love the sims and I really want to win, but good luck to everyone else.

  69. Happy 6th anniversary <3
    I hope anyone who sees this comment has fun simming, with or without all the packs!
    Good luck to everyone, including myself.

  70. I’ve been playing the sims since the very beginning of sims 1. I have some of the sims 4 content but not all, so would love to win the rest!

  71. I hope that I win. I have been playing since the I was in college and that was a long long time ago. Lol Love ❤️ the Sims games.

  72. Goodluck to who ever wins!! The sims community is so amazing, you could say its the best community. Because we have the best white shelves around !

  73. Thank you for this amazing opportunity! I honestly know I won’t win, but congrats to your 6th year anniversary!

  74. If I get this it would be amazing if not I will have to wait till December beacause that is when i get money and i really love the sims i have been playing since 2013 so just before sims 4 came out. All I will say is good luck to everyone!

  75. Sims have always been part of me, I can live out my fantasy or even be who I wanna be. So I would love to win this! Good luck to all!

    • May the best person win ! Good luck to all. The Simscommuinty has come so far and for this to do such a huge giveaway for us, is amazing. Once again good luck to everybody!

  76. Wow! Fantastic giveaway! 😀 I don’t need it since I already have all the packs, but I want to wish everyone else good luck! I hope it goes to a person who really needs it! 🙂

  77. I really hope that I win because um a huge simmer and I live making Sim series and challenges if I win this it would mean Soo much to me I love Everything that EA offer when it the Sims ❤️ ❤️

  78. Good luck everyone!. Just to let yall know that no matter who wins, your all winners!. Let god be under your hearts!. #GoodLuck #Sims4Rule #Sims4life 🙂

  79. I’ve already registered.
    I hope to be very lucky, since I have never won anything and with this big draw I am very happy, and wish it was mine.
    I’ve been to the Sims since the Sims 2 and since then I haven’t lost any expansion game, neither content nor accessories. I’m a great player. I can’t stop playing. Thank you for this great gift!
    Good luck to all!


  80. I’m a long time lover of THE SIMS. Since thevery beginning. This is an awesome opportunity. Goff luck everyone and congratsto the winners (hippie I’m one)

  81. I have all of the packs of the sims 4, so I can’t enter this giveaway. Good luck to all the simmers than can participate.

  82. A real Sims fan would know that this is a worthless “prize” to go after. Sims 2 Ultimate edition is something to strive for and a complete series of Sims 3 would be as well.

  83. Woweee my sister is obsessed with sims I wanna have more than her (btw,I’m using my moms email bc I’m only 10 )

  84. And what about ps4 or Xbox one players? No gallery, nothing. At this moment I feel like it was waste of my money. And now only PC, how cool is that?

  85. I hope I win because I’m never lucky with any giveaways and I’ve always wanted a sims 4 game so bad. Thank you guys for doing this

  86. Would truly love to win!! I share my account with one of my best friends and we’re both pumped that I’m entering us!

  87. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I would like to enter so I could get it for my friend who shares this account because it is her upcoming birthday. I love the sims because I think its sooooo fun to create houses and playing the gameplay! If I win it would be sooo awesome. If you would mind could you contact me on my email ( or Instagram ( Lily_mancer )?
    Thanks again and good luck to everyone!!!! xx Origin is hopellen

  88. Absolutely would love to win as I’m very passionate about the sims 4 and I’ve been playing it for 3 years and have been since. It’s such a great game
    Please pick me
    Thank you xx

  89. Absolutely would love to win as I’m very passionate about the sims 4 and I’ve been playing it for 3 years and have been since. It’s such a great game
    Please pick me
    Thank you xx

  90. hello,
    i have to say this is THE ultimate sims 4 giveaway in which i am very pleased with even though its high likely that i won’t get the chance to win it ^^
    Good luck to u simmers!!!

  91. i been waiting for this since 2016 and now 2019
    and i do ot want to disturb my faily to buy this game…
    i hope i have a chance to wi this giveaway

  92. It would be amazing to get the entire pack! I used to have a lot of TS3 but these days I cannot get TS4 but I played my friends game and it is so cool! Good luck to everyone! Hopefully someone who does not have a lot of the TS4 can win!

  93. I’m honestly just wanting to win this so I can give it to my little sister and then ask her if she allows me to play it

  94. ohhh myyyy beannnsss would love to win this :'( Thanks for the opportunity Jovan, EA, The Sims & good luck to all 🙂

  95. Hey simscommunity! My name is chauvonne I’m 15. For the first time on May, 22nd 2019 I earned myself excellent grades! I had 5 A’s and 1 B which I was very surprised about. I’ve been playing sims 4 for 2 years now. I had some packs on a different computer but it got deleted and I’m now left with non. I’m hoping I could win the giveaway as a little “reward” for finally getting good grades. I’ve worked so hard for it and I absolutely love Thesims4! I hope whoever is reading this has a blessed day and hopefully if I don’t win you have hope that you can too (:

  96. I hope to win the whole edition! I’m going to start a story based Instagram in a week or so. Good Luck Everyone!!!

  97. Hi, I’m from Indonesia. I have played the Sims from my age of 15 to now 25 years. Starting from the Sims 1 – The Sims 4 and playing on mobile. The Sims is a fun game

  98. It would would mean the world to me if I could win this, but since I probably won’t…. good luck to everyone! I only have Cats and Dogs so this would really make a difference to my game and I’d be so happy if you picked me!

  99. I have follow you guys on all social media platforms and I hope you pick me because it will mean the world and I am struggling to get all of the packs. Good Luck everyone!!!

  100. I would absolutely love to win this, it would make me soooo happy. I have been a fan of the sims for so long and have been playing for years!!!!! Can’t wait till sims 5 is released ❤️ keep doing what you’re doing sims team, you make so many people happy!!!

  101. I would love to have this package as I’m just starting out as a game streamer/YouTuber. It would be awesome to have all the packs to feature in my game and design builds. So please pick me.

  102. Dearest Sims 4 programmers, please pick me for this giveaway! I have been a devoted Simmer since the Sims 3, watched YouTubers played the Sims, and I know the game like the back of my hand! The game has helped me deal with my urge of control, unleashed my creativity, and allowed me to relax.
    Good luck to everyone<!

  103. Since the sims 4 came out that’s all I wanted to play. However, I didn’t have the money nor a computer to play it on. But, how times have changed I just bought sims 4 and don’t have any packs at all. Being able to win the giveaway would be a dream. Even if I don’t get picked, I still appreciate the opportunity

  104. I love the sims, and would be very happy to win, i also wanted the deluxe pack, since i wont be buying a pack anytime soon and that makes me very sad, thank you 🙂

  105. My fingers are crossed ! I’ve spent so many dollars on sims and still lack so much so this would be super cool! Also this forum is awesome and I’m glad to have found it!! Happy simming folks and good luck 🙂

  106. thanks for being generous giving away all the packs xxx

    good luck to everyone who entered <3

    I too will enter x <3


  108. This is honestly my dream. I have always wanted the sims ever since it came out. I got the base game for Christmas 2018. I have a few packs but we don’t have a lot of money to keep buying them. I would love so much if u could choose me as your winner. I would appreciate it so much! Love the sims. #sims4 #dream #6yeargiveaway

  109. Live his game it’s so addicting and has allowed me to be able to create people from my choice it’s such a good game and I would recommend it to anyone, thank you for the amazing content and packs
    Please pick me otherwise wish everyone else the best of luck!

  110. Ever since July 2016 I’ve been so enticed in this game, honestly has no flaws at all and has come so far since the beginning I absolutely love this game and the things you can do in it it’s inspired me to be more creative, this is by far my favourite game ever and thank you to the people who made it possible I would honestly be so grateful if this could be my prize either way I will still keep being with the sims 4 forever so again thank you so much and best of luck to everyone else who feels the same!!

  111. I doubt I will win, but it would be amazing if I could since its been a rough few years for me with money issues and other things, it would be amazing if I could just get this too show even if lifes hard karmas got your back to cheer you up.

  112. i don’t know if this is where im supposed to comment since ive never really been on here before but good luck everyone!!<33

  113. I always wanted the Sims! I recently bought the basegame but I cannot afford anything more. It would honestly be a simmers dream come true!

  114. I am entering this giveaway with full intention that I might not get it but I am hoping for the best! Good luck to everyone!!

  115. I really hope I get picked. I’ve been a fan of Sims for so long, even though I’m so young. I remember when Sims 4 first came out and how bad I wanted it because I played Sims Freeplay and Sims 3 Pets in the Xbox. When I finally got it, my friends and I played it all the time. I really want all of the packs so I can have more stuff to do in the game.

  116. oh gosh please. i remember doing this with the sims 2 ultimate edition which was my first time ever playing the sims.

  117. This would be an absolute dream! I am an aspiring sims builder and I only have a few packs that are very limiting to what I like creating and what the majority of people use. I am only young so it means that saving for packs is hard but I still try to! My sims insta is @tom_the_sims_builder

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