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A Simmer is creating a Sims 4 Custom Stuff Pack following The Sims Team’s footsteps


I’m always get amazed when I see Custom Content creators devoting their time to build a whole new set of custom items for The Sims 4 – also known as “Fanmade Stuff Packs”. The creators give their best to bring a wide variety of items and they always make sure that the items fit into The Sims 4’s Art Style (a term also known as Maxis Match).

Creator Max 20 is known for bringing plenty of new items to life for players, such as this adorable Easter set…

…or this detailed wardrobe that comes with different color variations:

(Shhh – he’s also really talented at creating fanmade renders featuring various elements from The Sims 4!)

However, his latest endeavour seems to be the biggest one he’s done so far!

A few weeks ago Max 20 published the following image, featuring a Concept Style overview of 32 modern-themed objects:

The concept art he posted is extremely detailed and they highly the Concept Art pieces posted by official concept artists that work for The Sims 4.

Down below you can see some of the examples from various concept artists including Stephanie Lew, Jocelyn Liang and Christina Chan:

The creator is taking things to a whole new level by not just creating new custom items for The Sims 4 – he’s almost completely following the path The Sims Team takes to create new items for the game!

Right now this unofficial Custom Stuff Pack is still under development but Max 20 made sure to share the progress he’s made on his profile. Check out some of the items he created so far:

The progress that he’s making for this Custom Content set is amazing, and more and more items are being turned into realisation each day.

This pack is already shaping up to be an amazing collection of custom items that I’m sure many of you will find interesting.

We’ll make sure to update you as soon as the pack becomes fully available for download. Until then you can follow Max 20 on his Twitter profile and be up to date of his development process!

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