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You can now download official Sims from the new (and old) The Sims 4 Box Art

The Sims 4’s new branding has introduced some new Sims that you can see all across the new promo material including the box art, official social media outlets and more.

The Sims Team wants to make sure you can have some fun with these Sims as well by uploading all of the Sims you see above to The Gallery!

Simply search for the “Maxis” Origin ID and you’ll find 9 new Households that each contain an individual Sim. Each Sim has its own backstory that you should definitely check out and each of them carry their own set of skills and careers that you’ll be able to play with in Live Mode!

Maxis also decided to bring back all of the characters that were used in promo material from 2014! You can find all of the Sims under this Origin ID.

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