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POSSIBLE LEAK: The Sims 4 University Expansion Pack coming this November

Please note that this post contains no official information / confirmation from The Sims Team and is only based on online findings.

It seems that the community’s cry for a Sims 4 University Expansion Pack are finally being heard. A Target employee @Christophuck has posted an image of what seems to be Target inventory information containing the name of The Sims 4’s next expansion pack and its release date.

The image lists The Sims 4 EP 8 (Expansion Pack 8) – Discover University and a street release date set for November 15th, 2019.

This leak could very much be true considering all of the information we’ve gotten in the last couple of months that have hinted towards the next expansion pack for The Sims 4 being released this year.

First, we’ve gotten information from EA’s careers listing that they’re prepping up a new Expansion Pack for The Sims 4 that should be out by the end of this year. This basically confirms the leak considering that the release date for the pack is set for November 15th, 2019 – all according to the image above.

Then, we’ve also gotten some official hints from The Sims Team in July from their official households that are hinting at University.

Combine all of this information with the leak above and it’s very likely that The Sims 4 University is the next Expansion Pack that we’re getting!

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  • I really dont want university. I want a farm/ranch pack where we can run a a farm, have cows, chicken, sheep, horses and goats. Have a farmers market, get wool and milk and use it in the cooking. Please think about this.

    • OMG my friend and I where just talking about how cool a ranch living pack would be! About the Uni pack, I didn’t want it at first but now i’m so exited that we might get one!

    • i’m so glad people think about something else than uni, and i must say your idea is super great, i would love to get this kind of exp/pack!

    • With the rise of vegetarianism and veganism, I really don’t think the Sims team will go down this road. While I like the idea and I could see why it would be fun to play, it’s not relevant in 2019.

      • @Brett, it will be relevant to a good number of people, as not everyone is vegan. It also seems pretty darn relevant if sooooo many people keep asking for a farm/ranch pack!

        Now, I don’t think they would have Sims killing any animals in the game — it would just be milk, eggs, butter churning, sheep shearing, spinning wool, etc., which while certainly not vegan, this would still be acceptable to vegetarians. We don’t have vegans in the game anyway, just vegetarians. It is an option both in the game and in real life, and not mandatory. :-)

    • I have been wanting a farm/ranch pack since sims 4 came out. I love the idea of a farmers market!

      It doesn’t even have to be a full expansion. A game pack would do just as well. Maybe this could be another community collaboration!

    • Do you genuinely think that EA are going to put the resources into developing something that requires brand new lifeforms, lot types, build/buy features, and gameplay that’s not currently part of the game? I lost that belief in EA long ago. I also don’t think they’re that comparable as university will likely be an expansion pack, whereas farms/ranches would be a game pack at most.

      The bottom line is that university is a more fitting expansion pack for the series; it can be used for storytelling in so many ways, it adds to the realism of the sims lives, and it’s great for making your sims more unique. It’s always been a bestseller and EA’s number one priority is profit so will prioritise it over more obscure packs. The problem with a farm pack is that it’s very niche – it would only be used by players who want to play with farms and produce, rendering it useless to players who aren’t interested in that stuff (meaning less money for £A). It’s also not that versatile as, unless you want to play with farms with all of your sims (in which case a farming simulator game would be better for you), it will likely go unused a lot of the time (such as vampires + the world). University can be adapted to lots of different directions of gameplay and to tell different stories, which is why it’s always been so popular.

      It’s a good idea and if they get through all the more versatile packs then I’d like to see stuff like this, but realistically it would only ever be a game pack as it’s too niche to be an expansion, and given the recent quality of TS4 packs I highly doubt that EA would do it justice.

      • Not sure about that. A ton of people have wanted a farming pack, especially with off the grid living now. You’re forgetting how many of us either play historical era playthroughs or challenges, along with those of us playing things like kennels and slice of life playthroughs. I honestly think a farming pack would do really well with a bunch of simmers. On one side you’d have the audience of people wanting to play the ‘American dream’ sort of families, on another you’d get the historical simmers, and on yet another you’d get those of us who are into interactive jobs + meaningful interactions and more complex storytelling.

        You’re forgetting that folk like myself are uninterested in University because it’ll likely end up being something with only a facade of interaction, with sure more content for people who like generations playthroughs, but if every other pack has been proof, University will likely be full of rabbit holes and even if it isn’t it’ll just be “click on things to fill a meter to get good grades so that your young adult sim gets /slightly/ better bonuses, but you’ll get tired of doing this after one time because it’s just added work that grants nothing special, just like Get to Work jobs once you max the career out”.

        University could be good (though as someone doing college stuff rn I can’t really imagine why anyone would ever want to relive any form of education experiences and would consider that to be a game) if done properly and if it allowed your sims to need it to get better jobs, etc. If they really worked it into the game system to a point where University felt extremely meaningful and gave you a real purpose for your sims, granted new traits, etc, things that would change your gameplay dramatically each time you did it, then I’m sure it’d be worth it even to me.

        But they won’t. They can’t work things too deeply because it’s a $40 expansion pack (most likely), not a free update, so they have to ensure players /not/ buying it will not be robbed too hard of gameplay features. Just like how Get to Work is so awful because they couldn’t make every job meaningful without refusing base game players a good experience too.

        University is going to become a thing that ends up feeling like a chore. We’re already seeing how the recent magic expansion is doing that. I bought it for build mode, luckily, but after an hour of playing I realised spells are either overpowered cheats or wastes of time.

        I really think that while Uni is popular right now considering the playerbase is often really into suburbian-white-straight-family playthroughs (that’s a joke sort of maybe), it’s never gonna live up to any expectations and will feel exactly the same way Island Paradise has. On the other hand, a farming pack being more niche is a good thing; the devs would have to put extreme focus on it and ensure the gameplay was rich, because if it wasn’t there would be no reason to buy it.

        Same with Vampires. It’s one of the best packs, and I say that as someone who doesn’t care about vampire stuff at all. The gameplay is ten times deeper than almost any other pack because the specificity of it meant the devs /had/ to make sure the one thing they were selling was great.

        I’d take a farming stuff pack over a uni expansion any day. Not just because of preference. Mainly because one of them would be fleshed out and specificity would prompt actual quality, and the other will likely be empty and meaningless and hinder storytelling more than it helps it.

    • Having listened to the video in question I’m sceptical. He called them to confirm that the product number is genuine and when the release was but didn’t ask them to confirm the title of the product which seems to me to be a very curious omission.

    • I wasn’t interested in cars until I read ‘garages’ in your comment omg. Imagine a stuff pack (maybe game pack idk) with all sorts of garage related stuff, but also new gas station venues and jobs there, as well as mechanic venues.

      I would actually scream if a transportation pack came out and maybe even had airport venues? Sims could take pilot careers, and you could use a plane as a way to travel between destinations!

      Your sim could take a mechanic job and go into working on cars at a mechanic shop or planes at an airport.

      I haven’t cared about cars until now. I would screech for that kind of cool stuff though.

  • I was looking forward to either university or a farming/country pack so I’m pleased if this all pans out and hopefully no one gets fired. I hope there is a teacher/professor active job and some more odd jobs. I would love if they added a campus police officer too.

    • I didn’t know you could develop relationships with other characters, have pets, pursue other jobs, become a vampire, and build your own homes/venues and characters in Farming Simulator.

      So if you want University. There is one, it’s called “going to college in real life”. Funny concept. Go invest in that.

      It’s almost like nobody wants a farming game the same way nobody wants to actually suffer through college. We want the Sims to have these things, not to be about them.

      Not a difficult concept.

  • I just want it to not get repetitive after 5 minutes! That’s all I want!!! (not really, here’s my list lmaooo)
    I hope they flesh out extracurriculars, similar to how child sims can join scouts or drama club. They could join sports teams, arts societies, music groups etc. It doesn’t have to be super immersive, they just disappear for a couple of hours once or twice a week just like work/school. For example, a sim on a sports team could have training Mon/Wed/Fri and need to work out as preparation, with low performance generating a “not picked for the team” sad moodlet etc, and occasionally they have a game where their household members can choose to attend (like a performance for drama club).

    A teacher career would be great BUT I would also really like to see the addition of a career for playing a sport professionally! They could have an unlockable career that is only available to sims who join sports teams in university, similar to how playing college football can lead to an NFL career. This could be boosted by Get Famous too as they could gain fame from playing in college and fame points could be attached to athletic actions performed by sims in the sports career. I’ve tried to play stories with a sim who is a famous professional footballer but it doesn’t translate in gameplay as the athletics career is meh and you have to gain fame separately, so the gameplay really can’t carry the story.

    I definitely hope that there are career jumps from having degrees, and also special traits that enhance performance (not that it’s hard to begin with lol) such as a sim with a medicine degree starts at level 4 and has a trait which makes diagnosis odds more successful, a politics degree gives a trait which makes them more trustworthy and easy to earn votes.

    New holiday trait additions to the calendar so you can create things such as pep rallies, parents weekend, post-exam blowouts. Also new social events: some sort of dorm/frat/sports party that’s a bit wilder than regular partying (“juice” kegs, streaking, “juice” pong) AND a special graduation event that unlocks when you complete your course! You go to a special ceremony lot and wear graduation robes and can invite family and your uni mates (if they’re also graduating then they wear robes too, if this gets overlooked I will riot), and it can just be some good wholesome fun.

    Realistically very little of this will probably happen, but they are pretty much all examples of features that could be implemented without requiring loads of brand new gameplay to be developed. I’m sure I will be disappointed but not surprised, but we can still dream.

  • I’m looking forward to this being possibly released and I do hope they allow you to build dorms/rental unites for the sims as they did it once before with one of the others… As that would open the doors to us creating rentals again, but God knows what they will do or if they ever will again with Sims 4 Discover University or not.

  • Why can we have something that has never been on sims 1,2,3, and make it a new game in sims 4 like running a farm great idea running your own business from start we already have uni on sims 3 but college comes before uni

  • I always loved the University gameplay. Maybe they could compromise and do University with a veterinarian field with 2 new animals for the farm life players. Let University also include a field for a mechanic, that gets the transportation players out of the way.

    These games aren’t quick and easy to produce and I’m not trying to wait 2+ yrs for different expansion/stuff packs.

    Let’s just enjoy what we get. We are gonna buy it any way. We buy all the games. I do.