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The Sims 4: Preview of tomorrow’s Update

SimGuruFrost has shared a preview of tomorrow’s update for The Sims 4 on PC / Mac! The update, along with some bug fixes and improvements will also include one male and one female robot costume in celebration of Halloween!

Stay tuned to our website for full patch notes coming tomorrow!

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  • I assume they’ll update the potions so they actually cost something since they know about it and it’s a very easy fix compared to actual bugs. I’m rather shocked that slipped by them. And I really wished they’d just create npc spellcasters instead of using regular sims to fill the need for the magic realm. No thank you to spell casters being Nancy Landgrabb or Dina Caliente etc.

    • And yes I am aware of the mod and plan to use it once I’m finished building and finishing up in CAS. <_< I haven’t gotten in much gameplay since I’ve found a love of CAS and building. My only gripe about CAS is that I think because of my ultra settings and graphics card some of the textures look noticeably poor and it really limits clothing options, including cc, since it bugs me. I’m only assuming that’s the cause because if it’s something else that’s fixable I’d love to know.

  • I actually have an idea for a sims 4 seasons pack, i would like to see maybe something like zodiac signs but more elements themed probably like fire sims in fall and water sims in summer earth sims in spring and air sims in winter like air sims are more calm,water sims are upset faster,earth sims are 2 faced and fire sims can’t control their temper. I also think it would be good to add a whole birthday system maybe like if you want a child sim to stay a child for a little longer you get the option to age them up or keep them a child, i lastly would like to see the option to choose a sims birthday season/month I’m not sure about day because it would be difficult especially since i have my seasons date set to 2 weeks , i hope you could consider my ideas keep swimming and happy Halloween!

  • hopefully make it so when Sims that are in the Magic Realm are wearing an outfit that fits that place. Instead of women wearing men’s pants in which they look like they have to take a dump. Ya know I have a bunch of Wiccan CAS and it would be cool for them to show up in said Outfits I assign them to wear.

  • plus is it possible for Sims to have a long period of discussions after an introduction. Instead of walking up to your Sims and then the discussions dissolves soon as they’re in range. Like a chat meter or something. I mean can you imagine that, someone comes up to you to say Hi and midway you’re saying Goodbye, kind of rude there.

    • It’s only those using the specific OS. Not all MAC users will have this issue. They’ve been lightly warning people that this change would come as it is holding the game back for others if they keep making things that are often outdated compatible snd unsupported by its creators/company such as windows XP.