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Simmer makes a video concept on how Hair Color Wheel could work in The Sims 4

Hey Simmers,

Simanoid here! I just saw something SO cool that I know you’ll all love to see as well. A color wheel concept to change hair color freely in The Sims 4.

Our fellow Simmer, Matthew, @SimMattically created a concept of how a color wheel could work for hair in The Sims 4, and honestly, it looks pretty darn cool.


Watch the video down below:

We can probably all agree this feature would be an amazing addition to the base game as there are plenty of us who struggle to  create Sims with a variety of hair colors, cause well… we don’t have much variety at all.

What do you think Simmers? Chat about it in the comments below.

What are your thoughts and what else would you love to see integrated into the base game?

Don’t forget to follow the amazing Matthew on Twitter – @SimMattically

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Sul Sul, I am Cay, aka Simanoid. I’m a 24 year old aspiring music artist who has been obsessed with Sims since the first installment of the game franchise. I’ve always loved every aspect of the game; including those pesky technical difficulties that cause game problems. It’s a challenge and learning experience so yeah, that can be fun too… and frustrating! Oh! Did I mention I’m a bit of a CC addict? XD


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  • That would be a great feature! I would love if they added that because my hair doesn’t match any of the hair colors that are offered. The blondes are too light and the browns are too dark, so it’d be great if we could make custom hair colors.

    • It was the one thing i was EXTREMELY disappointed in the sims 4 for not having, so if they made this happen, id play it sooooo much more

      • Honestly I dont even know why they haven’t thought about this before!!! It would be way more fun trying the different colors on the hair I’m already getting excited!

  • There needs to be more variety in color in the cloth color as well this is a good start but as in sims 3 you can change the color if the shoes and clothing and the patterns that would make a great deal of change to the sims 4 all together

      • Most of the reasoning behind why certain elements were not included is to improve game performance. So yeah, EA had to cut a lot of our favorite features out. TS4 I feel is a beautiful game and we shouldn’t always be comparing it with its predecessors. BUT that doesn’t mean a few things can’t be tried ;)

    • I absolutely agree, and was going to post something to this point! I also wish there were more cloth Choices like in the Sims 3.

  • This would be a great addition to the Sims 4! I’ve struggled to find current hair colors that appeal to my liking. Even trying to find cc is hard. I’m a very pickey person (unfortunately). Maybe this could even be added in clothes. There are many clothes I like in the Sims but… They just aren’t the right color that appeal to me. It’s unfortunate this color wheel is only for our cats and dogs. ;-; But as I will say again, this would be a great addition to the Sims 4. :D

  • That would be very helpful especially for console players like me since we don’t get CC,sadly,but other than that it would have a gray impact!

  • This would be awesome! It would be so great to have better color options! I hope this is something they integrate into the game!

  • It would be so cool! I also hope for a feature to change the colors of the accessories that come with the haircuts (such as ribbons, clip-ons, etc..).

  • That would be so cool! I would also feel like adding heights on sims would be cool, because I’m one of the people who don’t like using cc, and most I’ve looked up for the different heights have bugs when it comes to relationships and stuff.

    • Simpepper, I personally want heights more than a color wheel (expressing a comparison) tbh hahaha. I just like variety so much and I don’t like using the height mods because it kinda bothers me while playing.

  • I love this. I miss the ultimate customization in sims 3. Though I understand wanting the game to run smoother…i miss those patterns. This color wheel would be awesome throughout the game to satisfy what’s missing

  • Guys, it’s nit possible anymore, that would cause ALL CC hairs to broke and would be only reparable recreating the whole. It does is possible, it does will make your loading a lot longer, but it does not will be made

  • That’s the biggest thing I hate in the sims 4 that the variety of colors in everything sucks! I would play it so much more if I didn’t first have to spend 10000 hours to recolor stuff first

  • This is why I miss the previous two Sim iterations. Much more room for customizing and creativity built inside the base game than Sims 4. Please bring back color wheel, Maxis!

  • I have been hesitant to buy many of the expansions and other Sim 4 packs because even with a few expansions, the game is really lacking. As a long time Simmer (The Sims 1-4), it was a big disappointment. The base game definitely needs this!

  • Sure a color wheel is possible (anything is possible if you have access to the source code) and it could even be made to retain compatibility with existing CC, but they won’t. Sims 4 is old. They’d save color wheel tech for Sims 5 and use it as a selling point. I spent a lot of time messing around with color blend options for my Furry Mod and Sims 4 is actually very robust. Sims 4 already has many built in color blend options but they’re hard coded to each item. If those options were made visible in CAS you could have a wide range of customization. Unfortunately your average user is going to have a hard time understanding blend modes without a GUI.

  • Now hear me out what about a color wheel for skin!!? Like I know there’s cc for that but it would help if they added it to the base game because I’m always using the same 5 skin tones because the other ones don’t look as realistic as I like.

    • If the sims 4 was old than they wouldn’t still be making new content for the sims 4 they would be getting ready for the sims 5 so I know they are getting ready for the sims 5 because the sims4 is old but with all the updates and the new discover university expansion pack they are still working on the sims 4 not the sims 5 so there is still a chance for a color wheel for the sims 4.

  • I would like to see a feature where players can mix and match the clothing offered and layer certain clothing like a standard black shirt on top of a long-sleeved shirt. In addition, I would like the option of putting certain carry-ons for specific outfits. For example, a backpack or a guitar case for Businesswear or a bow and arrow for Sportswear. Also, I would like a small, medium, or large height option for every Sim age term.

  • I love the idea of a color wheel for hair!! And I might be going over board but maybe just maybe a color weel for eyes and possibly accessories but it’s up to you

  • I would love to have this feature in the sims 4. The sims 3 has color wheel for hair and items in build mode. I think it would be cool to bring the color wheel back for all aspects of the sims gameplay

  • The color wheel will be amazing. I hope they consider it. I remember the sims 3 we had a color wheel for everything plus we had the pattern thing where clothes and furniture could be different colors and patterns. It was amazing and fun to design. I hope they bring it back but I know not many things from the sims 3 will be put in the sims 4 cuz it’s more updated and there’s lots of cc but would be nice at least for a color wheel tho.

  • I would love to see a color wheel feature come back for more than just hair. I feel it’s really limiting in terms of objects when there’s only certain designs we can choose from. One thing I adored from Sims 3 was the color and pattern wheel that was available in create-a-Sim and build/buy mode

  • I feel like this is a must have feature.I also think they should bring back the option to choose different colors for roots, highlights, and lowlights just like the sims 3.

  • i would love it bring back customising colour like in sims 3that is one thing i really enjoy in sims 3 making your own colours

  • So is this just a “Simmer is good at video editing” article or did he ACTUALLY make a colour wheel (I know it’s the first one).

    Anyone can make a visual example of how this would work–it’s literally a colour wheel, the very thing people have been asking for for years.

    If it was an actual proof-of-concept, then I’d be impressed.