Discover University The Sims 4 Console

Countdown to the release of The Sims 4 Discover University on Xbox One & PS4

The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack will be releasing on Consoles in just a few days!

The pack is set to release for Xbox One and PS4 consoles on December 17th, 2019 at 10AM PT / 7PM CET / 6PM BT. We know, time zones can definitely get confusing which is why we included a handy countdown down below which counts to the exact moment of the pack’s release!

As soon as the timer hits zero, you’ll be able to download (if you pre-ordered already) or purchase the game from the official Playstation / Microsoft stores.

Are you ready for the release of Discover University on consoles? We’ve got you covered with tutorials, guides, overviews and more on our Discover University Post Category to get you started!

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  • Ahhh! I assumed it would drop at 12am PT on the 17th like they did for PC a month ago. I stayed up for nothing. So do the creators of Sims not like us console players or what?. I’m tired of always waiting….

  • I pre-ordered it, but my PS4 won’t allow me to download it. It just tells me an error has occurred. Anyone else have this problem? Or, should I just be patient and try again in an hour?

    • I called Sony’s customer service. All they could tell me is to wait a couple hours due to a possibility of servers being busy from multiple downloads. He did give me useful information that may help others however. Go to your settings, account mgmt, and restore your licenses in an hour or two. If it doesn’t restore, wait longer, if it does, should be able to download? I restored it and it gave me nothing but another error code, but Sony told me to wait an hour or two. And try again. Best of luck y’all

  • i pre ordered sims university last night with the expectation that i can just install and play as soon as it dropped, however when 10am hit i wasn’t able to download it. it keeps saying “download error”
    i almost bought it all over again because i’m inpatient lol. glad to see i’m not the only one having those issues though. hopefully it gets solved soon. we’ve been waiting TOO long for this.

  • It’s saying I didn’t buy it when I preordered it, called ps and they told me to wait another hour and a half. I waited all night for this game

  • I’m so glad I’m not the only one cause I’ve been trying to download it for 30 minutes and was bout to delete everything on my PS4 and pray it worked but omg it’s always something with us console players this better be fixed by tonight I wanna play

  • I ended up having to get a refund and buying the other copy just so it would download, if their going to release something for $40, and get everyone hyped up with the clock they should at least make sure it works 10/10 never preordering something for the sims again.

  • I too preordered it on ps4 and I am getting an error saying it can’t be downloaded. I really wish It dropped at midnight instead of this waiting game since we have already been waiting for it to drop on the consoles.