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The Sims 4: This Toilet / Sink Combo will make Tiny Bathrooms a lot more compact

The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack came out with some neat gameplay object combinations such as the All-In-One Entertainment item that packs the Stereo, TV and the Bookshelf all in one and the Murphy Bed which combines the Bed and Sofa.

However, the pack didn’t come out with any smart solutions when it comes to Bathrooms. Luckily, modder named K9DB came up with a very smart solution!

Their Toilet / Sink Combination will make it easy for you to use both the Toilet and the Sink all in one square tile, saving up space in your bathroom. The object comes in two different solutions that we’ve linked down below:

Installing these two combo objects is very easy. Simply extract the content within the .rar file that you’ve downloaded to Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder and make sure you’ve enabled Mods / CC in your game options!

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  • IDK why the devs didn’t just include this in the first place… they seriously neglected the bathroom and kitchen in my opinion.

    • It’s not washing them IN the tank. There are places that really do this– it refills the tank after flushing, but it’s fresh clean water like at a regular sink. They also exist above urinals in men’s restrooms and act as the flush.

      • I kid I kid I was just bein a dumb goofin! its genuinly a cool mod! I wouldn’t go so far as saying that the devs screwed up for not including it, but I can def see the benefits (especially when makin that crazy micro home)! Honestly Thank u for explaining the mechanics of the toilet, a part of me was secretly confused xD

  • Couple of years ago I came across a similar CC (but the sink didn’t work only the toilet – sink deco only) and have to say having used these functional mods I’d LOVE to see the previous CC I used made functional. It’s a common space saving solution in Asian countries and in real tiny homes.

    With this I was able to make a 2 tile bathroom by using this toilet/sink combo, and the invisi shower that came with discover university and having a curtain instead of a door as an entrance to the place. It’s amazing being able to go that small while still being functional and “separate” in a sense.

  • See? This is what I was hoping for with Tiny Living, and why I was so disappointed when I finally saw what was in the set. If it had been called “Cosy Living” or “Hygge Stuff” or something I probably would have loved it, but calling it “Tiny Living” feels wrong when most of the furniture is still big.

      • Did you unzip them with WinRAR or WinZip? All K9DB’s stuff are .rar files, so you can’t just dump them in Mods and call it a day like a package file. I had the same issue and did a little digging for answers. Turns out K9DB didn’t know what was wrong till I PM’ed the solution.

        I just posted the solution in the comments section for the modern toilet in case nobody else did before me.

  • I’ve got all three toilet/sink variations (K9DB just posted a 3rd). Made it possible to have a shower/tub, washer/dryer, toilet and sink in a 3×2 bathroom.

    My handy Sim is going to make it self-cleaning then add superior flush and a bidet so it can be a proper Japanese toilet.