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The Sims 4 My First Pet Stuff + Pets Bundle is now finally available for Xbox One and PS4

After 2 years of releasing The Sims 4 My First Pet Stuff Pack on PC & Mac, The Sims Team has finally released the pack for console players as well!

Due to the fact that there are a few items in this pack which require an Expansion Pack (Cats & Dogs) the team had to make sure they’re doing things right and to get the approval from the Sony and Microsoft teams.

Things are a bit different when it comes to the Console version of My First Pet Stuff Pack though. Console players are required to own The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack in order to purchase My First Pet Stuff Pack. That’s right – if you don’t own Cats & Dogs you’re unable to get My First Pet Stuff Pack due to the regulations of these two console platforms.

On Xbox One

To get the pack on your Xbox One, you first need to own or purchase Cats & Dogs. For $39.99, you can get a bundle including both packs. If you already own Cats & Dogs, you’ll still add the bundle to your cart, but you will only be charged $9.99 for the My First Pet Stuff Pack.

On PlayStation 4

In the PlayStation Store, you can find the My First Pet Stuff Pack as a standalone purchase for $9.99 if you already own Cats & Dogs. If that is not the case, your PlayStation 4 will direct you to the bundle, which contains both packs for $39.99.


You can get the pack right now on the official Microsoft and Playstation Stores for $9,99! However, that’s not all…

Along with this pack The Sims Team has also released an exclusive console Bundle – the Pets Bundle which includes Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack + My First Pet Stuff Pack. With this bundle you’ll be able to save $10 as the Bundle is listed at $39,99!

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  • I have the sims 4 plus cats and dogs bundle on cd and it won’t let me download the pet stuff cause it says I don’t have the cats and dogs expansion pack which I do but on cD

    • Yes!! Im so mad bc im a small animal owner and i want this but not by paying twice for cats and dogs!!! But if they fix this im thrilled what a surprise!

      • I have the same problem. I have The Sims 4/Cats & Dogs bundle and it says I don’t own it. It’s installed! How does it not read that?! This is ridiculous.

  • Ok so you said that I can just add Cats and Dogs to my cart and I will only be charged for First pet but since I already have cats and dogs you can not add it to your cart on xbox because it already states that I have this installed. So this is not possible.

  • I also have cats n expansion pack on Xbox and it won’t let me purchase the pets pack. I hope they fix it soon

  • i’m being told “this pack is unavailable for purchase” ??? i have the cats and dogs expansion pack. on xbox.

    • Same here. I currently own the Cats and Dogs pack, digital download on Xbox One, and it’s telling me that the First Pet Stuff pack is “unavailable for purchase.” Hopefully it is fixed soon.

  • Thank you so much! I wanted this pack since day 1 and was so sad that it was missing on PS4. I don’t care for cats and dogs (more of a gerbil and budgeriar person) and would have preferred more rodent-themed objects and fashion in this pack, but I got a hamster, so I don’t mind the (for me) useless things. Thank you!

  • I already have The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs, so I bought the My First Pet Stuff Pack. My problem is that it’s not Installing, I tried resetting my xbox one and nothing, Uninstalled the base game, Reinstalled it and nothing.

    I have proof of purchase so I know it’s not an error where my purchase didn’t go through, so what else could be the problem?

  • I just doubled checked I got the disck that had the sims 4 and cats & dogs ps4 when you load the game it shows it owned no icon for my pets stuff pack show up. Go out of the game and go directly to the playstsion store and my pet stuff pack shows up but still says unavaible Only one shows up is the bundle click that go to check out and it expects me to pay the full bundle price

  • On EA’s page it says that if you already own cats and dogs and you want the my first pet stuff pack, that you would have to purchase the bundle but you would only be charged $9.99 for the my first pet pack.

    I’m also going to tell you that I tried it and it didn’t work! I already owned the cats and dogs expansion pack on Xbox and did what EA said, which was to put the bundle in the cart and that I would only be charged for the pack that I didn’t have and I was still charged the full amount!!!

    I hope that this will at least be helpful to some people to hold off on getting the pack/bundle until EA can fix what is wrong.

  • I have all the DLC’s— it’s stating they same thing for everyone else as it is me. I have C&D on a bundle with a DLC and it states I do not have it. PS is closed so I have no luck with calling them because of the pandemic…. now I’m stuck and have no clue.

  • I’ve just bought this for Xbox one, followed the instructions given, it has said I have bought it and it says I have installed BUT the contents of the pack are not appearing in the game??

    Can anyone help? I’ve restarted the console and the game separately, checked the store and the install list.

    • Please disregard. I believe the game has recognised that it’s there.

      I completely restarted the console after quitting the game correctly then once that was all up and running I launched the game and it popped up with the little info window about the stuff pack and the icon now says owned. It is a bit complicated the way it’s been done I must admit, but nothing is perfect.

      Just double checking now… And… It’s all there yay

  • Turned everything off and took the disc out. Restarted and still nothing. I own the bundle disc with Cats and Dogs.

  • Please help!! I purchased the bundle pack for cats and dogs with my first pet included, but it was by mistake. I’ll need a refund for this, in the amount of $43.29 How/who would I contact for this refund??

  • I don’t like how you have to buy it as a bundle. Cats and Dogs was my first expansion pack and I really want my first pet stuff but I can’t get it unless I buy it as a bundle.

  • I was charged the full amount for this bundle on xbox one even tho I already own the cats and dogs pack. Am I going to be issued a refund for the dog and cats pack?

  • I CAN’T get the pack because it is claiming I don’t own cats and dogs expansion pack when I bought it as a bundle on disc with the sims 4 game. I have contacted EA and I have contacted playstation and getting told there is nothing they can do. I am not paying $40 again for a $10 pack. Ridiculous. Obvisouly using PS4.

    • I’m having the same problem. I tried contacting playstation and EA, both no help! They’re completely ignoring us that bought it on disc!!

  • Truly ridiculous that Cats and Dogs and now the pets stuff pack is seperate. TS4 has turned into such a money pit. When most of the packs arent even worth the purchase and come with errors and lags.

  • I have the bundle Sims 4 cats and dog on disc and I cannot for the life of me get my first pet stuff. It annoys me.

  • It took me awhile but I figured out how to get the pack without paying for it as a bundle.

    If you go to the main menu and see the info or news stuff that switches in the middle of the top of the screen… when the my first pet info pops up click on it and it will that you to Microsofts store through the internet browser.
    Once there it shows that cats and dogs bundle but should a $30 savings next to the picture. Making it $9.99. I was able to purchase it at that price and install it with ease.

    • I am having the same problem! It says I have to own the cats and dogs expansion pack in order to get the my first pet stuff pack and I have already owned the cats and dogs since it came out on Xbox One. I hope this gets fixed soon.

  • When is the next sale going to be for Xbox one, I really Want Discover University but I can’t get it unless it’s on sale

  • Hi, my Daughter has Sims4 but she wants to buy the Cats & Dogs add on but it’s saying not available (it was a couple of months ago)….. Does anybody no if there are issues with it? Will we be able to get it eventually if so?


  • I went to buy sims 4 cats and dogs but the pack went off slae which means im not able to buy it separately do I have to buy my first pet and cats and dogs bundle cause i only want fats and dog i dont want my first pet

  • I OwnEd the sims 4 cats and dogs expansion pack but now on my console it says that this pack is unavailable for purchase I’m very upset cause it through off my whole system making me have to reset my whole system and download the regular version of sims I still have all my other packs except for cats and dogs

  • Am wanting to buy cats and dogs pack but I can’t find it anywhere on the PS store all I have it the my small pet bundle which I don’t want yet it’s £7.99 but I don’t even own the cats and dogs pack

  • I just bought the add on for ps4 and it won’t let me play it. It says it installed on my ps but still says download to use on the game

  • i’ve tried purchasing this bundle for my first pet stuff (i already own cats and dogs), and it’s still charging me the whole $39.99. i had to get a refund. :( how can i get it and only be charged $9.99? Xbox One

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